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  1. Blue or green for me. I can't remember the number offhand,but Dawson's website lists the green that they recommend. I've never had blue move on me.
  2. Sounds like you have timing issues. I suspect that you don't have enough clearance between the barrel and slide, barrel and frame, horizontal impact surface, or perhaps all three.
  3. I broke an egw spur also. I think they have since beefed it up a bit. They also said to not nitride it because it makes it brittle.
  4. That was my first time with any Beretta shotgun. I've had an SLP, Versamax,and a couple Benellis. The Beretta is definitely softer shooting than the benelli. The rep claimed that it will cycle the very light loads with no problem too, even the mini short slugs.
  5. I put some rounds through a 1301 comp pro this weekend. It's light handling and fast cycling. I was very impressed. The port will need a little more opening. Full power 1600 fps slugs felt like birdshot. They've got something going with the recoil reducer in the stock. I may sell one of my M2's and pick one up.
  6. I just got a couple slides from Atlas. They look good. JEM has been posting that they are ready to produce slides too! So now I guess I'll have to order one of those also.
  7. Ask STI if they will swap it out for you.
  8. You can buy a single frame from PT.
  9. How much upper lug engagement did you end up with? Just curious because of the #1 link.
  10. I left a couple thou all around. Lock up is solid and it doesn't interfere. Schuemann recommended .010-.020. That seemed like way too much! Thanks guys
  11. Where in KC are you .. I am interested and in KCK

    Lester Stone

    913 401-6355

  12. Underneath the cool slide cuts I'm not aware of anything that sets it apart from any other STI. If I was spending 4k I would just go with a full custom build with the parts and look that I want.
  13. Can someone put a feeler gage between the inside of their slide and rib and tell me how much clearance they have? Thanks!
  14. I'm going to fit one of these barrels for the first time. What do you guys use for clearance when cutting the slide for the rib? I think Schumann recommended .010-.020 on all sides. I get it that you definitely don't want a tight fit in the rib but that seems like a lot. Any comments? Thanks
  15. That would require blending to the frame. Then you'd have to re-finish everything.
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