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  1. promtcy

    Black Friday Deals

    As others said, email. TTI and Stoeger are also offering 20% off the basepads. I think they are all the same price.
  2. promtcy

    Alliant Sport Pistol

    I just loaded 1K rounds in the last two days. Stuff meters great in my LNL, better than N320. I was spot checking and it was never off at all. I use the exact same load as I did with N320. Para P16.40 4.6 grains 180 grain Blue Bullets 1.18 OAL I chrono'd some rounds a couple weeks ago and the avg with 4.6 grains was 943.2 for 169.78 power factor. Low was 912, high 958, Std Dev was 12.73. They hit in the exact same POI as my N320. Accuracy was close enough I couldn't tell them apart. Gonna work on some 9mm rounds next with 125 grain Blue Bullets.
  3. promtcy

    Black Friday Deals

    Shooters Connection has some deals: I got some TTI basepads TTI Basepads, mag extensions, springs, etc: TTI20 CK Arms Gun $200 off: CK200 Elftmann Trigger 10% off CODA Carbon Fiber Handguard 15% off Red Hill Tactical Heavy Duty Holster 15% off: RH15
  4. promtcy

    Most realiable 2011 mags

    SPS with stock guts and TTI base pads. They've run 100% in both my Para Pro Customs. They are essentially SVI mags. If you compare them they look identical. I had issues with STI in my guns.
  5. promtcy

    Reloading Xtreme and Perfecta Brass?

    Cant speak to Perfecta but I've loaded a ton of 9mm Xtreme as many people at my range shoot it and don't reload. Never had any issues but I did find a steel case once.
  6. promtcy

    Which to try next?

    There are may things that can affect accuracy. The results you get from each load you develop are because of the combinations. Change one thing and the results will be different. Some big, some small. In my personal experience the things that made the most difference in accuracy were in order, crimp, bullets, powder charge. Going to a different bullet can mean trying a different weight and also trying a different diameter. I load as long as I can and have not found loading shorter to improve accuracy. I've never loaded for a revolver though. You already understand the process of trying a different powder charge so no need to go over that. I have used HP-38 in various different bullet and caliber combinations and it always worked well for me. If it were me, I'd try a different bullet first. Good luck.
  7. promtcy

    Immersion Training Plan...

    Not to discount working with a GM, just keep in mind that because someone has mastered the skills to reach GM level doesn't mean they know how to teach someone else to improve. My brother in law is a PGA Teaching Professional and while he is a scratch player he is a much better teacher. He is constantly working on his teaching techniques, including diagnosing how a particular student learns and what they are physically capable of doing. It's an art, and not everyone is good at it. Cha-Lee and pjb have pretty much nailed it.
  8. promtcy

    Red vs Green Fiber Optic front sight

    http://www.fiberopticproducts.com/Flourescent.htm Just find the size you need. Most of mine are .040, I ordered the .039 size. I have two identical pistols in different calibers and I have red in one, green in the other. I honestly can't really seem to tell much difference.
  9. promtcy

    Mag tuning

    Look up Satco chain pliers. If you need to make them more narrow a small mallet or hammer will work. Have you checked out Atlas Gun Works on youtube?
  10. promtcy

    What is your worst match experience?

    I didn't see all of what happened, but when I looked at the nook it appeared our merged squad was not correct. We also had 14 people standing in that bay, so something got screwed up in the translation. I didn't see or hear everything that transpired, it just seemed like it could have been handled better.
  11. promtcy

    What is your worst match experience?

    I wasn't suggesting new 2x4's be put out before the match. I guess it's just that time where they are getting shot up enough that they end up breaking during the match if someone hits them or hits the plate with a 45. Combine that with a late start and a dead timer and we ended up with exactly what everyone has been trying to avoid, a really late squad. The MD did fix the shooters missing number. I just thought his choice of wording wasn't the best.
  12. promtcy

    Stick's Training, Range and Match Log Diary

    No, I was up on the line and didn't hear any of the conversation.
  13. promtcy

    Stick's Training, Range and Match Log Diary

    I just noticed that on Practiscore. Keep me posted on what transpires. Seems odd he would let you shoot the whole match and then do it after.
  14. promtcy

    Grip Tape

    I use one small piece on the side of mine to help me locate my weak hand thumb. I bought a 33x9 inch piece of Jessup tape at a local skate board shop for $4.95
  15. promtcy

    What is your worst match experience?

    lol, he didn't tell you the whole story. This MD took over in Jan or Feb. I am not sure if he's ever been an MD before but the quality and fun factor for the match has gone way downhill in just the short time he's been in place. Granted, the previous MD left a very high bar for him to live up too. We typically have 60-80 shooters and shoot all 8 stages. There is a squad that is typically slower than the rest and in an attempt to speed them up he moves other squads starting stages. Not a huge deal, It's just that I squad myself on the stage I like to start on. In fact I have not started on the stage I wanted since he took over. Imho he should squad himself with that slow squad and help them along, not move the rest of us around. What he's doing hasn't been working. We ended up being the last squad this month due to the mix up with tablet's and some other stuff listed below. The last two months we've had a timer either go dead or they were dead already. Quite a few of them had really low battery life. We've also run into a lot of 2x4's that are close to breaking when the match starts. If you get people missing low or a few 45 ACP rounds hitting them it's not long before we are searching for replacement boards. He made some comments in the briefing about someone last month who forgot to put in their USPSA number and asked him to get that in because this person would move from a C to a B. His comments were that he wouldn't do it again and something about "especially for a C to B shooter". All the people involved are volunteers so it's hard to complain. Especially since I can't help with this match because of my work schedule. I do help with other stuff on the range. It's just disappointing. I get the feeling that instead of trying to ensure the match goes smoothly, he's just trying to establish his authority. I'm sure he's not doing it intentionally and dead timers and broken boards are going to happen. We're just used to it being the exception and not the rule.