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  1. I’ve reseated rounds to a shorter oal several time with no problems,as long as they aren’t crimped I usually just remove the bell when loading.
  2. Had the same thing happen to me but it’s only happen once in twenty years,don’t poke on it much the primer could go off and hurt you call Dillon they will send you another one free.
  3. If you repair the Frame use something that won’t wear real quick it would be cheaper to replace the ram then to have to machine and replace another bushing or buy a frame. Find a couple shops and see what they will charge you for what your wanting, may be worth it don’t hurt to get a price.
  4. If it was me I would probably use what was available I believe any of the three would be as good or better than the frame. I would thing it would be cheaper to buy a new frame from Dillon unless you have a friend with a shop. You may can find a piece of pipe that could be machined to what you need which would cut down on the machine time. As far as lube I would just use 30 wt oil. It would be nice to just bore the bushing to get the fit you like between the ram and bushing something around five thousands to start and check the feel.
  5. l Use to do machine work before I retired,my first thought would be 17 4ph sst or 316 sst, 4140 st .The frame would have to be bored on a milling machine and the bushing done on a lathe and I would make the bushing to have a light press fit into the frame. The ram to bushing fit would be a five to ten thousands clearance that would give you enough room for lubrication.
  6. Do you cycle the bar while emptying?
  7. Mark your adjustment knob/bolt with a marker so you can watch it to see if it is moving while loading.
  8. Dwbsig

    Shadow 2 Optic?

    Thanks JDillon.
  9. Dwbsig

    Shadow 2 Optic?

    I have a shadow 1 I was thinking about putting a dot on can’t decide if to get it milled or put a plate on it like your setup. I would like to see a couple more pictures of yours if it not to much trouble thanks.
  10. I load sitting on a 550 and 1050. I have back problems and never damage in my feet that keeps me from standing very long. Both press’s are mounted straight on the benches.
  11. No reason it shouldn’t work ,it’s a lot cheaper then buying a new one.
  12. Just got a 1050 with the mr bullet feeder on it and I have to agree for what is, it seems to very expensive. Having to buy a caliber conversion kit for which is 150 bucks , I hope it’s good a good feeder.
  13. I usually go in with friends when ordering powder and primers ,normally I’ll get eight pounds of powder and 5k of primers. Hazmat is to bad when splitting it three ways.
  14. Dwbsig

    CZ Shadow 2

    Extended firing pin and spring reducded trigger return spring 11.5 hammer Spring 11 pound recoil spring All from Cajun gunWorks Happy with it for now
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