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  1. Am I the only one that has tried the Sig 1911 9mm TacOps? I’m really liking this gun compared to the RO.
  2. Sig tacops 1911 9mm has a rail and comes in at 42.1oz.
  3. It would be nice to shoot a shadow 2 in idpa and uspsa. Maybe in idpa will up the weight in the next rule change. They are due for a new update.
  4. Thank you for your replies gentlemen. I may order her the safariland for the price hard to beat. Cascadia looks like they make a good product.
  5. I’ve caught them before. I have no idea how I missed them this past time. I had 3.
  6. Any chance you had some 380acp cases in there? I accidentally got some mixed in my 9mm cases and loaded them. They are to short and the powder drop wasn’t dropping more than a grain or two in the case.
  7. Is there any lefties out there that have a good holster for the M&p2.0? My 14 year old niece has started shooting a little and needs a good holster. Bladetech said they don’t make one left handed for the 2.0, they did put me on the list if they ever do. I have an old forbis M&p holster that the 2.0 fits in however it’s not the best. Does anyone know of a good left hand idpa approved holster?
  8. Sig tacops comes with a lot of features and 4 mags! However sadly they are 9round mags.
  9. I was looking to lighten a 45 a while ago and noticed the same thing with all the carbon fiber grips on eBay. They all seemed to say 1.5oz or higher. Not really what I expected.
  10. I believe the 45 is still being produced with the square slide. I was nervous ordering my 9mm due to the sig website saying the 9mm and 45 has the same weight. 41.9oz I believe. I figured the sig website had the weight wrong and I would get this gun and it would be to heavy for idpa. Luckily the guy I ordered it from (Ellis County Firearms) was nice enough to weigh it. Sig said they weigh the same because the slides are cut differently.
  11. The 9mm tacops has the tradition slide shape not the square sig slide. So you can use any 1911 rail gun holster.
  12. I recently picked up a sig 1911 tacops 9mm for around the same price as an RO. Comes with a lot more features for the money. Ambi safety, magwell, front grip checkering, and it’s all stainless steel with a nice finish. However it is a series 80.
  13. My trigger is at 4lb with all stock parts. I pry should try a lighter mainspring.
  14. Ha with the exception of my brother sometimes people sell guns. I was pretty young and relatively new to guns when I bought my Springfield 45 and no I didn’t contact them. I wanted to learn myself. I had contacted them about the RO and they would have taken it in no issue however it was the middle of the season and I didn’t send it. I did some polishing and went with it.
  15. How heavy is your trigger pull with the Koenig? I assume your max is also a series 80?
  16. I’ve pretty much given up on Springfield 1911s. Is is the second one I’ve owned and both have had issues and bad triggers out of the box. Yes I guess I could have gotten two Friday end of shift guns but still.
  17. I semi agree with mont1120. I’m a lefty and stick with the left side release even on ambi release guns. The beauty of it being a lefty for me is I never change my grip. I hit the release with my trigger finger and drop the slide with my trigger finger. I have small hands so I was using my thumb I would be adjusting my grip a lot.
  18. It’s stock I haven’t had it long. However the tacops comes with ambi safety, magwell, front grip checkering, and night sights. So other than changing out the front sight and doing trigger work I will pry keep it as is.
  19. I just started running a sig 1911 tacops in 9mm. For the price it seemed hard to beat. I have a Springfield range officer and a rock island tactical II also in 9mm. So far the sig seems to be the nicest then the rock and lastly the range officer. No issues with the sig yet. Range officer has had the most reliability issues and by far has the heaviest grittiest trigger. I have 4 different brands of mags that all work in the sig and all locking the slide back on the last round.
  20. Thanks. There is no number on it which would have made it easy.
  21. I used a bench grinder till I got the size correct then I polished with sandpaper on a stainless one. However, I am a lefty and ended up breaking the right side safety during a match. The U on the right safety that links the safeties together snapped when placing the safety back on safe. I was told I possibly weakened it getting it to hot on the grinder.
  22. Agreed. My cdp 1911 is 44oz and my witness match is 45oz. Not sure what a shadow 2 weights but it would great if they made it legal
  23. Out of the box my brothers sp-01 shadow had a better trigger, nicer sights, more comfortable safeties, and some front grip texturing. I kinda think the sp-01 shadow is worth the money but now you have me thinking about the decocker.
  24. However, I guess the trigger pull may be shorter on the decocker tactical but it has a firepin block that may hurt the pull a little compared to a shadow that doesn’t have a block
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