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  1. Thanks for the feedback. What in general do you like better? Or do you have pros / cons ?
  2. Interested in a range report for sure I need a timer and torn between the AMG and a pocket pro II
  3. So I grabbed a Comptac from Amazon and it showed up today. Very nice set-up. I usually don't like paddles but this one seems ok, the belt loop set-up is nice I like it better then the Blade-Tech ASR. I will probably order a RHT as well since it take awhile but might use the BOSS hanger instead of the RHT one.
  4. That's good to know. Would be nice to use the standard holster so if I switch to USPSA matches I can toss a drop hanger on it and I'm good to go. Thanks!
  5. Would agree for USPSA but I think only their tight and tick series would work for IDPA and the belt attachments seem limited. Do you have one you use for IDPA? Would love to see the set-up. Thanks.
  6. I was thinking the same thing when I saw that just now. I don't think so. I had my USPSA with a boss hanger but the drop is too low and too far off the body I thought.
  7. Thanks guys. I think I'll give Comp-tac a try.
  8. Looking for some input on a Sig X5 holster that I can use for IDPA. I usually go with a Blade-Tech Classic but they don't offer it yet, just the Signature. I have a Signature for a different handgun and it is ok for $35 but looking for something of better construction. I saw Comp-Tac has one, but haven't liked what I saw of their holsters. Would like a Red Hill but they don't offer a wide belt loop attachment just that War Lok which I asked is more of the range set-up and flops around. What is everyone else using? Would be great if it worked for IDPA and USPSA in case shoot both. Thanks in advance.
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