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  1. I bought my first and last pound at the recommendation of an old timer using is for 357 or 38. I can't tell you measurably, but in my custom glock 35 the powder is too poppy. Meaning I get the feeling of high pressure. Never any case damage nor primer issues. This is probably my first instance of being a princess with a firearm. Powder metered well. SD were low. Runs fine low and slow. Runs fine pushing it a bit. Regardless of the load it was too poppy.
  2. I just immediately installed a fully supported barrel from lone wolf Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk
  3. Some like or swear by bullseye, but not me. I have it for my practice rounds using 135 and 165gr pills. To me Bullseye is too pressure happy, and feel a sharp recoil with it. 4.5grs with 135 and 165 pills is what I use for soft shooting (may not cycle a new custom gun). 5.5grs of Bullseye works too and is my normal reload for high quantity. With powder still not available, I horde may good powder that I really really spent a lot of time on. If titwad is like power pistol, then you might want to spend the time working up a competition load with it. One thing I will say is that you need to break in your gun. After 200-500 rounds, you can start working loads specific to your slide, barrel and recoil spring. Cheers Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk
  4. This is abrand new build. Carrier and pin are good to go. Though I went cheap because Brownell has my piston kit on backorder. Carrier is phosphate rather than NiB. Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk
  5. Primers were CCI small rifle. Eventually just took the plunge and replaced trigger. The two stage Delton just didn't work out. After putting in a hiperfire 243g trigger the problem was readily apparent. The Delton was loose again the safety as compared to the hiperfire. The hiperfire has no give with the safety on. As a side note suddenly the groups are sub MOA...go figure. Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk
  6. All primers are gone...mixed up on the ground any way. All primers inspected day off were "average". Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk
  7. Second try at posting. Slams Fire (dropping THE bolt) When the safety is off. Will look at disconnector function more closely. She's 15YO and handles my 308 and 40's proficiently...not 9. These were 3-4 round loaded mags. And we were able to get 6 rounds without issue. 2x: while shooting. She Is Lazy with shouldering THE GUN So Could Be A SPOOKING issue. Gun never failed for me...yes I took over, function check, disassemble and checked, test fired. Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk
  8. After some post mortem thinking I'm concerned about the slam fires and 2x fires we experienced. I glad my daughter and I took training time serious over the last two summers. Practice MAKES PERFECT 1] finger placement: not on trigger unless shooting 2] ALWAYS POINT THE GUN IN A SAFE DIRECTION. 3] allow safe mistakes while shooting, trying to fire on an empty mag is a good opportunity for them to practice clearing the gun/malfunction. 65 grendel 20" stoner barrel, seekins upper, area 53 lower... Cheap M16 carrier, Brownell firing pin, hornady 123 factory ammo, carbine spring/buffer, ar stoner barrel/bolt. Awaiting Brownell adjustable piston with NiB carrier. Trigger is del-ton two stage. Also magpul 223 10rd mags which operated flawlessly. Sadly the 65grendel 25rd mags chewed up and didn't let go (ftf) of rounds. Slam fire: About the only thing on the net is make sure the firing pin has free travel. Well it did and still does. We had 3-4 slam fires during the 40 shot session. > I'll try to replace the firing pin with a vdl coated one I just got in for another rifle >???? 2x: had about six of these >I do have an adjustable gas block so I'll turn the gas down > not sure it's not my daughters' happy bouncing finger, but it'll take a few dozen rounds of me shooting it to determine. Any help or vectors appreciated. Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk
  9. Same thing happened to me in 40 cal reloads. The brass is being shoved too violently into the chamber. The transition between feed ramp and chamber bites into the brass creating a thin area.. for me I had to slow down the slide with less pressure andg or limit to use for old brass. Check your other cases to see if there is a bite mark.
  10. Can I get a longer COAL in them???
  11. It seems that moving is big part of 3-gun, thus if you have a light barrel and a good comp you'll be able to get on target quicker. The trade off is the longer shots...I don't know the accuracy or twist of your barrels. What I'd concentrate (in terms of time and money) on is practice, trigger, and shifting optics (iron, red dot, 3xscope, ~14x scope) from near-far targets. But what do I know?
  12. Budget is 20-40 bucks of AMMO a week. Membership helps with range costs. Seems like everything revolves around lack of trigger reset and muzzle rise.
  13. 21sf 45acp brass 6.61" barrel 230 127 9gr 1168 1200 1173. 1180 1196 1196 1237 1218 1187 single shot not loading well 1080 1176. 1323 (moved meter back) 230gr berry 671 9.7gr longshot 1.27 1236 1220 G23 165gr 5 gr longshot. 1.12 Can't hit shit .. soft shooting though and cycled cold...finally G35 6.6" barrel same as above 1712? 700 882.2 853.4. 870.1 908.7 868.9. G35 6.61" barrel 165gr 7gr longshot 1123 1189 1188 1140 1255 180gr berry fn fmj 4 gr longshot 1.15" 1053 1147 1083 . 165gr fn fmj 1.13-1.17" OAL 5gr longshot 796 6 806.3. 872.2 893 .8 760.5. Magazine just won't cycle the longer rounds 165gr 1.17+ 4.5gr longshot 528.2. 850.2 battery died
  14. Warning newbie...love it. I use as all 40, 45 and 45 loads. now I'm hoarding it as it my best powder. I've got Bullseye and longshot for practice.
  15. This is the data reduction so far. Data at 180gr bullets with long shot deserves repeating. Temp was about 50 degrees. Glock g35 40sw 5.85"LWD barrel freedom 40SW reman 180gr, 980 fps (14fps std dev) 180gr fn-fmj, 4.6gr longshot, 1.1" OAL, 805 fps (52 fps std dev) 180gr fn-fmj, 4gr longshot, 1.15" OAL, 1070 fps (22fps std dev) 165gr fn-fmj, 5gr long shot, 1.13-1.17 OAL, 802 fps (37 fps std Dev) 165gr fn-fml 4.5gr longshot, 1.05" OAL, 786 fps (54fps std dev) 165gr fn-fmj, 5gr BullsEye, 1.1" OAL, 1095 fps (34fps std dev) Glock 21SF 45ACP LWD 6.61" threaded barrel with Comp 185gr berry plated hollow back, 10gr power pistol, 1226 fps 230gr lead bullet, 8.5gr LongShot, 1.21" OAL, 1151fps
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