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Found 9 results

  1. A question for those who have bought the 750 already: what are your impressions and how does it compare with the 650?
  2. There was one guy making them on Etsy but his shop appears to be shut down due to some health-related issues. I heard the Dillon covers don't cover everything and its really tight if you have some of the accessories. Would I be better off buying the 1050 cover even though I don't own a bullet feeder? Anyone have a good contact? I guess I could use an old bedsheet. Mine is in my basement where I have a woodworking shop so I'd like to keep as much of the dust off if possible. My current situation is awkward at best... lol.
  3. I have a 650 and I am trying to load 223 (to 5.56 pressure). I cannot get primers into my brass. I tried for a few months to get it running, and made several calls to Dillon for help. They sent me a primer station alignment tool, which confirmed the unit was aligned correctly. I brought in my Super Swage, as it seems to destroy brass before it begins to swage the primer pocket. A tech set it up for my brass and ran a few through it for me. It didn't seem like it did anything to the brass, but he assured me whatever it did was good enough. I took it home, and the press couldn't load a primer into any of that brass, crushing them. I brought to Dillon my super swager, my press, my brass, and my primers for them to diagnose. When they were done, they called me to pick it up. They told me they "didn't want to tell me it doesn't work, but" and then the guy shrugged. I brought it home and it didn't work. Anybody have any ideas? It's been a few years and I still can't use this expensive POS and the manufacturer is no help. I've been around the internet and everybody gushes about Dillon despite nothing of theirs working (their 308 sizing die can't size brass to pass a guage nor fit into a chamber, and the presses in their display don't work). I stopped hand-swaging 223 brass about a year ago, which was the last time I gave up hope. I've decided I'm ready to get ticked off again and try to get it working. I'm using Wolf Gold brass, and I've tried CCI primers and Tula primers. On my single stage Lee, there are no issues with these components. I've narrowed it down to the press. I've destroyed hundreds of pieces of brass and primers with the 650, but luckily I haven't had a primer go off.
  4. Priming issues d650xl I've got a Relatively new press, probably loaded 8000 rounds over the last year or so... I've probably only had 2000 or so rounds without any hiccups. It's mostly priming issues of some kind or another... Lately it's been either a misalignment of the primer disk, or a flat out non-rotation. I'm forced to manually adjust the indexing arm constantly. Sometimes the indexing arm's springs get all bent out of wack and I have to replace them. Better still, I've had indexing arms break and/or crack... I've cleaned the whole system of excess junk, polished the primer disk, flipped it, greased everything I feel that could be... I've even experimented with adding spacers to the primer cam to force the primer system to rotate... (which could be putting excess pressure on the arm) All in all I've gone though probably 3+ spare parts kits and ordered individual replacement parts as well. I'm about to call it quits and either order a new priming system. Or hand prime my cases from now on... Anyone experience any of this and solved it? Thanks in advance.
  5. I have about 15 gal. of .223/5.56 brass that I will be processing to 300 Blackout. Just wanted to walk through the process to make sure I have thought of everything. Equipment: Dillon 1500 Case Trimmer with required short tool head and trimmer/sizer die for 300 Blackout. Case Prep I have a small rifle case feeder wheel for the .223 brass to feed the .223/5.56 decapping/sizing die Next to the Uniquetec swaging station (replace primer seating with swager) Finally to the case trimmer / resizer Once deprimed and resized on to the cleaner, I was going to use a wet tumbler with SS pins to get the primer pockets but have found that is more trouble than it's worth. May just use vibrator with corn husk. Any advise? Reloading Setup I'm told that a small pistol case feeder wheel works with a spacer washer to raise it up. Any idea how much space is needed? Recommendations on dies. I typically use Lee and Redding for pistol however this will be the first rifle loads on the press so not sure what is best.
  6. Hi! My 650 just started doing this. The shellplate doesn't index fully, and the whole ramhead seems to tilt sideways at the end of the stroke. It isn't loose if I try to move it with my hand though. I can't see what's tilting it. And is the case insert slide supposed to have supposed to have this much sideways play as I demonstrate in the video? The primer system assembly isn't loose, the whole thing that it's bolted to moves. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmxnPReD0iA&feature=youtu.be Edit: DOH! Of course, the bolts that hold the ramhead platform were loose. Back to rock'n roll!
  7. Lately my 650 will occasionally not drop a case. I am loading 40 S&W and I am lubing the cases before the reloading session. My 650 has never done this before and just don't know what the cause could possibly be. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Walter
  8. I found this laying on the hardwood floor about four feet from my Dillon 650. Does anyone have any ideas?
  9. Recently purchased a Dillon Rapid Trimmer 1200 and getting extremly frustrated on the setup. Been trying to figure this out for the better part of 3 days now, and am no closer to getting it dialed in. Here is my set up on my Dillon 650: Station 1 - Dillon Carbide 308 Full Length Sizing Die. (Turned to the Plate! 1/4 turn back was not getting the shoulder pushed down far enough) Station 2 - G.S. Custom Swager Station 3 - Empty Station 4 - RT-1200 Station 5 - Empty. Problem is i've sized and trimmed close to 200+ Shells and the trim length is all over the place. I'm getting variations in lengths of +/- .012 all day long........ Here is what Ive tried: 1. Using all the same year and headstamp brass. 2. Install roll washer in the main shell plate bolt 3. Install UniqueTek toolhead clamp kit to take the play out. 4. Adjusted the Trim Die to the shell plate, 1/2 turn off the shell plate, 1 full turn off the shell plate. About to send this thing back. Any suggestions?
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