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  1. I’ve used a lot of the .357 dia 147 gr bullets from Brazos in my cz loaded on the short side 1.11 oal. 3.2 and 3.3 grs of sport pistol have worked great for me .
  2. I loaded from 5.0 to 5.8 using 200 lead swc and 5.2 grs was accurate and I like the recoil of that charge it gave me about 810 Fps from a 5” 1911. It’s not the same bullet as you was asking for but it might help.
  3. Yeah Im with you its best to adjust when everything is loaded on the the press so you’ll get the results that matters. I load on a 1050 with cci’s And I just tweaked mine till they was a little below flush and I’ve had excellent results.
  4. I think this is my problem I have about one out of a hundred 9mm case that gets feed upside down. My 1050 and case feeder is mounted to the table real good but my table has just a little movement in it.
  5. When your Toolhead spring wears out I recommend the spring setup from level 10. My spring on my 1050 wore out about six months after I got it, so I upgraded it with the level ten and I like it I believe the level ten spring will last for years in stead of months.
  6. I’m sure you clean your brass but it looks like maybe some sand was on your brass or it’s Goulding but I’m with 4n2to on polishing it out some.
  7. I been shooting the same bullet at 1.085 because the bullets was touching the rifling around 1.105 in my s2 , never had any issues so for. Good luck.
  8. I’ve had very good accuracy with the 124 f/p in my shadow 2 . My load is 4.25 grs of sport pistol at 1.085 oal with chi -500 primers, 137 power factor. I use this load for ppc matches when Im wanting top accuracy.
  9. https://taccom3g.com/product/ruger-pc-carbine-rear-optic-sight-mount/ I ordered this mount to use on the rear sight haven’t put it on yet,I like the idea because it eliminates any play between the action and barrel even though it has a good fit right now but down the road it may develop some slop.
  10. I’ve never used their r/n or plated bullets all I’ve used is the match winner f/p and their multi purpose jhp and those are top of the line bullets IMO.
  11. I would try a new 11.5 hammer spring if the one you have in the gun is very old. If it’s fairly new I would just call it to weak for some of the hard primers and move on to a 13 lb. hammer spring. If you haven’t done so you can install a Cajun gun works trigger return spring and that will off set the 13 lb..hammer spring .
  12. I’ve had good luck with 55 gr Sierra blitz kings with a-2230. What you wanting to use should work fine. I’ve used all your powders and they will work if you find the sweet spot. Cfe worked pretty good, when I played with it I had to run it on the top end of the load data to get good accuracy. Happy hunting
  13. This thread has got me thinking. Does anyone have a light load using coated 115 gr r/n with red dot or e3 for steel challenge? I do have some light springs will use these in a s2 or a Glock.
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