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  1. I’ve been playing with AA 7 in my open gun a couple months backs. I just ran some loads over my chronograph last week, some of the loads I ran over the chrono was with power pistol Thur my Ruger Pcc with a 16” barrel. These was some old stuff that I had was just curious what they would do Thur the rifle. The rifle seems to be running 150-200 FPS faster then my pistol. 124 gr jhp P.D. 1.135 oal 5.4 grs power Pistol 1256 FPS. 124 gr r/n 1.15 oal. 6.0 grs power Pistol 1379 FPS.
  2. AA#7 is a good one for for you wanting ,the eight grain load is a +p load at the oal your loading at. The 7.5 grain load should be giving you the velocity you wanting pending the barrel length. The pcc’s will be giving you 1300-1400 with your 7.5 gr load. Power pistol is also a good powder for high vel.
  3. I measure every bullet while setting my die, once set I may check one about every 100 rods. Plus or minus .005 is good enough for me.
  4. I had a clamp on light that was not being used so attached it to the primer tube bracket. Maybe not as nice but it works fine lol.
  5. I just loaded about three hundred on my 1050 zero malfunctions love my 1050. I was having a screw up about every two-three hundred rounds. Hadn’t cleaned my machine in a year so I done that a couple days ago and that has solved the screw up issue lol.
  6. Yeah I tired it a couple days ago and it’s dead.
  7. Would you mind giving your load for your brass test.
  8. Sport pistol is just as good in all aspects except maybe not as clean but half the cost.
  9. Here is some BE-86 load data. All loads are with cci-500 ,Hornady brass ,124 f/p match winners from rmr. 1.082 oal These was shot out of a g-34 with Kkm barrel. 4.6 grs. 1016fps es 50 4.8 grs. 1065fps es16 5.0 grs 1095fps es20 5.2 grs. 1136fps es 29 5.4grs. 1153fps es 41 Loads below are with rmr multi purpose bullet 124 jhp. 5.5 grs 1169fps es26 with rmr 124 mpb jhp. 1.090 oal. 6.0 grs 1248fps es 33 with rmr 124 mpb jhp 1.090 oal Here is some out of a full size p-320 5.5 grs 1130 FPS es 33 124 mpb jhp 1.100 oal 6.0 grs 1204 FPS es 21 124 mpb jhp. 1.100 oal
  10. I took a old kitchen knife and heated it red hot with a propane torch worked very well ,after cutting you can work the edges and around the cut to tidy it up. For the holes I used the same method with a old Phillips screw driver. I made mine several months back and it still looking good.
  11. I was shooting the 124 gr.match winner in my shadow 2 at 1.085 oal with 4.2 grs. of sport pistol very accurate bullet /load. I bought a open gun with a comp so I switched to delta Precision with a jacketed base to keep from leading the comp another good bullet. You can’t go wrong with the match winners.
  12. Next time I buy lead bullets I may give the j-Ames bullets a try, looked at their website and they look like some good bullets.
  13. Wanting opinions on best loads 9mm for plate rack shooting. Bullet wt.? FPS? Power factor? I know to stout of loads slow you down and to weak of loads sometimes don’t knock down the plate with poor hits.
  14. Us1 this may not be your problem but it sounds like your machine is not mounted rigid enough, needs to be mounted very solid with no movement or shacking going on when you are using it.
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