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  1. Just received my DPP. Getting ready to mill the slide. Could you let me know what works out before I get into the same mess. Thx!
  2. I never resell to a store because you take a significant loss. In CA we have a local forum for classifieds to resell (calguns). Look to see if you have local forums.
  3. Coated runs faster from my experience
  4. Have you checked the powder hopper and lever to make sure there's no issues? Im using a hornady LNL to reload and consisted at 3.2. I actually reloaded 3 days in a row for the past 3 days and tested the first few throws before reloading and still remained at 3.2 grains
  5. Currently using WSF but planing to move to N320
  6. +1 with CK867. I went through the same years ago and my local club placed my score in pending until I had a uspsa #
  7. D miner. I check this out as well. Thx for heads up
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