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  1. I use a rubber mallet and moderately tap on the bottom of the barrel lugs. You'll hear it ping each time because the barrel lugs are slapping the slide lugs. You'll also easily see the marks left and the top of the muzzle end. As you get closer to fitting you'll notice this "ping" goes away because the springing is no longer pushing the barrel out of lockup. Measure your lockup at the top of the slide to the top of the barrel hood. If your dimension changes when you are pushing it into lockup and releasing the pressure you know it's still springing.
  2. Do they still make the standard? Or was that replaced with the practical? I kind of wonder if the fat ring in the middle of the extractor for lack of a better term keeps the pad from getting close enough to the rim. I spent some time last night playing around with one and it took a lot of time and material removal to get it close enough to press against the rim. Once I put a pretty good bevel aft of the hook the pad was close enough. It didn't matter how much tension was on it because it couldn't move toward the case any closer. Maybe Its the practical that makes it more difficult. Anyo
  3. Those are all good points. I also remember having to remove a LOT of material off the tensioning pad for proper tension. At the end of the day it seemed like a lot of extra work for no gain. Maybe I'll try another one the "right" way and see if I can tell a difference. I wonder why EGW doesn't make the 9mm extractor set up that way if that's the way it's "supposed" to be done?
  4. I've fit 9mm extractors with rim contact and didn't like it because you have to remove so much off the hook. I do them all with the hook in the groove now. You do need to bevel the hook to match the bevel on the case.
  5. Likely springing. I rarely fit a Bull barrel that doesn't need to be adjusted at the muzzle end.
  6. I wouldn't put it on the mill. You need to take off tenths not thousandths.
  7. I can vouch for Precision Plating & Engraving. They've done a few for me and have another one or two heading that way soon. VERY happy with the end result.
  8. Aggressive, unless you use a new pronoun like non-binary...
  9. I use 17#. 15# can start to experience light strikes. An extended fp can help with that.
  10. The Lucas Contact Cleaner is way beyond brake cleaner/gunscrubber. I love that stuff!
  11. You are likely going to remove .100 from the top anyway.
  12. I would check the timing of the gun with the new barrel. Kkm has a lot of meat on it. Check the link too.
  13. I did the gen 2 gunsmith fit where you have to machine the bottom of the frame and re-drill the mainspring housing pin. It turned out fantastic.
  14. EGW sells the cutter you need. It's .362 if I remember correctly. I would cut the slot with a 5/16 cutter first.
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