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  1. LTT 92 Elite as I start to work my way back into USPSA in Carry Optics Beretta PX4 Compact Carry for carry....
  2. Gabe White is who I think you are referring to RJH.... http://www.gabewhitetraining.com/ And this guy: https://www.instagram.com/lespepperoni/?hl=en But I'm not here to debate the rules, or the bullets out magazine, I just asked my question, because I had never participated in a BUG match, or shot the division (I was SSP). I guess my point is that one bad experience with someone doesn't mean it's a bad idea, because there are plenty of people who do it, and do it capably. Which is the rule, and which is the exception? I honestly have no idea. As long as it's safe, I've got no issue with it. Jim, in the situation you describe, I'd likely have felt the same way as you.
  3. Thanks, its been awhile since I shot a match, and I know that AIWB is not legal, but even when I regularly shot IDPA, never had a BUG match, so had no idea.
  4. Unless of course you carry AIWB? Or is that legal in a BUG match (and just illegal in any other IDPA match.)
  5. That's a heck of a survey pool! Thanks for the answer, was definitely curious if that would raise interest or not. Lol, sounds like it did not!
  6. That's kind of interesting. Out of curiosity, roughly how many members took part in the survey? As a side note, how do you think they would feel about an occasional IPSC style match, lower round count, but more challenging target presentations and so on? I can understand the sentiment being against low round count matches, but I think a low round count "hoser" stage isn't a heck of a lot of fun, but maybe a few low round count challenging stages would still have some interest. Could be wrong though..
  7. As long as you stay active on the forums!
  8. That may be it.... I tried it with a couple of followers, and it's 19, so I assume right where it's going into the extension. I was worried about taking off too much material.
  9. I'm having the same mag issue trying to set-up the Taran pads with the Gram's spring and 320 follower. I've used the dremel to remove the tab, but I hit a hard 19 rounds and that's it. With the Taylor's, it's 21. Odds are missing some more plastic on the follower?
  10. No payout though! Only 8 people shooting CO so far at Area 4, and you'd need 5 others in the same class for it to pay. Area 3 only has 7 total so far, so no payout there either! I really hope a few more people buy in, and register for those matches so it can happen. That said, if you do run it at A4, make sure you post here or on Waltherforums! I still haven't had a close look at the Q5 with a dot, and gotta admit, I could see adding one down the road. -Cheers!
  11. Truth, and that's what I was getting at. The contingency plan, and the marketing for it won't cost Walther a ton, and it's got people talking, which is great for them. If they spend $20 in payout, and $6k of that goes to the winner of CO "M" Class, they can spin that for a ton of mileage. Hell, it's just a different route than what Sig did with "Team Sig", and it probably costs Walther less, and has a chance to include more people. I think it's great! (I'm still not going to drag out my PPQ and shoot it, but it will sell some guns,and bring attention to a fairly under appreciated, and really solid gun.) Good on Walther!
  12. I'd suggest that they are offering to put up $400,000 and are very secure with the knowledge they will pay out perhaps 5% of that. So no, I don't think they are earmarking $400k for the contingency plan.
  13. How much do you think Walther is actually putting up? With a minimum of 6 competitors in a class, that kinda of eliminates most USPSA Area Matches for Carry Optics, at last glace I saw a couple of Area matches with only 7-8 people total signed up, which leaves just about only Optics Nationals as a potential payout. I'm sure it's possible for someone. I don't see anyone winning, much less shooting a PPQ in Limited, so that money is fairly safe. I don't know too many people who are shooting a PPQ at the GM/M level (I know at least one M) so I suspect their money is pretty safe at those levels in Production as well. (M Class Carry Optic's....they may end up paying out there.....) Now I don't know IDPA anymore, and there are definitely people in the divisions there, but I'd bet Walther pays out less than $20k in prize money this year, probably close to $10-12k, further I'd bet that they end up spending more advertising the contingency program. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, I think it's a good thing, and it's a great marketing concept for a gun that is underappreciated. I'd love it if they did pay out a ton, but I'd suspect most of their money is really pretty safe.
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