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  1. I use DuPont Teflon lube in an aerosol can. ‘I wipe the excess off with a paper towel after the carrier evaporates.
  2. I used an old pillow case with big rubber bands before I purchased the Dillon ones when I was finally able to afford it.
  3. I got my money’s worth. It takes two to set it up quickly and I’m always fearful of hitting my expensive tripod.
  4. Lot of money ... All his other products are top notch with no regrets or complaints on performance.
  5. I do both, I have a bar stool that allows me to sit and stand at the same height.
  6. Both my 550’s were from estate sales. First one was sent to Dillon and came back like new. Second one, I decided to rebuild it myself after watching the Dillon video on YouTube. Glad I did, learned a lot doing it. It was in pretty sad shape, springs stretched out, parts that were bent cause it was just thrown in a box. Gave Dillon a list of parts and no argument was given. I did have to buy the primer alarm and a couple other parts that were not on the original press. i added another $150 worth of dies and accessories.
  7. I have IF handles on all my Dillons (3) and my Rockchucker. Every one one of them are on strong mounts. The IF works best with a strong mount. i still have the Dillon roller handle in the box my 650 came in along with all the original handles.
  8. I use a Lee universal recapping die with the squirrel decapping pin for this reason. Also bought the Dillon Universal decapping die but haven’t tried it out yet. I then tumble clean the brass. The depriming pin is getting stuck on the primer anvil and pulling the primer back into the case on the ram downstroke. That is why the anvils are separated from the primer cup. Both the taper grind and spitzer grind methods didn’t work for me.
  9. I find his concepts and ideas quite effective and well thought out. Understanding that he is a one man shop doing every part of his business alone tends to let me give him a little leeway. He needs to retool regarding the machining of the Delrin part of his product. I sent him some suggestions via eBay but don’t know if he got them. Having been in his position in in the past, I tend to be a little more patient and compassionate than most people.
  10. He’s back .... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dillon-XL-650-Case-Feed-Stop-Switch/323349876861?hash=item4b4927907d%3Am%3AmJGkQ0Kqk7r7r2o5z1QEKqg&var=512411653608&_sacat=0&_nkw=dillon+650+mods&_from=R40&rt=nc&_trksid=m570.l1313
  11. Using a Husky 11 drawer tool bench with small cabinet door on left side that has 6 wheels under it. ‘Think it has a 2700 lb capacity. Three dillons on top evenly spaced all on strong mounts. Point I’m trying to make is seating/standing position is more important. I use a tall bar stool for when I sit. I change positions frequently to avoid getting hypnotic and making mistakes. Excuse the mess. I’m organizing and cleaning it up this weekend. Hidden in the back of the center Dillon, I have my Rockchucker on a portable stand that is used for bullet pulling with a collet.
  12. 1. Spread out the ‘lips’ of the ‘clamshell’ 16th of an inch out on each side 2. Used a safety pin and made the bends to lock it in just a little wider than the clamshell so it moves freely side by side. 3. Went to Northern Tool and purchased neodymium magnets package of two to provide counterweight to the clamshell and installed one on each 550. 4. Work the press handle smoothly with a half to one second pause on the upstroke. (more for the powder measure than the primers, but it helps the primers fall from the pin.) So far it is working.
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