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    Shot trap for decades AAA-27-AAA but now into the pistols, time for fun
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  1. Having shot 41's for decades, I would say nope never seen one, really unless you holster the gun loaded, zero reason for it
  2. Natchez totally legit, good company got 10,000 Fed small pistol mag 4 days ago, but out of stock now, of course $$$$ but it is what it is
  3. Sinister4

    glock 44 .22

    no I made the base from 1/2" 316 stainless rod, the glock 44 base rod is different diameter (smaller od on rod and end) than any other one, hence i had to turn one
  4. Sinister4

    glock 44 .22

    Been working on the little glock .22 big issue is to get it to shoot all velocity ammo, finally had to make my own adjustable RSA so I can change the spring pressures from sub sonic to stingers lol
  5. both my carry guns are HK, also have 91's and 93's and mp5 but they really only care about military contracts and that type of firearm, but yes Id like to see a true top level HK target gun again imported into the states, MP5 would be a great start in PCC for sure
  6. I would have been better off shooting my old 6 shot full custom S&W revolver than production class LMAO at least no one would suspect me to load speedloaders quick and I could shoot all slow alphas
  7. as a "new to this sport" shooter I figured production was a good start, well after 4 matches I moved to limited. LMAO did not like being the only guy reloading 3-4 times a stage
  8. Please make some gen 5 lightweight firing pins......great products thank you !
  9. figured, " I have 3 9000.00 pistols but worry about brass cost" they should try national level trap shooting for a while lol
  10. Question as i'm learning about open, why not just run .38 super comp or .40 instead of 9mm major ? And on a serious note if you are loading way above spec and god forbid the gun lets go and a bystander gets hurt done anybody every worry they have that door wide open for major litigation ?
  11. well said ...........but yes they do work, now do you need one...personal decision my smith 41 with subsonic 750 fps ammo ? nope volquartsen with 1050 fps yup
  12. in the same vein then why not allow anything goes, have one class. if in fact 99% want to mod there guns ? Where do you draw the line on mods ? All sports in fact must have a beginner/cost effective class to start in and grow, maybe some small mods are the answer but as in all sports it takes a very strong set of rules to keep a beginner/easy/low cost class to stay that way. The current handicap system in golf, trap, skeet and bracket racing (while I hate it) are strokes of genius to grow the sports and bring in many new players. I'll shoot or race any set of rules but many will not.
  13. Yes the L10 can go away, and IMHO let Production be PRODUCTION, buy gun, go shoot it, zero mods, if it comes with 17 round mag good for you, long as they make a lot of them (ie 10,000 or so) its a production gun maybe limit guns to MSRP of 1000.00 max IDK none of this factory special "we made 500" and they cost 1900.00+ gun
  14. umm about 2 minutes to the range on my property, about 1/4 mile from my house ( when cows are not using it ) lol
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