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  1. No I have not. I have a 75 that I shot idpa with for about a year in esp. never really played with a decocker cz.
  2. I bought myself a new sig 1911 tacops 9mm. Gun is pretty nice out of the box however I would like to change the front sight. Does anyone have any idea what the height of the sight is without removing it? I would like to try the ameriglo square tritium sight. https://www.opticsplanet.com/ameriglo-front-tritium-night-sight-for-sig-springfield-xd-8-green-with-orange-sq.html
  3. ? I believe you could start both idpa ssp and production that way. I assume your asking because the trigger pull wouldn’t be as long?
  4. I’m in the same boat. I would think the sp-01 shadow 9mm so you can shoot production and SSP. However me usually being a SAO guy my big issue is the double action trigger first pull
  5. So does anyone know the weight of the T-120? I assume it makes weight if it’s aluminum framed.
  6. You know that seems like it would make sense however I’ve never met anyone who carries a Glock 34 concealed but I know a lot of guys that carry full size 1911s.
  7. Ha bills wife Joyce is the president so I don’t think so. What was the exact weight on your tristar? Can some weight be removed to make it legal?
  8. He owns Wilson Combat. Everyone says he changes rules to knock other guns out at the same time he release a new $3,000 gun that would be legal.
  9. Agreed. I think bill is trying to limit the 1911 competition. The last gun I wanted I couldn’t find in person so I had to call a dealer to get it weighed. Luckily he was nice enough to give me the exact weight.
  10. My biggest complaint about idpa is the gun weights. I have a tanfoglio match that doesn’t make it and a ati thunderbolt I bought for cdp which weights 45oz.
  11. Good to know. I guess it would still be a nice uspsa pistol. What’s the difference between the p and the t? Which one do you have?
  12. Yeah I’ve heard that they don’t make weight even though it says they only weigh 30oz. So if it did make weight do you think you made the right decision?
  13. Does anyone know if the tristar p-120 or t120 make weight for idpa? Can’t be to far off of a cz sp01 weight right? Also is saving the money worth it or should I just get an sp01?
  14. Where you been gundad73? You abandon the forum? I’m sure there is a lot of cz clone info in here ?
  15. I may order some kydex. Looking at 8.6.2a it doesn’t seem like a slight bevel would disqualify me as long as it’s nothing crazy.
  16. Thanks. They look like nice pouches. Price seems a little high. I may buy some kydex and try my own.
  17. it says “size 4” on the back tag.
  18. I use a bianchi nylon mag pouch which I believe is for 10mm. Mags fit in it fine however the pouch is a little deeper than I would like. For $20 it’s hard to complain to much.
  19. I ran into some issues this past weekend shooting the idpa patriot tier 2 match when it came to stowing magazines as part of the course of fire. I was shooting an officer frame 1911 and had trouble picking up the single stack mags and stowing them in my single stack mag pouch. Now if I had a well on my mag pouch like I do on my gun things could have been a little easier and faster. Does anyone know of a company that makes flared single stack magazine pouches? I know I could get some kydex and make my own but would prefer just to order one instead. or does anyone stow the mags somewhere else instead of in your mag pouch?
  20. Welcome to the forum gundad73.
  21. I believe the emp also will not fit. Springfield website says 5.5" where the rulebook says 5 3/8 height.
  22. I am leaning towards the ro compact but want to make sure I know all possible options before buying. If I missed one that has an ambi safety and magwell already on it I would be more willing to go that route.
  23. I would like to stay under a $1,000 for the gun since I will need mags and a lot of extras to get started in CCP. Must have extras for the gun will be ambi safety(kinda sucks being a lefty), fiber front, magwell if it will fit. I had not seen the colt commander so thank you for mentioning that one. Anyone think of any other possibilities that I may have missed?
  24. I've been trying to find a 9mm 1911 for CCP that won't break the bank. Is there anything out there with a 4" barrel other than the Springfield range officer compact? Also has anyone fitted a magwell on their gun that still fits in the box with a mag bumper? thanks
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