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  1. I'm a little bummed this is on the same day as malabar's 3 gun, but I guess you can't make everyone happy. Good to hear there are more matches popping up down here, though.
  2. I agree! This thing turned bad quick! No sport shooting with this brick. Bought it for home defense.
  3. Can anyone help me out with contact information for the match director? I need to remove myself from the Am list as I got a spot on the pro side. Thanks.
  4. mwf008

    21sf and gen 4

    No my 21 is a gen 4. The only gen 3 I own is a 30s. I just meant when I handled a gen 3 21 in a store, it didn't feel as good in my hand as the gen 4 did.
  5. mwf008

    21sf and gen 4

    I have the 21 gen 4 for a house gun. I like it a lot. Shoots very soft. Seems a little more ergonomic than a gen 3 in my hands.
  6. I pulled other bullets, all had the same charge weight. Also checked barrel lockup and trigger pull OOB. Even though this was pretty much ruled out, this particular gun will not fire out of battery. I've since reassembled the gun and shot it. I'm pretty impressed that the gun wasn't destroyed. Anyway, the consensus among the people that I trust locally is this was an issue of bad brass. Some friends have had similar case head separations and in all 3 other instances it was the same CBC magtech brass. These are all experienced shooters and reloaders. They've since discontinued the use of this brand of brass - I'll do the same. Thanks for all the replies and concerns, its much appreciated.
  7. Are these still around? I couldn't find them on predator tactical or starlights website accept for the press release from 2012. Is this the same as the 081454 starlight case without cutouts?
  8. Brass was range pickup, vv is from April 2013. I picked 4.0 to start as it was roughly in the middle if the spectrum and was a recipe used from other people online. From the rounds I shot, I had no reason to believe it was over pressured based on classic symptoms. The load actual shot very well before the 'incident.'
  9. DougC: Here's the picture. I tried pushing on the cartridge and got zero setback from several rounds. I'm afraid I might have over belled the cases at the powder station. Can you elaborate a little more on how this could have caused the problem? Over crimping is also a concern but from what I've read 470ish is fine. Why do you think 1.26 is too long? This is what vv recommended and the rounds chamber check in the barrel just fine. Is there a possibility that it was just a weak case and that caused the failure? Some other sources seem to think this is something that can happen even with a proper inspection of the brass. What are your thoughts on that? Obviously this is what I would like to think because it takes any blame away from myself, but if this is completely unreasonable than I can take that opinion too. Please don't take me the wrong way. I appreciate the responses, it's just that I even hesitated to post this at all for fear that people would just assume the worst. I see it all the time, people post questions like this and get accused of being careless reloaders or are offered useless suggestions like 'you shouldn't shoot reloads in glocks.' All you have is my word, but I loaded a small batch, (100 rounds) and visually inspected each case for the proper charge before seating a bullet, as I always do. All I'm saying is that I'd like to explore ANY other possibilities as I'm reasonably certain I didn't double charge a case. Thanks again for your time.
  10. I don't want to come across as rude, but please re-read my original post. If I thought it was a double charge, I wouldn't be posting the question here because that is obvious. This was not a double charge. I understand peoples first reaction is to assume that it was a careless reloading accident, but that it not the case. I'm looking for other possibilities BESIDES double charge.
  11. Looking for opinions as to what caused this. Before you jump to conclusions, this was a very small batch of rounds that were all visually inspected for powder in the case, so please assume this is not a double charge. Based on my research I was thinking maybe weak brass that I missed, firing out of battery, or possibly bullet setback. The last scenario would have to be as the round chambered because it was the first round in the mag when it happened. There is lots of info on the internet about this but no definitive answers. Load is 4.0 gr of n310 at 1.26 with win LPP. 230 gr plated bullets with crimp at .470. Luckily the gun is repairable. It blew out the mag release along with the mag and also damaged the trigger. Thanks for the advice.
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