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  1. Hi.... I have a company and I make custom hearing protection. They ones made of silicone. I have 3 different types of filters I use depending on what the client needs them for. Yes....they are great for windy, hot, or cold. Because they are not amplified. With them in, you can still talk to and hear others without taking them out. Get a pair, You’ll be glad you did! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Awesome place, up here in the Upper Left!!! Love it here! No....just me. The team is scattered, but mostly from the East coast area. They get to drive....lucky girls!
  3. Coming from the PNW! (Pacific Northwest) What is the schedule (rough draft, I know) I'm working on flight arrangements. So excited in Seattle!!! Suz
  4. My bling goes BANG!

  5. Thank you Striped1... Yes....humor. Got that in my bag. Put it on top of my competitive streak so I can grab it first. Isn't that the case? Wish we look smooth like the pros and the way we do in our heads!! Ok....humor & have fun! Got it! ***If it goes bang....it's fun!***
  6. The time has come for this 50 y/o nana to jump on in! I shoot USPSA....so not new to some things. I'm thinking that is like a tricycle in the mountain bike game, though. I'm shooting my first 3 gun match tomorrow. I've put together all the necessary ( I hope i got it all) things I need. It's going to be clear and cooooollllllddddd (low 30's) I've watched, read, and dreamed of everything I could possibly find on the subject until my dogs are even sick of hearing about 3 gun. Thank you ALL for posting as much as you do. You have no idea how helpful you have been to me. Any last minute tips, tricks and advice for this noob? If it goes bang....it's fun!
  7. SO helpful....Thanks! If it goes bang....it's fun!
  8. Thanks! All the pics and videos really help. The key is to look at many. Some people post and they have NO clue what they are doing. Go figure....some things aren't true on the Internet! I opted to order a new Benelli extractor and spring. The original goes in the 'save for whenever' box that is ever growing. If it goes bang....it's fun!
  9. Why does the word 'cheap' when referring to the M3K vs other more expensive shotguns, hit me like nails on a chalk board when referring to Stoegers M3K? Inexpensive.....definitely not cheap. If it goes bang....it's fun!
  10. Hi e5young.... I'm not a 'guy' but do have an opinion on this post. I run a M3k and would describe it as "less expensive" rather than cheaper. It's a good running shotgun. I chose the less expensive route to start off with thinking I can always move up to the more expensive ones later.....should I want/need to. Your question has been answered many, many times on this forum. You can literally read yourself silly. Just search M3K, M2, & so on. It's mind blowing what you'll find. Best of luck on your new adventure! You will have a BLAST! If it goes bang....it's fun!
  11. I ordered the pinwheels from CA. They came disassembled. Being new to all of this, I had questions on putting them together correctly. I called, left a message....nothing. I emailed....left a message....nothing. Called again....business hours....left a message.....nothing. WUT!? Really???? Anyone have a 'sure thing' way to talk to someone there????
  12. Funny you mention this..... I ordered my extension tube (+8...suggested by Jesse) and a new follower from YOU yesterday!!!! Woot!! Thank you for posting on here as much as you do. I have read your posts and they led me to you! As far as the angry pigs....Thank goodness we only have the supersized angry slugs here in Western WA. I think I have them handled with my shotgun, rifle, and multiple pistols!!!
  13. Dremmel and file? louu??? Can you show pics of yours? Thanks!
  14. After many hours of lurking on this and other forums, I finally decided which shotgun to buy for a noob in 3 gun and I picked up a new Stoeger M3K!!! The LOP and stock angle wasn't working. I cut a 1/2" off the stock butt and changed shims. Pretty darn perfect fit! I have Kick Eez pad and new HiViz site coming in. Oh...and new Briley bolt handle and release....in purple! I'm a girl...it's gotta match the gear! hahaha I am pretty stoked to have it and went outside to pattern the different chokes. Can you say....FU-UHN!!!??? Taking it to trap tonight to get to know it better. Just wanted to share... ...Cheers...
  15. I just picked one up for $550. I shortened the buttstock and changed the shim. Ground the points off the top and bottom of the pad. Fits much better to this short girl. Looking at getting a hiviz front sight. And researching what other mods have been done.
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