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  1. Tooth and nail will have a mid barrel available shortly.
  2. I tried a suppressor cover. Looked good, but started having feeding issues. Took it off, back to perfect function. I’m thinking that the cloth might have been pushing in the holes and dragging on the piston a little? Haven’t tried it since.
  3. One of two things. Either a, you are lucky and got one of the ones with a bigger bore. Seems to be hit or miss. Or b, yours hasn’t built up the crud that will come. Mine probably has about 900 rounds through it. Shoots awesome. But there is a bit of crud in the comp. I’ve cleaned it out very well, and the tool will work for a little while, then eventually it unscrews, but the choke just won’t go through.
  4. The long choke remover does not always work well. Not an issue with the tool. Rather the crud that builds up in the comp does not allow it to be pulled out. I think the comps, at least mine, need to be reamed out a bit more.
  5. Be careful w the locktite. Even with an extended choke wrench, it can be hard to impossible to change chokes with the comps in place. Can't speak for the shorty, but on the long comp, carbon and wad residue builds up just enough so that the choke pulls off the extended wrench and you can't change chokes without taking comp off. Needs to be reamed out just a bit more.
  6. On gas operated rifles, shotguns and pistols, the gas to cycle the gun typically comes from the area close to the breach. So, muzzle treatments, except for suppressors, have little or no effect on the actual cycling of the gun. They do affect the recoil in various ways, some devices more effective than others, but in general, muzzle and mid barrel comps should not have a big effect on the function of a semi automatic gun.
  7. Never said the porting doesn’t make it shoot softer. What I said was that the gas system has used what it needs before the wad and shot get to the ports.
  8. By the time the shot and wad get to the port holes, the gas has already done its magic.
  9. If you want a hunting gun, shooting magnum loads. Go with a gas gun. If you just want a low brass dove gun, the Browning will be great. But, you put some high brass or magnum loads in it and it will rock your world. Carry a small plastic bag for your teeth and fillings.
  10. Replace the mag spring every few months, or prior to every major match. Especially if you have a tube extension. The spring wears out and they are cheap to replace. Start there, everything else will follow.
  11. 1oz, 1600 fps. "Barely kick" Hmmmm. Compare to;.. 7/8 oz at 1300 fps or 1 oz at 1150 fps. Can't beat physics.
  12. It’s basically an ar trigger. Diff dimensions, but same setup. Google or YouTube are your friend.
  13. I put one on a 9mm sti edge to play with. Works well, will take some time to get used to because of the height of the site. I put a Burris fast fire II on mine. Works ok, haven’t tried it in a match yet. Shoots and points fine though. Can’t really tell, from a weight or balance perspective that it is there. Good luck.
  14. there have been quite a few people that could not get the ilwt barrels from taccom to work properly. same symptoms you describe.
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