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  1. I got a 115 gr coated bullet load that I’m using with 3.5 grs sport pistol in a s-2 ,works fine with 11 lb recoil spring. Haven’t tried any other powder charges this load seemed to work good for me.
  2. I’ve had very similar results, I started shooting 3.2 grs and things start to clean up a little better.
  3. Either one would work but for me I would go with w-231. It would be a personal preference imo.
  4. What kind of gun and mount are you using the viper with ?
  5. This is what I got using a ransom rest with the same basic load.
  6. I been shooting acme 147 flat point 356 dia with no leading but there bullet mics out at .3565. I was getting some leading from your .356 dia 147 r/n and they mic out at .356 so I ordered some .357 from y’all and that seems to have stopped the leading I need to clean my barrel and shoot some more to be 100% sure. I think that would be a good move increasing the dia. By the way I was getting very good groups from both dia. bullets at 25 yards.
  7. ClayBuster I would find out what the torque for the plate is supposed to be so that it doesn’t get over torqued.
  8. I’m very curious what caused the warped plate what’s to keep the new plate from warping.
  9. 5.2 grs of sport pistol under a 200 gr swc was very accurate for me out a 1911. I was getting about 810 FPS. This a good load need to tweak the oal to get the best accuracy, I think my oal was around 1.255.
  10. Yes I got a used 1050 from a friend and I tore it completely down to service it,after I got it all back together I didn’t like the the front pin was dragging so tapped on and on and never was happy with it. Called Dillon and got another pin took the head off and took it to a machine and they pressed the old one out and pressed the new one end problem solved. The issue with bent pins is you need to have the head all the down when removing or tighten the bolt that holds the head on.
  11. I would start using a larger grain media so that it don’t get into the small places such as primer pockets. I’ve had the same problem, with what I am using now it only takes a minute or two to get it all out of the brass.
  12. I’ve had a regular lee die for about fifteen years and have never broken a pin yet, I have had it to slip up a several times though. I’ve also never had failure to feed in any of my guns don’t use a case gage never had any problems to make me need one yet thank goodness.
  13. The only problem I’ve had with mine was it started shooting left or right can’t remember but I found the two set screws that holds the sight in the dovetail lose. Up and down has been solid had the shadow 2 for about eight months.
  14. Very nice looks like some fun .
  15. Tim what kind of pistol are you shooting to get that group?
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