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  1. Replace your mag tube spring more often. Solves that exact problem for me every time...and its a cheap easy first step Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I long ago replaced my extractor with an m2. I’m having 3 m3ks purchased for a college team (more on that later). Instead of swapping those out I think I’ve seen the latest is they can simply be finely sanded/polished to get rid of the roughness. As their funds are low that was what I was planning but hoping to get a confirmation from those in the know. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. And FYI the pin holes are not symmetrical. One way in same way out. Punch goes in the other side and needs to be angled. Good luck Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Doing this from the phone so hope the link comes across: https://www.gunpartscorp.com/Manufacturers/Benelli-33150/Shotguns-35372/Semi-AutoShotguns-40729/M2Field-40591.htm?page=5 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Yes- had the exact same problem. I changed my mag spring as it had been in there to long. Problem went away. Good luck Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Wondering if Tom can expand on this oldie but a goodie? Is the 3500 spacer the same? Would like to order a spare before cutting. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Agreed and I stopped. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Did a port job on my M3K (thanks Tom and Pat for photos). While I can push/pull a file and hold a dremel, loading week or strong hand is out for a few more weeks due to shoulder surgery 3 weeks ago (labrum tear). I tried a few times week hand loading but the shoulder doesn't like rotating and moving in that direction so I'm holding here before I decide if I should go any more (kinda doubt it). Like to get opinions: I don't think I need to go more forward on the front, or deeper on the sides but my main question is do I go more forward on the sides per these lines: ETA: I still need to clean up the trigger guard funnel cut but not sure how low to go.
  9. Maybe you earned a dq and maybe you didn't, I was in the same situation and got a 180 call from the cheap seats that turned out to be close but only that when I saw it on video later. People tend to panic when you start taking 95% of the 180 degrees that you own and tend to call 160's . After review my take aways were; Work more on never getting too close to the 180 If you are not running the shooter or the timer then there is no reason for you to try and make borderline calls from the sidelines If you are the shooter and the r.o. didn't call it and there is any doubt then just keep shooting and enjoy the match. I generally never get close to 180s (I've scratched 180 markers in dirt so I know where I can post up if need to) but it was more of a function of the port wall hanging the muzzle up. AND I prefer to not get in ports-it takes time to get in and out. This case, it was easier to hit an array further down the berm by going in then trying to shoot over no-shoots (and I'm on the short side). I had actually continued on but hesitated (damm amplified ear muffs) when I heard the 180 call cause I didn't know who said it. I didn't think i busted it but knew I was close. The RO stopped me and was just going to let me reshoot. When the two who saw it walked up. If it was one person I'd probably have deferred to the RO and if it was a money match I would have let the RO sit in the hot seat and make the call. I felt it was just best to take the DQ out of good sportsmanship. I ended up DQing someone else later in the day for 180 with pulling a shotgun out of a barrel.
  10. Got my first. leaned through a port to shoot down range. as I pulled back out and started heading down range my muzzle caught the port wall. RO didn't even call it. Someone behind him did as his angle was bad. RO wasn't sure so I asked the two dudes who saw it and they both said yea just barely but past 180. I was 8 shots in to the match and ended up ROing the rest of the day. Well, got that over with. Guess it's therapeutic to vent!
  11. Ditto. Thanks again! Pictures are awesome.
  12. going back in this thread, I'm looking for pictures of ports opened and I'm digging this. Mr. Kelly, what did you use to open it up? I've seen plenty of video's but when I did my old 930 I did most by hand with a file. I really don't see a need for going to much deeper on the sides of my M3K (early version) other than rounded the edges. But what I would like to do it cut out more from the front/top of the mag tube/follower area to expose the follower a bit more so my small thumb can get a positive seating of the shell in the tube. Really just looking at what technique/tools were used to make the rounded part so uniform in shape. Machined? Grinder? Hand filed?
  13. Not a complaint, just an observation but wanted to ask around- Is the lifter on the 3000 a lot stiffer to initiate than other guns? I noticed this when going from my 930 and another 3000 owner mentioned it to me too. I don't think it is due to any roughness in the mechanism because after it's been moved a fraction it's movement is much lighter and the movement throughout is smooth, just stiff during the first portion. Is there a way to make it softer/lighter? I just like to tinker and was curious about it. Also, Tom, have you opened up ports on the M3K version with the serial number moved further back? Any pictures? I was thinking about sending mine in this winter when I have shoulder surgery. Mine M3K is one of the first version so it doesn't have that extra cut out. Just curious.
  14. That isn't a spring. You are correct. I amended my original post. The site I listed has both products available.
  15. This is where I got mine (extractor spring AND extractor): http://www.gunpartscorp.com/Manufacturers/Semi-AutoShotguns-40729/M2Field-40591.htm?results=All This is the stoeger one that I pulled out. Some pretty deep scratches and quite the tight fit. The M2 version was a much nicer fit/product. disclaimer: I have not run it yet, and I was having a very occasional issue with FTE. disclaimer #2: I am not a professional photographer-sorry for the crappy cellphone pic. posting for general knowledge/consumption
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