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  1. ^^^ This, I wish I had bought and Eagle instead of an Edge for that very reason.
  2. NTH

    Other Loves?

    Same here, I like to shoot and when you go hunting there isn't enough shooting for me.
  3. NTH

    New to Clays

    Down to 2 now,...lol
  4. They make you think, something I'm not that good at in this game. I guess that comes with experience.
  5. NTH

    New to Clays

    The more adjustable you can get the stock the better, the adjustable combs are great.
  6. Can't beat a Beretta, I've been shooting them for years!
  7. I shoot 8's for skeet and 5 stand, 7 1/2's for handi cap trap and anything longer than 30 yards. 7 1/2 for any rabbit target also.
  8. "You may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas" Davy Crockett
  9. NTH

    No more Rugers in CA

    Ya'll come to Texas! lol
  10. NTH

    Ruger LC9

    I had a Ruger LC9 a few years a few ago and was using it as a pocket pistol but almost every time I took it to the range the mag would drop while shooting, it also happened to my wife while she was shooting it and a friend too so I knew it wasn't just me, Have they fixed this yet?
  11. Randolf Rangers for me and my wife
  12. Graduating high school in 82, shooting since the 60's.
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