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  1. TDF

    downside to MOS?

    Yeah I thought they did. I just meant that most of them do so your options are narrow. I run them anyway, they don’t hang off much so it’s not an issue really.
  2. TDF

    downside to MOS?

    The only downside for irons on an MOS is that most of the popular sights like Warren and Dawson hang of the back of the slide since the dovetail is cut all the way to the rear of the slide.
  3. Well is definitely seem like the MBF gets the popular vote. Thanks for all the comments.
  4. Yeah that’s true. I think I have seen others with that setup. I haven’t decided yet for sure.
  5. I like the idea of a standalone mount. I will probably go with the pro. Thanks.
  6. Thanks. That’s what I though but I wanted to see if there was anything else out there.
  7. I am wanting to add a bullet feeder. What is the best one to get? I looked at the Mr. bullet feeders, these seem to be the most common. I probably load 20,000 or more each year, all 9mm. Thanks,
  8. I did not cancel the order. They did finally get back in touch with me and apologised for not returning calls and emails, they are having growing pains I think. They called a week or 2 ago and said that is was almost complete and was in the testing phase of the build. I am expecting it any day now.
  9. Your a trolling moron. . You found a thread that was weeks old and just had to post your 2 cents! I didn’t ask for any advice, I asked if anyone had made a purchase from them and if they had any problems contacting them. The issue has been resolved, I don’t need any more life advice from you.
  10. Those are some nice looking shotguns, I really like how they do the loading ports. I may try to do that. Thanks.
  11. Yeah, the problem is you cant get ahold of them to do anything. Like I said, I understand the wait time on the gun, I just don't understand not being able to speak with a person or get a response from an email.
  12. Yes I read all the "fine print". I don't care about the wait on the shotgun. My problem is no one will respond to any emails, or calls, EVER. My FFL cannot even get in touch with them.
  13. I also don't really need any advice on how I spend money. I was just wandering if anyone has ordered any firearms from them recently.
  14. the Benelli M2 3 gun model is $2500 range and it doesn't have the lightened bolt and other mods that the TT has. I don't mind paying I just cant stand the crappy service.
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