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  1. firewood

    XDM 4.5 9mm CO question SCSA

    The smart thing to do would be to make my G34 carry optic and keep using the G17 in production, do an upgrade on the XDM a little at a time, especially the trigger with has about a mile of pre travel. Or have the G17 slide milled and upgrade the G34 with adjustable iron sights. That sounds strange also.
  2. firewood

    XDM 4.5 9mm CO question SCSA

    I had read that and because of it I ask the question. But I first wanted opinions on the gun especially for steel challenge. It's sort of convoluted in a way as I have more than enough auto loaders and I also just won a Glock so I have a G34 MOS in the pipeline but I really want that for a production gun. So it's either a G17 that I have or the XDM for carry optics and to be quite honest 99% of my shooting is revolver. On the other hand I have enough reloading components to shoot 9mm for the next decade for free, just my time and labor, that is at the root of my quest for a carry optics gun. I would be putting about $400.00 or so into it so that is why. If nothing else one of my kids might use it if it were CO ready.
  3. firewood

    XDM 4.5 9mm CO question SCSA

    jcc7x7 thank you. I'm asking the question because I have a basic XMD that I picked up at a prize table. It's not optic ready so if I decide to use it for CO then probably will opt for a dovetail mount. May I ask your opinion on using a dovetail optic mount on this gun? Thanks
  4. This year OSR and ISR. I usually shoot both at any SCSA match I enter but every time I pull the lever on ISR I ask myself why? I guess it really doesn't hurt but I would like to become proficient in just 1 gun first so my gut tells me to just concentrate on one but my impulses usually overrule. Now that the big matches for the year are over, I would actually like to try open rimfire pistol and I think I'm going to soon just to see what happens although I think I already know how that will go. I'm going to shoot open rimfire rifle, I've only shot the gun twice in the past, at a local for fun match this weekend but I really don't see that becoming a habit.
  5. Does anyone use the 4.5 for steel challenge CO division? If not CO, production? May I have your thoughts on this platform? Thanks Tom
  6. firewood

    2019 IRC

    As a side note Ontelaunee is the location of the East Coast Steel Challenge Championship the week before the IRC. ON EDIT: SEE BELOW possible reschedule of the ECSCC 2019
  7. firewood

    New peak times spread sheet

    Thanks Zack for the pfd., very useful.
  8. firewood

    Pa matches

    Basically all of the bases have been covered by previous posters. Eastern PA is a great place for handgunners. I believe it is possible to shoot USPSA every weekend here. The two closest to Scranton are Factoryville and for IDPA, Wilkes Barre (in Hunlock Creek). Matamoras isn't too far. Keystone is good. West Shore runs a good match it is near Harrisburg. Ontelaunee is 20 miles north of Allentown and is, as mentioned, fab. Here is a useful website, it isn't complete and check with the MD before traveling https://sites.google.com/site/midatlanticshootingsports/ Also as already mentioned but deserves to be repeated in NJ don't travel with mags over 10 rounds. A really good idea, worth the time and effort and no one in NJ will laugh at you for this but put a lock on your range bag, put your ammo in a separate locked container and do not under any circumstances pre-load your magazines. When you are done unload your mags and reverse the procedure. In NJ and NY you basically have no rights as a firearms owner, act accordingly. It's too bad, I shoot at Old Bridge Steel, Challenge, and they run a great match, you just have to be mindful of the states politics. Under most circumstances, hollow points are illegal, just don't have them in the car period.
  9. firewood

    New Compensator ?

    I'm curious if anyone knows if you (on a rimfire pistol) drill out the hole in the comp, just make it bigger, would it give you a louder bang and not have any negative effects? I ream the innards all the time with a drill bit but was thinking about enlarging the exit hole. Anyone see a problem with that?
  10. firewood

    Stick's Training, Range and Match Log Diary

    You are doing well Stick!
  11. firewood

    2018 Goals

    I posted my 2018 goals of January 2. Not many goals but A class in SCSA (OSR and ISR), Dryfire every day and have fun in the process. So here we are 8 months later, labor day weekend. I have certainly had fun this year. This is the first year since starting this adventure in late fall 2014 that I have had an enjoyable time and considerably less stress. Dryfire: I get the gun out on average of 4 times/week. Need to increase that. SCSA A class: Made A class in OSR, still a ways to go in ISR which to be truthful is kicking me in my butt. I don't think I helped myself much by starting to shoot open rimfire pistol (and rifle) in local rimfire challenge and wildcat steel matches. That wasn't even of the radar screen last January. Overall I'm happy with my progress this year. I need to work on not being lazy and start becoming more focused on the task at hand. I don't feel too let down about where I'm at in ISR as I haven't put in the time or effort as of yet. I'm at just shy of 70% there so I'm confident that I will make it eventually. I want to get this under control so that I can shoot some USPSA and ICORE without having to think too deeply into what I'm doing for simple survival. I'm trying to be honest in evaluating where I'm at and what I can realistically expect going forward. My main goal going into next year will be to improve on SCSA OSR.
  12. firewood

    Transitioning to revolver - advice?

    Sorry to hear you have so few revolver shooters at your matches. Most matches around here revolver is still a minority gun for sure but there are still quite a few that compete and a lot of those shooters are very good. For me it's generally a matter of trying to avoid making a total fool out of myself LOL! We are about 4 weeks away from the East Coast Steel Challenge Championship match which is local for me. A lot of really good revolver shooters are registered for that match. Also they just had the Area 8 USPSA match here and the EAST COAST ICORE match is in early November. I can shoot 2 or 3 Steel Matches or other stuff a week without traveling too far and even in local IDPA usually there are usually several revolvers. Most weeks I have to decide which match to skip for one that I rather shoot there are that many.
  13. firewood

    Transitioning to revolver - advice?

    James... it's hard to argue with success! If it works best to leave it alone. It seems like every one around here has a lighter/smoother trigger than I do but I haven't heard anyone say my triggers absolutely suck either. Maybe everyone is just being polite but at 6.5 pounds I sometimes think I would like a lighter trigger. I agree with you revolver is a lot of fun. I went into them kicking and screaming but now most of my shooting is revolver. Almost all of my shooting is steel challenge or outlaw steel. Only a little bit of ICORE and really no USPSA. The reason I'm shooting ISR this year in SCSA is to try to get used to shooting iron sight so I can shoot some ICORE Limited and USPSA revo maybe next year. So far it's been a real struggle. A few times this year I have won either a stage or had overall top OSR in smallish local Steel Matches. But that was only due to the fact that certain other shooters didn't show up. Around here in PA there quite a number of revolver shooters that can and do clean my clock with absolute ease. But still I want to do better and willing to work at it. I truly believe that it is hard work that makes the difference but having every advantage in hardware is worth having also.
  14. firewood

    Transitioning to revolver - advice?

    You might be ok with an 8 pound trigger using factory ammo or reloads with CCI primers. I have all of mine at roughly 6.5 pounds, some revo shooters have them even lighter in the 5 pound range. The only thing that will work reliably in my revos are Federal SPP that are seated below flush or "crush seated". I'm not in any way, shape or form an expert as no one is asking me for my autograph yet but I do get to shoot with some of the revolver honchos from time to time and I can say without hesitation that a 6 or so pound DA revolver will not reliably light off anything other than Federal primers. I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 40,000 CCI and S&B primers that I cannot use in my revolvers because they simply don't work. Even with that many CCIs and having about 4000 Federals I was starting to worry as Federals can be a bit difficult to locate and when the opportunity to buy 22K Federals private sale came my way I bought them without a second thought, this was about 4 weeks ago.