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  1. kryo

    Front sight loose.

    I've had this problem with my fiber front sight, slightly wiggling. The way i have fixed it was to cut a piece of masking tape to fit the bottom and curve. It works in a way like a shim. After applying I slide the sight back in place and put in the roll pin. I have not had anymore wiggle since.
  2. I guess all you can hope for is that they make their way over to the tactical games.
  3. kryo

    CZ Shadow 2 spare parts

    Hey thanks man. Glad I now at least have a place to start a kit box!
  4. Ahhhhh I know exactly what your talking about. The question is how do we take those guys and show them the in between especially if they are going to spend the money on a major.
  5. I completely agree, in the beginning it really didnt matter what I had. It was just about learning the process from the ground up. Its ashame that people dont seem to find this site right away. To be honest it was a year and half into shooting matches before someone mentioned the forum to me.
  6. Hey theres nothing like the shotgun caddies bolted to the back of a lifting belt.
  7. Their awesome for retention but I wanted something a bit looser and more spread out at the time. Also I didn't know about the boil in water and form them trick.
  8. kryo

    Squad Lists

    Sometimes you just want to want to put rounds down range first.
  9. kryo

    CZ Shadow 2 spare parts

    What are some common spare parts I need to have on hand for my shadow 2 during matches? I'm coming from glock and am honestly clueless.
  10. It is a permanent solution. I use 46/70 however over time it definitely wears off your grip. I imagine every 2 to 3 years it might need some touching up.
  11. My couple matches I used esstac kiwis
  12. kryo

    Squad Lists

    Traveling pad with random, sick of always shooting last as a W unless its the few exceptions when a new shooter wants to just go last.
  13. Seems like a cooler way for video than strapping a go pro to your chest. However I'd keep it away from the skeet range
  14. kryo

    New straight CZC trigger?

    Really interested in seeing a side view of firing with this trigger!
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