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  1. firewood

    Mark at Pinnacle High Performance

    I had Mark do all three of my revolvers. On one of them (686), in addition to normal action work and competition upgrades, he cut the cylinder for moons. The turn around on all three (three separate jobs) was I think about 2 weeks. I live less than an hour away so I drop off and pick up at his shop. The revos might have been finished sooner but since I'm off on Friday's I wait for that day to go get them. He does nice work. You might have to leave a few voice mail messages but he will get back to you. Very nice person.
  2. firewood

    Closing the gap on A class

    Good discussion. This year I'm trying my hardest to move up to A in OSR steel challenge. I know some might say A no big deal but for me shooting a revolver isn't/hasn't been easy. OK, I'm also dabbling in ISR as I want to shoot USPSA revo on a regular basis next year and need to get better using iron sights. I'm trying to convince myself that expanding my horizons will also help at least in the enjoyment aspect of things. So, I have a decent stable, a match grade revolver and belt assembly. I also have a G17 and a fairly good (DAA) production holster/belt assembly. And a good supply of brass/bullets/primers. If I decide to add an auto loader in my USPSA program it would make sense for me to shoot production as I have the gear. What may I ask is the pitfalls of shooting production where everyone is minor pf? In revo I will be shooting minor anyway.
  3. firewood

    Which Optic for Rimfire Rifle?

    For steel challenge I use 8 moa C-MORE RTS2 on my revolver and Burris FF3 8 moa on my rimfire pistol. I just put a 3 moa on my rimfire rifle as I'm just breaking into that gun and I think the 3 moa is too small for Steel Challenge. And as others have said brightness is important the SCSA. I think you will be ok with the Vortex but get the bigger dot, not the 3 moa Not sure but I think some of the vortex models require removing the sight from the firearm to replace the battery. This is not something you want to do in the middle of a match.
  4. Sorry to hear this. Stay positive though.
  5. firewood

    2018 Goals Revisited

    In OSR I'm at 72 percent SCSA so I need about 5.5 seconds to make A. I'm shooting an 8 stage match this weekend so I plan on making some headway. This week my dry fire will focus on my 3 worse stages based on peak times. Those are Speed Option, Roundabout and 5 to go. I'm also going to put in a lot of time practicing smoke and hope to get it as fast as possible. So, this week a lot of dryfire and a focus on specific things. My original plan for the year was to make A in both OSR and ISR. In my mind the most urgent is OSR I would like that as soon as possible and absolutely before the end of August. Once I make A in OSR then I will put in the more time with ISR. But in OSR I want to be able to shoot in the low 130s in an 8 stage match by September. That is the priority. OK. Two things. First, I've decided that I want to achieve Master in OSR sometime next year. Second is I want to shoot both USPSA Revo and ICORE Limited next year. This is why I'm shooting ISR this year, if it were not for that I would add a rimfire gun to my Steel Challenge game. ISR is basically to get me using iron sights. Once I achieve A in OSR I'm going to start a rage diary. I have to say overall I'm pleased on my progress. For about 2 years I fiddled around and made very little progress. I started dry fire last year and it helped but more seriousness business this year which is have a positive effect and just makes the day more enjoyable.
  6. May we have an update my friend?
  7. firewood

    8 shot is how much better?

    It's going to make a huge difference. I think the only place where a 6 shooter is even fun is ID*A (if you have a 4" barrel and can tolerate the pain) and ICORE Classic/Limited 6. Assuming that you keep your 6 shooter and just add an 8 shot you have enough hardware to be a full time cowboy!
  8. firewood

    New 38 short colt Revo:929 or 627 PC?

    I think, but not absolutely certain, that by the time you get a new 929 competition ready you will have $1500.00 to $1700.00 more or less into the gun so what is another couple hundred dollars for 9mm moon clips? Assuming you want to use your short colts to avoid having to buy all new moons?
  9. firewood

    S&W 929 chambered in 9x21?

    Moon clips make extracting the empties in a revolver using rimless cartridges a lot easier. Come to think of it, loading is easier also.
  10. firewood

    DAA Racemaster/Alpha X Questions

    Lots to agree with here^^^^ I was going to post a similar message but while I have been using a Race Master/929 combo for 2 years I still don't feel comfortable making recommendations to others, still a piker I am. I don't use the muzzle support either but always without exception flip the locking lever to make sure the gun is secure in the holster before letting go. Side note, if you forget to flip the lever back down before drawing be advised a super atomic weggie is in your immediate future, LOL! I didn't trim the insert but it took a while to get the holster to work the way I wanted. I have two 929s, one of them fits slightly better into the holster than the other, why I don't know. A spray of silicone one in a while helps but attracts dirt. Check the cap screws for tightness once in a while, I carry spare screws in my range bag, take a guess why?
  11. firewood

    Greetings from Alabama

    Adam, welcome from PA. Not knowing what your skills and/or interests are it is hard to say but in my opinion it is difficult to be good at USPSA, 3-Gun, and Steel Challenge without having a lot of previous experience or a lot of time to devote to learning the skills. For me (and my wife of 33 years) our kids are on their own, I have some spare time and desire to achieve at least a smidgeon of success and our incomes are fairly decent. I shoot 2 of the 3 you mention but I run as far as I can from 3 gun as there is only so much time and money available. Outside of the time, for 3 gun getting a good shotgun is a stumbling point then setting aside additional time to train. But 3 gun for me might be another one of the competitions for you. My personal feeling is get good a one then move to the next and so on, having the tackle is part of the problem but there is more to it than just that. Hopefully you already handload your own ammo. If not that is another thing that will cost money and take up time. Nice to have you onboard Adam.
  12. firewood

    Where can I get a custom jersey made?

    I was thinking on mine, on the back, under the collar, where the last name usually goes, putting literally <your name here>
  13. firewood

    New production rules

    Would need a production legal holster and moon clip holders?
  14. firewood

    Dot size for open revolver

    I have both a c-more RTS2 (8 moa) on my open revo and a FF3 (8 moa) on my open rimfire and like them both. The c-more is a brighter color of red and a slightly more defined dot but other than that it will be a long time before I'm outshooting the potential of either sight. I use them both for steel.
  15. firewood

    Finally classified in ICORE

    I think in ICORE if you are classified in more than 1 gun there cannot be more than 1 classification letter from best to worse. When I move up in open I get an automatic promotion in classic, a division that I truly suck in.