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  1. Never done it that long but have run the same load as yours for about and hour with no problems. I have run rifle rounds for hours with no issues. I have read the same about other people leaving them in to long with no problems. So I say your ok.
  2. Dwbsig

    Load for shadow two using these components

    I got a shadow 2 a few months back can't say about the powder but the oal that is working good for me is 1.110 oal using acme 147 f/p coated don't know if the bayou profile is close to the same or not but you have to load on the short side for the Cz.
  3. Dwbsig

    lok palm swell vs henning grips

    I just got some lok Palm swell g-10 grips had the same problem with the end of my fingers so I took some 240 grit sand paper and took off the sharp high points and that really worked out great. I'm really liking the grips now it has improved my shooting. Buy the way you can't even tell that I sanded on the grips.
  4. Dwbsig

    9mm load question

    Yeah 3.2 grains would be a good place start.
  5. Dwbsig

    Need a link to the .355/56/57 debate...

    One way that caused me to start looking at the undersized bullets was I had a load that was shooting a low extreme spread in one gun and high in another gun so I slugged the one with the high Es numbers and sure enough it was about a half a thousands over .356 dia. Coated bullets I was shooting. I ordered some .357 dia.coated bullets for it and all was good.
  6. Dwbsig

    will this load work well in a shadow 2

    I got a shadow a couple months back and was shooting acme 147 gr flat points in my glock. I had to load them to 1.120 for them to pass the plunk but they grouped better at 1.110 in my S2.
  7. Dwbsig

    Mini boom

    I had a case rupture about two years ago out of gen 3 glock 34 and I contributed it to a piece of brass that someone had shot a hot load in or wore out brass but it could have been case set back but it hasn't happen since. Lol
  8. Dwbsig

    Mini boom

    Well maybe the gen 4 barrel is different from the gen 3 as far as case support can you see any difference by doing a visual inspection?
  9. Dwbsig

    Mini boom

    Just my opinion the brass is work hardend from being sized and fired to many times basically just wore out brass.
  10. Dwbsig

    Prima V metering terribly

    I went thur eight bottle of prima v and would not buy it again what I found is the smaller pieces migrated to the bottom of the measure leaving the larger pieces towards the top of the powder measure. It did not change the charge a lot but it would keep you chasing and readjusting plus scratching your head.
  11. I use an old baking pan just lay all the brass on its side and put a couple of pumps of lanolin/alcohol mix on and start loading. I don't clean my dies but maybe I should start just hadn't had any problems though but I usally clean my loaded rounds in the tumbler.
  12. Dwbsig

    Hello from Redwood Country

    Welcome from the Deep South
  13. Dwbsig

    Stiff Ram

    I would disassemble the ram and pivot pins and polish it with still wool and light oil to remove all the rust. It will works fine once all the rust is removed. Good luck
  14. Dwbsig

    .38 Special... major?

    This a pic of Hornady vol. 2 it looks like you could make power factor using this data. I used this same vol to load 125 gr jhp using 7.3 grs of unique which was a very good load. I bought this manual in the mid seventies. This data used a model 14 the same gun that I had at the time.
  15. Dwbsig

    Strange 9 Major Results

    Is it the same lot # of powder if it's a newer can of powder the lot# you have could be a little slower then your original load.