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  1. I've handled a few of the non-custom shop Rugers, and they felt pretty decent for a factory 1911. But for the price I saw on the custom shop ones (around $1.9k IIRC), there are a lot of better options out there. I know actual street price will be lower, but even at $1.3 to $1.5K, I cant say I'd jump on one.
  2. If your set on a Springfield, I'd go with the loaded target also for the front serrations and adjustable rear sight included, as mentioned above. I do use front serrations in competition at ULSC, and the adjustable rear sight is nice for adjusting to your reloads. For competition only, I wouldn't worry to much about the MIM parts, as long as you dont start trying to go home 'smith on them. If you decide you want to start making changes beyond adjusting springs, sure, by a good ignition set then. And the accuracy from the factory should be plenty for SS; cant say I'd spend the money on a new barrel.
  3. I've had each of these issues at one point or another. I've also had a problem with only my Springfield, but the ledge on the follower in some of my Wilson 47D mags were barely catching the slide stop tab. I didnt realize it until those mag followers wore down some, and it got to a point they wouldn't fully engage anymore, causing random failures to lock open. Finally realized it after breaking the mags down and cleaning and inspecting everything. Dropped some new followers in, problem fixed partially. Fit a new Wilson slide stop to replace the factory one, got better engagement on the slide stop tab, now no problems with that gun for over 15 years.
  4. Another vote for the PM9. It's damn near my favorite gun to shoot.
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