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  1. I would start using a larger grain media so that it don’t get into the small places such as primer pockets. I’ve had the same problem, with what I am using now it only takes a minute or two to get it all out of the brass.
  2. I’ve had a regular lee die for about fifteen years and have never broken a pin yet, I have had it to slip up a several times though. I’ve also never had failure to feed in any of my guns don’t use a case gage never had any problems to make me need one yet thank goodness.
  3. The only problem I’ve had with mine was it started shooting left or right can’t remember but I found the two set screws that holds the sight in the dovetail lose. Up and down has been solid had the shadow 2 for about eight months.
  4. Very nice looks like some fun .
  5. Tim what kind of pistol are you shooting to get that group?
  6. I had a similar issue and a larger dia.bullet solved the problem. It could be bad readings from the chrono but if your bullet is not fitting your barrel good you could have some gas blowing by the bullet causing the bad numbers.
  7. A couple things you could try would be to get some onch fired brass to try. Second thing to try would be to lay your brass on its side like in and old baking pan to spray your lube on to the brass so you will know that none of the lube is getting inside of the case mouth. If all else fails maybe you could polish a half a thousand off of your powder funnel/expander to see if you get any improvement.
  8. A max load of power pistol should get you very close to what you want.
  9. Dwbsig


    Here is a pic of my notes with sport pistol loads out of cz s-2 maybe it was Luck how the loads turned out but this is what I got lol.
  10. Don’t know if it would function with the reduced loads or not but if I was running those I would probably go with a 10-11 pound spring in my gun.
  11. Dwbsig


    This is what I got in a cz shadow 2 using 147 acme f/p coated bullets with chi 500 primers. sport pistol 3.0 grs 1.110 oal 851 fps sport pistol 3.1 grs 1.110 oal 877 fps sport pistol 3.2 grs 1.110 oal 901 fps This should give you and approximate of what one tenth of a grain will do.
  12. I been using lizard litter which is ground walnut from the pet store and it works good with car wax but it’s pretty fine and it gets in the primer holes have to tumble it a good bit in the media separator to make sure it’s all out. I just ordered some corn cob media from zero.com and I got the 14/20 grit Hope it works good lol.
  13. Dwbsig

    CZ Trigger

    I got s-2 several months back and I changed the to a 11.5 hammer spring and a reduced trigger return spring ,ended up with a 2.5 sa pull don’t remember what the D-A pull is cause I don’t use it in any of the stuff I shoot in,didn’t have any primer ignition problems but changed to the longer FP and reduced spring anyway just to be on the safe side. I really like the trigger and the gun coming from p-320’s and glocks it’s so nice.
  14. I’ve used the old style with the return springs for about fifteen years with no problems,been using the new style for about three or four years and have not had any issues. Dillon does have some maintenance called out for it which consist of lube/grease in three or four areas on the powder measure. I do like the design old style powder dispenser better but both has worked well for me.
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