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  1. Bayou ...ordered 11/9 still waiting.
  2. I have four case size orders on the books. The oldest is from early November, sill waiting so I think the 14 weeks is probably the minimum. I don't want to be impatient or unreasonable and I understand it is a small organization and I don't want them to suffer for no good reason as I have enough to last quite a while. But still, four orders is $1000 total that I have already paid for weeks ago. I think it is normal to be anxious when you have that much money on the hook. And given that handloaders are a small percentage of firearms users and those who order case lots of coated bul
  3. Mostly the BMT Loader. The problem is the machined part that holds the round and the moon clip is starting to elongate from all of the pressure making it difficult to use. Lately I have been using one from the Revolver Supply store, I think I would like to try the one made by TK. 0.040 is a tight fit.
  4. I am by no means a competitive revolver honcho. I have two 929s, one is open the other is iron sight. The iron sight gun will use 0.035 moons, the open 0.040. I use the same headstamp brass, primers and projectile. I have always thought that the guns headspace different. Some revolver guys tell me that they would change one or the other so that I would only need one style (thickness)of moon clip. Maybe a 0.037 moon clips would solve my problem. The 0.040 are a bear to load.
  5. I acknowledge that this thread is supposed to be a comparison between Bayou and Precision coated bullets. I have been a loyal Bayou consumer for much of the 8 years I have been handloading match ammo in quantity. My quantity, which is laughable to some here I'm sure, but is about 12K per year. I have plenty of bullets I could use but one particular model makes up about 80% of my annual consumption. I think that I have to admit that I'm a bit lazy, I have loads that work and a large variety of powders but when I run low on a particular powder I buy more of the same instead of using
  6. A few weeks have passed can we have an update?
  7. I placed a case size order with Bayou two weeks after you did, my order is nowhere as of today. When I placed the order the backlog was 4 weeks, now they are saying 5-6 weeks. I'm ok and understand the issues but if I don't have them in-hand in another 4 weeks than then I will have to institute "Plan B". I don't actually have a "Plan B" so this should be interesting. My normal practice is to have plenty on hand. I got a bit relaxed on bullets because in the past when things got tight component wise, bullets were the easiest to find, powder and primers were the real dogs. I have enough powder a
  8. I am by no means a steel rimfire honcho but do some RFPO in wildcat matches and a few RFRO in rimfire challenge. I shot just under 5000 rounds of Federal Auto-match in 2018, most of it in a S&W Victory the rest in an S&W M&P AR15-22. I had 3 jams total in the Victory and no jams in the AR. I think that is acceptable. The only complaint is the ammo is a bit dirty. Last year was my first year dabbling in rimfire. It took me a while to get both of my rimfires to behave, especially the AR but once I got past that the Auto-match worked fine. This is however not an endorseme
  9. Once you are certain that you have a workable load and are confident in it's performance then a good idea it to calculate how much you need for the upcoming month both practice and matches plus a buffer. Keep that amount of ammo ready then you will reduce the possibility of staying up all night before a match pulling the handle. I keep at least a 8 month supply of primers and about 2 years worth of powder on hand. Bullets are my weak point, as far as 9mm goes I currently have enough to get me to September. Last week I did a panic buy of 135g coated RN bullets and as soon as they arrived and I
  10. OK now that I have said that I have an inquiry that sort of goes along with what is being discussed here. I have an XDM 4.5 new never fired yet and a total of 6 magazines. I'm trying to find a competition use for it. I realize I will need to put some money in it but don't want to get carried away. Other guns I have in competition service now are a G17 for carry optics and a G34 for production, both have upgrades especially the G17. For both of those I also have a production holster/belt for USPSA and an IDPA rig but I do very little IDPA. So, I'm thinking about using the XDM for
  11. On numerous occasions I have replaced the battery in my dot during a match. I have also replaced firing pins in my revolver at the safe table. For that matter I have had fiber optic front sight inserts fall out and have replaced them in the field.
  12. Thank you very interesting. I will look into this in detail.
  13. Thank you for your contributions on this thread. Can you recommend a resource for further reading? In particular loading for above/below the sound barrier. Is this somehow tied into conversations that I see sometimes on finding "nodes" when handloading? I have generally avoided this aspect of cartridge development. Thanks again. ON EDIT: One other thing. I know that using a light bullet requires a bigger load to make a particular bullet speed compared to a heavy bullet. In my case I have some (about 12 pounds) of CFE pistol that I don't know what to do with. I'm interested in 9mm m
  14. Hi Baldwin I'm 60 have all of the issues you have plus a few more. I started shooting handguns about 5 years ago, shooting auto loaders in 9mm. I had a few mishaps that were a bitter experience. But I worked through them and like you I'm a competitive person. My first two years of shooting I really did terrible. Two years ago I hit the reset button. Switched guns to revolver, started shooting Steel Challenge. My first match April 2017 was classified D at 36%. 18 months later I'm at 80% in optical sight revolver, I have a very good chance of making Master in 2019. In f
  15. For your future sad panda stories perhaps you might try to describe your friends as total beginners instead of guys with enough experience to know that they are not wasting their time on measly tier 1 matches.
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