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  1. 1oz, 1600 fps. "Barely kick" Hmmmm. Compare to;.. 7/8 oz at 1300 fps or 1 oz at 1150 fps. Can't beat physics.
  2. It’s basically an ar trigger. Diff dimensions, but same setup. Google or YouTube are your friend.
  3. I put one on a 9mm sti edge to play with. Works well, will take some time to get used to because of the height of the site. I put a Burris fast fire II on mine. Works ok, haven’t tried it in a match yet. Shoots and points fine though. Can’t really tell, from a weight or balance perspective that it is there. Good luck.
  4. there have been quite a few people that could not get the ilwt barrels from taccom to work properly. same symptoms you describe.
  5. Go choke yourself and quit stalking my posts. One typo and you loose your mind. I am sure you never mess anything up with your pompass attitude.
  6. While i see ammo fails fairly often at matches, the one that fails most, outside of personal reloads, if Freedom. I wouldn't shoot it at a major if they gave it to me. Too much invested in a match to have it all go to crap over case separation, fail to fire or other freedom silliness.
  7. Too bad it is totally incorrect. Perhaps you should read the rest of the post.
  8. "Be aware that nothing is gained by using a compensator on an AR9. There just isn't enough gas left over to make them work, especially if you use a fast powder." Nothing could be further from the truth. How about you volunteer to wrap your hand around my MBX comp while I run a few rounds through it?
  9. Nothing in PCC is beyond doubt. There are different tolerances for each part provider. To "guarantee" that a gun built from your list will work and will win is not realistic. PCC's can be finicky, nothing about them is guaranteed.
  10. Might as well get some popcorn and settle in. We will now hear how this part is better and my part is lighter and your part is uglier. It will continue for quite awhile. The thing about PCC's is that there are hundreds of products out there, with varying levels of effectiveness, and thousands of combinations. That is the fun part. There is no ONE way to do it. Something that might work for me, may not work well for you at all. The post should be entertaining anyway
  11. Bad idea to put any coated or plated bullets through an MPX. Gunks up the piston and rings. Only use fmj. Especially if you open up the gas ports.
  12. I have Ace's on my main match and backup guns, but really like the Odin Works Zulu 2.0. If given a chance, I might try one out.
  13. It is simple risk aversion. While not very likely that a handgun in a holster could or would go off when prone, there is a possibility of it falling out or somehow something get into the trigger guard. Again, very unlikely. But, the gun is in a bad orientation for an AD. So, the motive is to simply eliminate that risk. The other aspect is that many of our rules have to be applied to the lowest common denominator, or in simpler terms, a new shooter. That isn't mean to be negative or derogatory in any way. But I see guys showing up with sherpa and drop leg holsters all the time. I def don't want to be behind this guy while he is prone w a hot gun. And, it is easy to minimize or eliminate the risk. Have handgun unloaded for prone stages, making it hot after the initial draw takes seconds. And, if everyone has to do that, it is an even playing field. Shoot the pistol first and dump prior to rifle portion. Give shooters an option, go prone and gun is cold, one knee, it can be hot. Have the pistol staged on a table or prop after the rifle stage, shooter retrieves after rifle. I am not one of the safety queens that jumps on every little issue. But, this is one that is not that intrusive and is probably a good rule.
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