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  1. I'm looking for. grip svi plastic in good condition Regards from spain
  2. Hey guys which is the better gunpowder. For open HODGDON Regards
  3. Hi guys I would like. Know your experiences with the Akai 9mayor there's a lot. Difference with the 38sc? Regards
  4. hi guys which is the best product to clean the compensator and where can it be bought regards from spain
  5. hi I have a open brazos bcg and I use the slide racker falls well short me the *thumb rest [generic]* racer cut . the new model might use in cutting the silde? regards eduardo
  6. hi guys thank you all for the opinions send an email to matt and answered me very fast not as some gunsmith( shay to akai custom)this man does not reply to the messages or give you any explanation anyone have any picture of a cheely with hybrid barrel?? regards from spain eduardo
  7. hi guys I would like your opinion on OPEN GUNS CHEELY CUSTOM.and if anyone has any photos with hybrid regards eduardo
  8. hi guys now I have a BRAZOS CUSTOM in 38sc and I am very happy with it but as soon solve the import permit cuenstiones buy a model AKAI KATANA they all speak of the open gun which is great regards from sapin eduardo
  9. I understand I would if I could regards edu
  10. hi

    seen the pictures of beautiful open gun excellent job where I can request more information Prices and other information

    regards from spain


  11. hello I would like to know the paint CERAKOTE as is the painting process because I am thinking of painting my open gun BRAZOS BCG.and if it is resistant regards from spain eduardo
  12. hi guys anyone know if there is a bigger magwell for SIG-SAUGER X-FIVE regards eduardo
  13. is an open max by prommersbeger??I had a gun is fantastic¡¡¡ REGARDS FROM SPAIN EDUARDO
  14. edu jimenez

    9 mayor

    hello guys I will soon shoot in 9 mayor..spacer are required for STI magazine?? regards eduardo
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