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  1. I know people who have shot a lot of 40 ammo through their 10mm guns with no problems.
  2. You aren't going to be wrong with the LSI. If you measure your frame, he will machine the grip to be almost a perfect fit without additional fitting. I use Black Nitride. I think you'll find that to be your best bet for durability and economically.
  3. I made a special v block and clamp that hold island barrels for sights and milling.
  4. The gas port size could be an issue, as well as the gas key on the carrier.
  5. I've built two with that frame. The 9 especially is very flat shooting. The first shooter I built a 40 sight tracker for is going to have me do another one with the xwf.
  6. I fit one yesterday. It's definitely a different feel but I like it. I like to ride my thumb in the safety. I like being able to get that support thumb a little higher up in the grip.
  7. On anodized aluminum trigger shoes I prefer to remove material from the grip than the trigger.
  8. This reminds me of the saying, "you can have fast,good,or cheap, pick two!"
  9. I like black nitride. Looks great, cleans very easily, durable, doesn't add a thickness and it's affordable. I'd like to try DLC, but I haven't found a decently priced vendor yet.
  10. There shouldn't be excess pressure or that tab will break off.
  11. Check that front grip screw tab and see if is hitting. I had to file mine down quite a bit.
  12. Bruce Piatt does a good class. It will run you and $1500 plus tools, parts, etc iirc.
  13. When are you going to get some 5" 40 hybrids?
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