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  1. Thanks for the inputs. I am using a Titegroup. I’ll try to get hold of a N320. I’ve read that the N320 burns clean too.
  2. I’ve just started reloading. I’ve tried Hi-Teck coated 125gr and just ordered 147gr. Please share your experience with different bullet gr. and your preferred weight and brand. Thanks!
  3. Newbie here. What is the best bullet gr. for softer recoil and less red dot displacement?
  4. They have discounts for bulk orders. https://thebluebullets.com/sponsorship-discounts/#row1
  5. It’s pricey but it will keep my pistol going. This will definitely a best option.
  6. Please share any information where to buy replacement of a cracked DVC compensator/barrel. Mine is good so far. I’m just planning ahead in case I’ll need it replaced soon. STI has stopped honoring their lifetime warranty so I need to source out. Thanks.
  7. Thanks to OP and everyone who responded. I learned a lot from this thread.
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