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  1. I did not cancel the order. They did finally get back in touch with me and apologised for not returning calls and emails, they are having growing pains I think. They called a week or 2 ago and said that is was almost complete and was in the testing phase of the build. I am expecting it any day now.
  2. Your a trolling moron. . You found a thread that was weeks old and just had to post your 2 cents! I didn’t ask for any advice, I asked if anyone had made a purchase from them and if they had any problems contacting them. The issue has been resolved, I don’t need any more life advice from you.
  3. Those are some nice looking shotguns, I really like how they do the loading ports. I may try to do that. Thanks.
  4. Yeah, the problem is you cant get ahold of them to do anything. Like I said, I understand the wait time on the gun, I just don't understand not being able to speak with a person or get a response from an email.
  5. Yes I read all the "fine print". I don't care about the wait on the shotgun. My problem is no one will respond to any emails, or calls, EVER. My FFL cannot even get in touch with them.
  6. I also don't really need any advice on how I spend money. I was just wandering if anyone has ordered any firearms from them recently.
  7. the Benelli M2 3 gun model is $2500 range and it doesn't have the lightened bolt and other mods that the TT has. I don't mind paying I just cant stand the crappy service.
  8. Has anyone ordered one of these from TT? I placed an order 3 weeks ago, they charged my card and I got an email but I have not heard anything since then. I have left multiple viocemails, emails, and FB messages but I don't get any response at all. The website says they are busy and to give them up to 7 days to respond, that time has come and gone. My FFL has tried multiple time to get in touch with them as well. I am about ready to try and get my money back through the credit card company. Its crazy that they have no one to answer any messages, how would you ever get any customer service.
  9. TDF


    I made it to M without taking any classes or reshooting any classifiers. I am pretty driven and practice as much as I can and read everything I can. The better I get the more I have to work on it seems like. I don't think you need any official training class to make GM, as much information as there is available now days I think all you need is drive. I am sure the classes would help though, the biggest thing I have not had is someone to critique my shooting and give me areas to work on, I think that is the big benefit of a class.
  10. I started in IDPA and went to USPSA like a lot of others, USPSA definitely helped me with IDPA. I think a lot of the skills cross over, as long as your mentally able to switch then you can get benefit from both.
  11. This all sounds familiar, I made the switch to a shadow and returned to a glock. To be fair, I didn't give the shadow much of a chance, I could have committed to it and changed but I did not see any big advantage in the short amount of time that I shot it.
  12. TDF

    Favorite Trigger

    I used to search for the best trigger. I have Zev (multiple), Vogel, Vanek, DK, and home built ones in various guns. The better I get the more it doesn't matter what trigger is in what gun. they are all good triggers and I think it just comes down to your personal preference. Any of the ones I mentioned will give you all you need to go as far as you can go with a glock.
  13. I am considering one of these. I have shot glocks from my first day in competition so I am a little worried I will not like the grip angel. I like the extra weight and other features though.
  14. HI Gene. Welcome.
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