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  1. Limited gun with a 5” Nowlin bull barrel
  2. Any one have a place for me to start with this combo? Thanks in advance
  3. Check out the RCI monotubes. They capture the follower so you can open the loading port generously.
  4. He's only selling the gun integrated from now on. Too many hours on the phone troubleshooting problems from non factory integrated guns.
  5. Thanks Tony, I might take you up on that. Squad 3 this year?
  6. I'm currently running a stretch 16 with a fixed block and an empty carbine buffer in a carbine tube and a JP stainless steel low mass bcg. I'm switching the stock over to a luth AR MBA1, should I just empty a rifle buffer?
  7. Thanks guys, tried a little sanding and loosening my grip but still no good. Contacted the grip manufacturer and they're sending me out a new grip.
  8. I just replaced the grip on my 9mm edge with another plastic grip. The fit on the new grip was fine, installation went smoothly but now my mags won't drop free. I'm not really sure what could cause this other than the whole grip is out of whack? Thoughts?
  9. Priority registration for folks who have shot your championship 3 gun matches the last 2 years would be nice! Hope you guys can put this together. Prize table doesn't really matter to most shooters in my opinion.
  10. For a full stock, I use a gutted carbine buffer with a spacer. Hydraulics stretch out the recoil impulse, exactly the opposite of what we want for speed. what kind of spacer are you using?
  11. Jay I mailed my check last weekend, I haven't gotten an email for squading yet. I'm just a little worried about being bumped if you guys haven't gotten by today. How are you guys treating this situation? A shooting buddy of mine is in the same boat. Thanks
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