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  1. firewood

    Pa matches

    Basically all of the bases have been covered by previous posters. Eastern PA is a great place for handgunners. I believe it is possible to shoot USPSA every weekend here. The two closest to Scranton are Factoryville and for IDPA, Wilkes Barre (in Hunlock Creek). Matamoras isn't too far. Keystone is good. West Shore runs a good match it is near Harrisburg. Ontelaunee is 20 miles north of Allentown and is, as mentioned, fab. Here is a useful website, it isn't complete and check with the MD before traveling https://sites.google.com/site/midatlanticshootingsports/ Also as already mentioned but deserves to be repeated in NJ don't travel with mags over 10 rounds. A really good idea, worth the time and effort and no one in NJ will laugh at you for this but put a lock on your range bag, put your ammo in a separate locked container and do not under any circumstances pre-load your magazines. When you are done unload your mags and reverse the procedure. In NJ and NY you basically have no rights as a firearms owner, act accordingly. It's too bad, I shoot at Old Bridge Steel, Challenge, and they run a great match, you just have to be mindful of the states politics. Under most circumstances, hollow points are illegal, just don't have them in the car period.
  2. firewood

    New Compensator ?

    I'm curious if anyone knows if you (on a rimfire pistol) drill out the hole in the comp, just make it bigger, would it give you a louder bang and not have any negative effects? I ream the innards all the time with a drill bit but was thinking about enlarging the exit hole. Anyone see a problem with that?
  3. firewood

    Stick's Training, Range and Match Log Diary

    You are doing well Stick!
  4. firewood

    2018 Goals

    I posted my 2018 goals of January 2. Not many goals but A class in SCSA (OSR and ISR), Dryfire every day and have fun in the process. So here we are 8 months later, labor day weekend. I have certainly had fun this year. This is the first year since starting this adventure in late fall 2014 that I have had an enjoyable time and considerably less stress. Dryfire: I get the gun out on average of 4 times/week. Need to increase that. SCSA A class: Made A class in OSR, still a ways to go in ISR which to be truthful is kicking me in my butt. I don't think I helped myself much by starting to shoot open rimfire pistol (and rifle) in local rimfire challenge and wildcat steel matches. That wasn't even of the radar screen last January. Overall I'm happy with my progress this year. I need to work on not being lazy and start becoming more focused on the task at hand. I don't feel too let down about where I'm at in ISR as I haven't put in the time or effort as of yet. I'm at just shy of 70% there so I'm confident that I will make it eventually. I want to get this under control so that I can shoot some USPSA and ICORE without having to think too deeply into what I'm doing for simple survival. I'm trying to be honest in evaluating where I'm at and what I can realistically expect going forward. My main goal going into next year will be to improve on SCSA OSR.
  5. firewood

    Transitioning to revolver - advice?

    Sorry to hear you have so few revolver shooters at your matches. Most matches around here revolver is still a minority gun for sure but there are still quite a few that compete and a lot of those shooters are very good. For me it's generally a matter of trying to avoid making a total fool out of myself LOL! We are about 4 weeks away from the East Coast Steel Challenge Championship match which is local for me. A lot of really good revolver shooters are registered for that match. Also they just had the Area 8 USPSA match here and the EAST COAST ICORE match is in early November. I can shoot 2 or 3 Steel Matches or other stuff a week without traveling too far and even in local IDPA usually there are usually several revolvers. Most weeks I have to decide which match to skip for one that I rather shoot there are that many.
  6. firewood

    Transitioning to revolver - advice?

    James... it's hard to argue with success! If it works best to leave it alone. It seems like every one around here has a lighter/smoother trigger than I do but I haven't heard anyone say my triggers absolutely suck either. Maybe everyone is just being polite but at 6.5 pounds I sometimes think I would like a lighter trigger. I agree with you revolver is a lot of fun. I went into them kicking and screaming but now most of my shooting is revolver. Almost all of my shooting is steel challenge or outlaw steel. Only a little bit of ICORE and really no USPSA. The reason I'm shooting ISR this year in SCSA is to try to get used to shooting iron sight so I can shoot some ICORE Limited and USPSA revo maybe next year. So far it's been a real struggle. A few times this year I have won either a stage or had overall top OSR in smallish local Steel Matches. But that was only due to the fact that certain other shooters didn't show up. Around here in PA there quite a number of revolver shooters that can and do clean my clock with absolute ease. But still I want to do better and willing to work at it. I truly believe that it is hard work that makes the difference but having every advantage in hardware is worth having also.
  7. firewood

    Transitioning to revolver - advice?

    You might be ok with an 8 pound trigger using factory ammo or reloads with CCI primers. I have all of mine at roughly 6.5 pounds, some revo shooters have them even lighter in the 5 pound range. The only thing that will work reliably in my revos are Federal SPP that are seated below flush or "crush seated". I'm not in any way, shape or form an expert as no one is asking me for my autograph yet but I do get to shoot with some of the revolver honchos from time to time and I can say without hesitation that a 6 or so pound DA revolver will not reliably light off anything other than Federal primers. I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 40,000 CCI and S&B primers that I cannot use in my revolvers because they simply don't work. Even with that many CCIs and having about 4000 Federals I was starting to worry as Federals can be a bit difficult to locate and when the opportunity to buy 22K Federals private sale came my way I bought them without a second thought, this was about 4 weeks ago.
  8. firewood

    Transitioning to revolver - advice?

    Some say that S&W N frames are "kit guns". What they mean by this is even Performance Center guns are not really ready for competition. Both of my 929s had to have the cylinder trued as they both to a small extent had the cylinder scraped the forcing cone which made the action drag a bit, prolly a bent or out of true yoke. So you could send them back to S&W but instead I chose to have Pinnacle High Performance (who did my action work) true the gun, bring it into spec. I told Mark what I intended to use the gun for and he made suggestions and I agreeded to them I think it was about $400.00 per gun (not really sure it is all a blur) about that and less than 2 weeks down time. I have seen guys shoot totally stock S&Ws but not fun in my opinion. There is a ball detent already on the gun to hold the cylinder in the closed position but I wanted one to help keep the cylinder fully open to help with reloads. If the cylinder isn't fully open or starts to close while you are trying to cram a moon clip with fresh ammo makes reloading more time consuming and frustrating in my opinion. One of the reasons I believe guys that shoot 627s use short colts is it makes reloading easier and faster as 38 special is a long piece of brass. Reloading with a revolver is more time consuming than an auto loader and lots can go wrong so anything you can do to help speed up things is worth consideration. As I mentioned I have (2) 929s They both have slightly different headspace so to give me reasonable chance of hearing bang instead of click I use different moons for each gun. My open uses moons that are .040 thick, my iron uses .035 I could use the .040 in my iron but they are a bit tight and drags a little as the cylinder turns. Some people would not stand for that but I live with it. If I had the time I might experiment with different brass but since what I do now works and I'm too lazy to try a lot of things so I just live with it. Moon clips are another topic in and of themselves. I don't know what thickness moons are used on a 627. 9mm is a rimless cartridge and 38 (special or long/short colt) is a rimmed case. I think those use a thinner moon clip. What caliber and brand of moons you decide on will probably influence what brand or model of moon clip holders you put on your belt and what kind of tools you get to put your ammo in and remove from the moon clips. It sounds complicated but really it's not, it's just expensive that all! As far as thumb position there are different opinions, personally I fold my thumbs, my weak hand thumb is on top of my strong hand thumb and thus no where near the BC gap. Strong hand is as high on the frame as possible, the weak hand has a good strong grip. You will probably have to experiment and look at a bunch of you tubes to find what works best for you. I have small hands and really an N frame is too big for me but I suffer because I'm stubborn. I want to be of help here really I do but I feel as if I'm a bit out of my comfort zone giving advice in this kind of detail. So hopefully others will chime in with some opinions as there are some top revolvers shooters on this forum. I could tell you exactly what I own and in fact my tackle isn't what is holding me back rather it's just a lack of talent. But seriously a 627 is a time tested competition revo. A 929 is also good and comes with a titanium cylinder but a 6.5" barrel some like that others don't, me I don't know any better. My opinion is that the 929 balances fine but in either case you will probably ditch the factory grips in short order and that might change the balance anyway. If you have a budget of 2K and just want iron sights then you should be able to get the gun, have the action work done and buy enough moons (50 or so to start) and moon clip tools to get started. A competition belt, holster and moon clip holders for your belt will be extra. I use, like many others do, a DAA Race Master holster, a DAA belt and their magnetic moon clip holders (8 of them) and that's about $550.00 or so I'm actually trying to forget the actual cost.
  9. firewood

    Transitioning to revolver - advice?

    For a 929 even though it is 9mm I and many others I know that use this gun use coated Bayous in 38 which I measure at .358 on a 1" mic. Personally I use 135g RN and about 3.5g TG seated as deep as I can get them. Federal primers seated below flush, Winchester 9mm brass. I have now told you all of my secrets kindly keep it to yourself. Thanks. 38 short colts will be similar to 9mm. Seriously though you can make yourself crazy trying to decide on what gun to get. If you are going to pursue SCSA, USPSA and ICORE then prolly will want at least 2 revos and maybe 3 or 4. If you stick with N frames then you can use the same belt/holster. I hardly ever shoot a 6 shot but have one competition ready. If you send your gun to TK (for example there are others) then tell them what you intend to use the gun for they will tell you what needs to be done and how big of a check to write LOL! Revolvers are fun and fun costs money.
  10. firewood

    Transitioning to revolver - advice?

    Allow me to make a clear statement of opinion on the subject. If you are going to shoot USPSA revolver then you will want an 8 shot revolver such as, but not limited to a S&W 627 or 929 iron sight. This gun will also work for Steel Challenge ISR (Iron sight revolver) and ICORE Limited division. Note: as to the S&W 929 it is chambered in 9mm but don't think that you will shoot factory 9mm ammo. It's not that you cannot but as someone that has 2 of them take my word for it factory 9mm ammo is not for the medium to long haul. For Steel Challenge OSR (Optical Sight Revolver) and ICORE Open division again a 627 or 929 (8 shot) with a red dot. You can use a S&W 625, 686 or Colt Python (6 shot) for ICORE Limited 6 or Classic division (depending on if your using moons or speed loaders) or IDPA revolver (as long as the barrel is less than 4.2"). Forget the Mod 60 or any J-Frame except as a bug. Figure out first what competition will be your main thing then the gun you want, then the ancillary items will be easier to determine. Of course this is all just my opinion. I don't know about the new 627 but on both of my 929s they come with something like a 14 pound trigger. I had a revolversmith smooth out and lighten the trigger, hammer bob, extended firing pin, chamfer the charge holes, check headspace, BC gap true the yoke, F/O front sight, ball detent on the open yoke position. A few other things I just cannot remember right now. I added Hogue extended thumb latch and Big Butts and then 20K rounds to get semi-decent with the long (but now made a light 6.5 +/- pound) double action trigger. I assume that a 627 would need similar attention. Having said all of this shooting revolver, while I feel is a "hands on gun" is a lot of fun and worth the trouble. I'm basically a handgun piker and it has taken me about 3 years to make A in steel challenge OSR.
  11. firewood

    USPSA Revolver Optics Division

    I really don't have any words of wisdom here. I'm a relatively new revo guy and at age 60 I don't have optimal eyesight anymore. I get the concerns regarding numbers of shooters in a division and that revolver is a low numbers gun. I've decided to get more involved in USPSA local matches for next year and for that reason I'm shooting both optic and iron in SCSA this year. I'm having so much troubles in iron sight that I have to literally talk myself into shooting every SCSA match ISR. It's not a hardware problem, it's just I don't have the vision anymore. So if there was a place for optics in USPSA revolver I would be interested but then when you factor in all of the other options such as Major/Minor pf there are problems there that need to be addressed. I guess no matter what the powers to be do, or if they keep things the way they are, there will be imperfections. And growing ICORE is difficult so I guess the life of a revo shooter is always going to be at best, difficult.
  12. firewood

    2018 Goals Revisited

    3 weeks since my last post. I have picked up 2 seconds in Steel Challenge OSR so I'm at 73%. I have a little contest with another shooter that I compete with on a regular basis to see which one of us makes A first. My competition has a slight advantage over me in that She needs 2.5 seconds while I need 3.6 seconds. Sunday 8/5/18 I have a chance to close the gap, I'm shooting a 6 stage SCSA match. Between now and then I'm putting top priority in dry fire Showdown, The Pendulum and Roundabout. Secondary concern is Speed Option which remains my worse stage and thus contains the most potential for picking up my scores. However that stage is not in this weeks match but will be in the following week (week of 8/6/18). As of today I have 3 SCSA matches on the docket for August.
  13. firewood

    Mark at Pinnacle High Performance

    I had Mark do all three of my revolvers. On one of them (686), in addition to normal action work and competition upgrades, he cut the cylinder for moons. The turn around on all three (three separate jobs) was I think about 2 weeks. I live less than an hour away so I drop off and pick up at his shop. The revos might have been finished sooner but since I'm off on Friday's I wait for that day to go get them. He does nice work. You might have to leave a few voice mail messages but he will get back to you. Very nice person.
  14. firewood

    Closing the gap on A class

    Good discussion. This year I'm trying my hardest to move up to A in OSR steel challenge. I know some might say A no big deal but for me shooting a revolver isn't/hasn't been easy. OK, I'm also dabbling in ISR as I want to shoot USPSA revo on a regular basis next year and need to get better using iron sights. I'm trying to convince myself that expanding my horizons will also help at least in the enjoyment aspect of things. So, I have a decent stable, a match grade revolver and belt assembly. I also have a G17 and a fairly good (DAA) production holster/belt assembly. And a good supply of brass/bullets/primers. If I decide to add an auto loader in my USPSA program it would make sense for me to shoot production as I have the gear. What may I ask is the pitfalls of shooting production where everyone is minor pf? In revo I will be shooting minor anyway.
  15. firewood

    Which Optic for Rimfire Rifle?

    For steel challenge I use 8 moa C-MORE RTS2 on my revolver and Burris FF3 8 moa on my rimfire pistol. I just put a 3 moa on my rimfire rifle as I'm just breaking into that gun and I think the 3 moa is too small for Steel Challenge. And as others have said brightness is important the SCSA. I think you will be ok with the Vortex but get the bigger dot, not the 3 moa Not sure but I think some of the vortex models require removing the sight from the firearm to replace the battery. This is not something you want to do in the middle of a match.