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  1. Tobj, I too have a .40 trojan. I like the gun a lot and also experienced some of the same issues you did. It made me put the gun aside for a time. I just recently picked it up again looking to resolve the previous issues. I changed from the 180 plated RNFP (thinking the bullet profile was the issue) to Ibejiheads 180 coated RN. I am loading at 1.165 with the RN coated bullet. Longer, and I would run into an occasional feeding issue, even though they plunked and spin in the chamber. 1.1.65 is where I settled with no further feeding or cycling problems so far. we shall see........ but it starting to look like its back!!! I do load some .40 major but mostly .40 minor loads for knock down steel plates PS I am using 8 and 10 round .45 mags good luck.......
  2. I could load 147 coated FP Ibejiheads to 1.15 for my cz shadow and passed the plunk test. That said my accuracy and load turned out best at 1.125 so that's where I ended up. They are very soft thru my M&P which is a plus from the snappier 124's. Good luck...
  3. Swanny10, had the same issue with one of two I own. Several months later had the handle go same place as 9x45. In both instances Dillon had parts out to me within a few days and I was good to go. There are two side arms for the Dillon SDB. I only know because they asked a few questions when I called, with that they shipped the correct one. PS. Keep enough rounds loaded on the shelf so if the situation arises you have some stock to by you a few days till the calvary comes thru. No worries, they will take care of you!
  4. Same as Ten-X....... Burris FF3, with Burris mount for dovetail. Dont forget the loctite!
  5. 147 coated FP NLG IbejiHeads 3.3 Hp-38 Speer nickle cases 1.125 gives me 132 PF 900fps avg. out of my shadow custom. Very soft shooting load.
  6. Not MG but Xtreme 180 plated FP 1.135 3.6 of 700x gives me 140 PF out of my 5" M&P Pro. Could go softer but found 3.6 as the most accurate. Easy shooting minor load and great on knock down steel! Clays will also get you there with a nice soft load, start around 3.0 same bullet & OAL. You may have to change a recoil spring... I have a Burris FF3 with the Burris mounting plate on an M&P 9 with 500+- rounds with no issues so far? Good luck
  7. Natchezss has the .40 mags available today, $9.99 if anyone is still looking. Ordered a few spares as well. Thanks for the feed back guys.......
  8. My FF3 8MOA has been good so far. Approx 300 rds on knock down steel targets after sight in. Sure is helping me see much better than iron sights, and finding the dot on a draw is getting easier than I anticipated. Anyway, I called CS to find out if this is normal. I turn the unit on and the dot appears bright red and then changes to a light dull orange rather quickly (automatic mode). 2nd stage is very bright, almost to much, 3rd stage is just right and last stage is a low light orange, dull , kind of a hollow dot. Are you experiencing the same thing when going thru the different settings of the dot brightness? Burris CS tells me this is normal??? I wonder......Just doesn't seem right. I should also say this is all when shooting indoors, so far.... Thanks for any input.....
  9. Carver has one, that claims stock magazines can be used. http://www.bb-enterprise.biz/ecommerce/custom-magwells-glock-xd-xdm/custom-magwells-for-m-p/carver-custom-big-mouth-magwell-for-mandp-713.cfm good luck.......
  10. Yup, were good...........Thanks.
  11. The Burris mount arrived friday. The installation of the mounting kit and sight did not take to long. Had a chance to zero the sight, which was way off initially, but was easy to adust. The dot is easy (once aquired thru the glass ) to see with several adjustments for brightness. After 75 rounds still nice and tight, so we shall see how it all holds up! The challenge for me will be adjusting to finding the dot, when shooting from a draw verses iron sights. Thanks for the help .......
  12. Thank you! . Now that I had a chance to reveiw the enclosed paperwork, Its the one Burris suggests as well. Ordered, and now we wait. Thanks for the help.
  13. Unexpectedly picked up a Burris FF 3 8 Moa optic this week end at Cabelas. It has the clamp for a picatinny rail mount which I do not care to use. I Want to put use it on my M&P 5" Pro Series. Want to mount it on the slide. Any suggestions on which mount is better / best to use in the rear sight dovetail. I understand the rear sight can be removed and a mounting plate for the FF 3 can be installed in its place, with mounting screw thru the unit. There are no issues removing the rear sight as it has been out before. Springer Precision and Speed Shooters have one. Looking for some 1st hand experiences if any. Thanks guys!
  14. I had the left side cast linkage arm break on a SDB. They shipped a new one out the same day of the call, and within a few days I was back in business!!!! Your in good hands....... As Jay870 said, hope you had spare ammo to fall back on,till it returns. I learned my lesson....... Good luck...
  15. If I put my calipers across the width of the 9 mm Pro 5" slide between the front sight and ejection port it measures .88 wide Same measurement across the 5" .40 Pro slide, same location measures .96 wide The 2 slides are dimensionally different for sure. Hope this helps........
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