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  1. The old non railed frames do make weight but are hard to find now. The older ones also had the nice target rear sight like on the pro and stock 2. I own both and they are great pistols that seem to be pretty rare in idpa. Has anyone weighed a 45 match? I would be curious to know how much closer it would be to making weight compared to the 9mm.
  2. I personally think a wonder finish slide on top of chrome frame looks good. Although people call mine a mutt at the shoots.
  3. A nice 9mm for shooting steel is a EAA Witness Match made by Tanfoglio. Its heavy which is nice for recoil when shooting the steel but its over weight if you plan on using it for IDPA also. I have yet to have a malfunction in either of mine since I put an extended fire pin in one.
  4. Does anyone know of any clubs that shoot IDPA around Uniontown PA? I do shoot the matches at Mason Dixon Rifle Club in WV, and Pitcairn Monroeville Sportsmans club near Pittsburgh. I am hoping to find a closer club or just another club to shoot at on a different weekend. Thanks,
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