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  1. Try GXproducts. A lot of guys I shoot with have them and love them.
  2. Glocks have always been ok to me. I have a gen3 34 that doesn’t get used much. However, when I picked up a gen5 34 fs I started to like it. The front serrations are nice but I like the closed up magwell on the fs. The trigger does feel a lot better on the 5 and I can shoot mine pretty accurate. I am very happy with it so far. Grip is better than the previous gens also. If your going to get another 34 I would not consider anything other than the gen5 without the magwell cut out so get the one with the fs. Also ive not had an issue with the coating being slick. I’m a lefty and drop my mag and slide with my trigger finger. Saturday during a cold match my frozen finger wouldn’t bend up to drop the slide so I had to reach over and rack it while on the clock. No issues with cold hands on the coating for me. Yes I keep forgetting to use the ambi slide release.
  3. So you missed 2 heads and this SO gave you two procedurals (not sure why) and he removed 2 hits to to the zero (not sure why either) This is bad enough but how did this guy take it to 22 down + 6sec for the procedurals? You should have had 3 shots still in the body so 12 down plus procedurals. How did he add an extra 10 down?
  4. That was my interpretation as long as I shot the targets from behind the fault line I should have been good. Their interpretation is I had to move from P3. ??
  5. All targets were shot according to the stage order and behind fault lines.
  6. Morning Gentlemen, I shot a match this past Saturday and one of the stages had two fault lines P3 & P4 at the end of a hallway. When you were standing at P3 you were completely behind P4 and if you were standing at P3 against the wall you could see the targets for P4. So my plan for the stage was to run up to the wall for P3 shoot the P3 targets then twist my waist to the left without taking a step and shoot the targets at P4. After I finished the SO thought it was a procedural because I didn’t take a step into P4 before shooting. My argument was that I was behind P4 so it shouldn’t matter if I took a step or not. Now the stage procedure did say something like “move to P3 shoot T5 & T6 move to P4 shoot T7 & T8. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of the procedure. So the question is do you have to move?
  7. I was told the p120 was too heavy. I’m curious again. However I gave up on cz platform for now just because there is no perfect cz that fits all the games.
  8. Well SteelCityShooter you should start shooting competition. Your in the same area as me and lefties shoot revolver is pretty rare. Mason Dixon Rifle Club morgantown WV is having their last idpa match November 3rd. You should stop out.
  9. I don’t really think I can with the exception of punching it with my strong hand but then my reload is a little slower. To do the reload I hit the cylinder release with my left index finger knuckle. And grab the cylinder with the right thumb and middle finger. Then push the plunger with my right index finger. If the cases would fall consistently it’s fast since my strong hand is pulling ammo from my belt when the cases are falling.
  10. Ha I do carry brushes and it for sure helps. It is a pain if your SOing or at ranges that don’t have a lot of safe tables. Being a lefty my reload is pretty fast if the cases come out. However, I am pressing the rod with my right index finger so It doesn’t really get the smack needed to ensure they all fly out.
  11. So I’ve been shooting the GP100 in idpa all year and every match I will have a few 38 special cases that don’t eject. Since the star doesn’t come out the length of a 38 Special case I have to pull them the rest of the way out. Also I have already polished the chambers and don’t want to talk about techniques. I am a lefty and am already revolver challenged. What I am curious about does anyone make an extended rod that will push out the length of a 38 special? The smith 66 and 686 eject longer and they don’t have the issue I have. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Yeah I’m just as confused.
  13. I agree the 9am start makes thing difficult. I am curious how Friday and Saturday went since they had morning and afternoon squads both days. I believe they finished before dark but I’m not sure. We did have a random downpour on Thursday that ruined a lot of targets and caused some delays. Other than running the match over 4 days instead of 3 with smaller squads I’m not sure what they could have done. As for drama, the only thing that seemed a little ridiculous was that after one shooter finished all 18 stages he was DQ for his Glock 34 with a magwell not fitting in the box. A wooden box. He said he has shot the gun in multiple sanctioned matches including one I was at the week before and it never had an issue fitting in the plastic box idpa sells. For some reason they were using a wooden box ??
  14. I shot my first nationals this year. It was a good experience with the exception I shot the entire match (18 stages) on Thursday. Well we still had 2 stages left when the sun was completely down. They pulled cars into the bays with highbeams on and all the shooter held flashlights on the targets so that we could finish the match. The match director said Alabama has a range law where you can’t shoot before 9am so other than not offering a day where you shoot all 18 stages I’m not sure what they could have done.
  15. Looking at the side of the trips mag are the lips shorter than on the wilson?
  16. I assume the Tripp mags have the spacer in the front? Mecgar 9mm 1911 mags will pop a round out when ejecting the mag with ammo still in it. My metalform mags wouldn’t load hollow points in my rock island 1911. However in my Sig tacops the metal form mags run flawless with any ammo
  17. I don’t know if I could make them even and look this clean with a dremel. Any special trick you used?
  18. I may have to try a few of these. The base doesn’t look overly large so it may fit. Also I kinda like the idea starting with a 9 round mag and not having a Barney mag.
  19. Are the ETM mags still officer frame mags? I’ll call myself out and say I did not know that you can damage a officer frame ejector by using full size mags. I made the mistake of running this gun in a USPSA match where I used full size mags. I did a reload and slammed my fresh mag in the gun knocking the pressed in ejector up into the slide locking the gun up.
  20. Glend Arms tactical Edge base pads and a wilson magwell. I did order a bunch of other basepads that ended up being just to long to fit in the CCP box.
  21. Grips, magwell, mag basepads, ambi safety, wolf leaf spring, and lots of trigger/internal polishing. It runs good however the chamber is really tight so you definitely have to check your reloads. My sig and rock island 9mm 1911s will eat anything, this gun needs them sized perfect.
  22. I’m pretty happy with mine after a lot of work. Trigger was pretty terrible but it’s pretty nice now. An adjustable rear sight would be nice.
  23. Sorry to bring up an old thread but twowheels were you able to get an ambi safety P-01 to fit in the CCP box?
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