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  1. This is what I've needed to hear. I've had a hell of a time moving from an open gun to limited.
  2. I ended up taking a combination of the info here to make my .40 load for limited major with Alliant Green Dot powder. Here's a list of my tests all done with CCI small pistol primers, Federal brass, and 180gr coated bullet. My oal was 1.175" - 1.18". 4.2 gr averaged to 940 fps, 169.2 pf 4.3 gr averaged to 958 fps, 172.44 pf 4.4 gr averaged to 963 fps, 173.34 pf 4.6 gr averaged to 972 fps, 174.96 pf 4.8 gr averaged to 1006 fps, 181.08 pf No signs of over pressurization on any cases. All categories of weight were done in sets of 5. I settled on 4.3 grains to stay on the safe side for in case of slight light charges and/or wonky chronos at majors. Hope this helps anyone out there with a random lb of green dot to shoot up!
  3. Does anyone have any experience with 38sc Brazos mags being used in a svi?
  4. I've seen a couple already have the red follower break from dropping. Most likely they were doing it on a hard surface, I didn't take the time to ask. Has anyone else been running into a breaking issue after a short period of time?
  5. I have to agree, however I've had way more fun rebuilding and working on my Remington 1100 then upgrading glocks for uspsa.
  6. kryo

    Preferred grip tape

    I've only ever found gray however I've seen black paint jobs done on top afterwards.
  7. kryo

    CZC Flat Trigger

    Definitely want to give one a try on my shadow 2.
  8. Shooting production, having an open shooter before me or while I'm on deck always makes me more open curious.
  9. speaking of reloading, my tumbler has been rocking nonstop for the past couple of days!
  10. kryo

    CZC Flat Trigger

    Any news or reviews on the cz custom flat trigger yet?
  11. I know this was super long ago, but I just picked up walnut media today to try instead of rice with everyone buying up non-perishables. Gonna give the 2 hours a try with dryer sheets and see how it goes!
  12. kryo

    Favorite Trigger

    Tacticaltriggers.com does very well with there drop ins.
  13. kryo

    Preferred grip tape

    Carbide is worth the commitment. I could not get grip tape to stay on my glock for more than one match.
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