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  1. I’ve had good results with 4.4 grs of sport Pistol / aa#2 with 124 gr delta p. out of my open gun for steel challenge .
  2. Is it possible that you used a piece of brass that was in a 170 power factor load a few times and was on its last leg lol.
  3. Yes generally lead bullets are one thousand larger in dia. Then a jacket bullets. When you use a lee factory crimp die with lead bullets it’s going the swage it one thousand smaller then it’s supposed to be.
  4. Don’t get the Lee factory crimp die just get a Hornady or lee taper crimp die. The lee fcd will swage you lead bullets down to the size of jacketed bullets.
  5. For my Ruger pcc I’m using a .357 dia. 95 gr r/n brazos 1.025 oal over 3.4 grs of aa#2 . This load is the softest and flattest load that I have run thur my Ruger Pcc. These are for steel Challenge power factor?
  6. I loaded on a 550 for over twenty years and I got a nice used 1050 a couple years ago and it’s really been worth it. It has put the fun back into loading.
  7. Dirt how is the bullet seating with the alpha ,is the bullets setting on the case straight? If it stops the popping and the bullets are fitting the case good I will be wanting one .
  8. I load sitting my loading table is 26” high and I use a adjustable chair. I can see right into the case for powder verification.
  9. Yeah I don’t clean pistol primer pockets either only rifle which I use a cutter and drill motor that uniforms the depth while cutting it, leaves it looking new. I clean my brass with a Lyman vibratory using corn cob /walnut.
  10. I have a 1050 and a 550 and the 1050 is easier, using case lube really helps also.
  11. I used a 1/4” aluminum plate just to stiffen up my mount, my table top is about 26.5” tall I use and adjustable stool to load while sitting.
  12. I’m wanting to try them for steel Challenge no power factor needed,my thinking is they may give a little less recoil/dot movement only way to find out is to try a few.
  13. Teed off what kind of bullets and where are you buying your bullets?
  14. Are you running coated lead or jacket bullets I have some 95gr r/n coated bullets on order to try out. I’m shooting 115 s right now with 3.4 grs of aa#2 with very good results just like to experiment lol.
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