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  1. I bought a used ck and have been very satisfied with it I think you can get a new one for under 4 k .
  2. I would try loading a few to try at .010 and .020 shorter then what you are loading and try them. I have a s2 and I got my beast accuracy at about -.020 from the lands.
  3. I never empty mine except to change to a different type.
  4. I got a racer x about six weeks ago and like works well no slop or play have friends that the other two models and mine works just like there’s. It’s the only daa holster I’ve owned, I did get the pad for it and would consider it nessary.
  5. Dwbsig

    Thumb rest

    Thanks didn’t know that but I do now.
  6. I’ve used a leather bag but I seem to have more consistent results with a mtm pistol rest.
  7. Dwbsig

    Thumb rest

    Man I just ordered a goguns last week. Got it Saturday and installed it, really like it trying to decide which hole I like the best. Shot it in the rear hole and liked that but didn’t care for the draw in the rear, moved it to the front and like how it fills with the draw but haven’t had a chance the shoot it in the front hole yet.
  8. Welcome from hot and humid Ms.
  9. Thanks for your research on these powders.
  10. That’s good to hear I’ll be able to shoot more lol.
  11. Will it be priced the same as the 124 Jhp .
  12. I went with ssp eye ware you can get the reader lens at the top of the lens comes in sets with clear, yellow and dark at a decent price.
  13. Dwbsig

    Shadow 2

    I got a s2 a little over a year ago ,shot somewhere around 10k minor rounds Thur it with the same buffer and finally swapped it out with a new one. Gonna just keep using them since it came with some extras.
  14. I have one with around 10-12 k on it and I just changed it because I had it completely tore down and have heard that this spring didn’t last that long so I changed it. Kinda wondering after reading what George and Matt said if that rumor is true.
  15. Sounds like a seating stem issue wrong stem for the style of bullet you are using.
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