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  1. 4.6 is what I use at that oal. Gets me just over 170pf out of a Para Pro Custom with a 5" barrel. That's with Blue Bullets and CCI primers. I used that exact same load with N320.
  2. I sort of did it once, not intentionally though. It was the last stage our squad shot and I had already made my plan for that stage when I first got there that day. It was my 3rd match so when I saw others doing the walkthrough I didn't know if mine was going to be better or not. I assumed not. I was shooting 3rd or 4th on that stage so I just kept my mouth shut and shot my plan. Turned out I was 11 or 12 seconds faster than the others and it was a simple plan so everyone after me shot it that way. I tend to listen and watch more than I talk.
  3. You may have bought a unicorn but there are plenty of resources available. I'm assuming it's an old limited and not a newer Pro Custom. For a magwell you could check with Dawson and Cheeley Custom Gun works. For mags the MBX should work, STI might work and SPS probably will work. I bought 140mm SPS from Spain with the plastic base and then bought TTI 7G base pads. But I have the Pro Custom and I'm not sure if the mag catch is the same height as yours. As far as I know everything else is pretty much 1911 except for the trigger itself. Bullet weight probably 180 or 200. I use 180 grain Blue Bullets, 4.6 grains of Alliant Sport Pistol or N320 loaded to 1.18 OAL. I can load to 1.2 if I want. 17lb main spring, 14lb recoil spring. I use range brass. I had a bunch from before I started reloading and haven't had to buy any yet. There are some sources here and there's one really good source on GunBroker.
  4. With a flare of .389 that means your internal dimensions are around .367 although that doesn't account for how deep your flare is. Mine runs around .383 external flare and when I measured my PTX it's the same as yours. My cases look exactly like the one on the left that xrayfk05 posted. I'm using all Lee Dies. I'm not having any issue with seating concentricity. So with an internal flare of .367 you should be able to sit any 9mm bullet in there with no problems. It might help to see a bullet sitting in the case to understand why it is you are looking for more flare. Also a picture of the PTX from the side. Maybe yours is different than those of us posting. If it's an issue with the bullet feed system then maybe you do need the MBF. Maybe zzt can enlighten us on why he gave up on the Hornady system. I can tell you with the limiter on the PTX you can almost get the flare to be 90 degrees. There are probably thousands of people using the PTX setup with the limiter on it and it's working for us. Unless it's an issue unique to the bullet feeding system I don't see why it wouldn't work for you as well. Edit to add: The limiter limits the upward travel of the PTX. So the case will travel farther up the PTX than without the limiter. The PTX should have a rounded shoulder as it transitions from the case expander to the body of the PTX. That is what gives you more flare.
  5. There are pictures of it and instructions on how to adjust it in the link I posted to the manual.
  6. Do you have the stop linkage on your case activated powder drop ? That's the thing on the side with an adjustment screw and nut on either end and a spring goes over the top of it. If so, just screw the bottom screw up farther until you get the expansion you want. You have to sort of fiddle with the die height adjustment of the whole unit sometimes so that piston rotates as far as it should. I load coated bullets. although I don't use a bullet feeder, and I have no issues at all. I did polish the tip of the expander and I started lightly lubing cases to reduce the tendency to stick. Here's a link the the manual, what I'm talking about is on page 25. LNL AP Manual
  7. I was at the range today running some new bullets over the chrono and saw two of the stages for this weekend. Pretty simple, lots of targets, not much movement and really only one way to shoot them. One thing I realized as well is with that type of stage design there isn't much chance of breaking a 180 because the movements and direction are pretty straight forward or side to side. I can't fault the MD or setup crew for that. It's what the shooters seem to want. I know he also feels that people should shoot a lot since there are usually only 4 stages. On a side note I've been wanting to try the Wednesday morning steel and Thursday GM match at Volusia. I can't shoot Sundays and our club moving the USPSA matches to Sunday messed up my plans for this year. Yeah I was one of those who avoided USPSA because I thought I wasn't ready. Even when I finally decided to shoot my first match I didn't think I was ready. Aside from the shooting, rules, gun handling and not wanting to finish last, I wasn't sure I could remember what my stage plan was. I did something a little different than most in that I watched quite a few Steel Challenge, USPSA and 3 Gun matches before I started shooting Steel Challenge. Technically I did more than watch. I taped, painted steel, reset steel etc. Mike Selvetti and his wife suggested that. That helped a lot to know all the procedural stuff and know the general flow of a match. I take USPSA more seriously. I think most others do as well. Some of that I think has to do with something you mentioned, there is an organization for it. There are classifications, etc. Even though I'm not a USPSA member it means more to me. It's still fun, but it's more serious fun. If you are talking about the Sig Sauer thing at Volusia I think that's been done before. I was actually considering shooting either one or both of those matches. The match fee for the Pro-Am is a bit steeper than I was expecting. Not sure what the weather will bring that time of year either.
  8. I like shooting both. It gives me an excuse to shoot my 9mm and I like to use it as practice for USPSA. I'm the opposite of what you described though, I won't shoot Action Steel there. I would guess that some of the reasons people don't shoot both there are unique to the club. I shot one AS match there earlier this year and it just didn't appeal to me. I shot a few last year and felt the same. From my perspective the AS stages there are not at all like a USPSA stage. Even when they use left over USPSA stages the flow gets changed. So I would imagine the opposite is also true, the people who like the AS stages wouldn't like the USPSA stuff. For the most part the AS stages there seem to require less movement, less planning, etc. That means they don't have to think as much, they don't have to be concerned as much with breaking a 180, etc. The scoring is easy, no taping, there are less divisions and it usually takes a lot less time. You're also not going to see a lot of moving targets. Simple and relatively easy. I've also wondered about the average age at that club. Seems to be a bit higher than the other clubs within an hours drive. I have asked a couple of people there about why they didn't shoot USPSA and the answer was that USPSA takes more time and it's more complicated. I know I take USPSA more seriously. I shot about 5 AS matches between CFRPC and there before I ever shot a USPSA match and I can remember my first match in both. My first AS I was excited. My first USPSA I was nervous as hell. As Hi-Power Jack mentioned I knew the level of shooters was going to be higher, the stages and scoring were going to be more complicated and that was a little intimidating. As for the accuracy thing, maybe. It certainly is easier to hit an 18x24 inch steel target, yet they do use some 10" round steel at distance as well.
  9. Is that the new or old profile?
  10. Feed Lip Adjustment Slide to Mag Tuning Here's a couple vids from Atlas Gun Works. Watch the Slide to Mag Tuning one first.
  11. You might also ask Gallant Bullets. I've not seen them do purple, couldn't hurt to ask though.
  12. PM sent. Ran this with 3 different guns today, 6 strings each gun. All iron sights. The 22 I had 10 shots out of the A, 9mm 12 shots outside the A and the 40 I only had 5 outside the A. I did swap my fiber optic in my 9mm from red to green just before this. This was an interesting drill. I felt like I could see my sights better and I could tell when I wasn't on target. I wouldn't say I was able to call my shots because I wasn't sure exactly where they were going, I just knew they weren't going to be where I wanted. I really thought I'd do miles better with the 22 than I did. I shoot Steel Challenge with it and I shoot in the B classification times. I hardly ever missed the center target with any gun and I mostly missed the left target with the 40. Neos Avg: 7.01 (best clean 6.67) P18.9 Avg 8.49 (best clean 7.43) P16.40 Avg 8.05 (best clean 7.29)
  13. I think the penalties are there for a reason. Ok, I gotta ask; Why are some clubs (you know the other one I mean) going to 3 shots on square or rectangular plates instead of just sticking with 2? I can't articulate why, I'm just not a fan of it. Of course I'm not a fan of shooting the same plates from different positions either. I feel like I'm wasting ammo. I haven't actually asked the match director the reason. I haven't shot in a while and I was helping them setup a practice and ran the timer for him to shoot. He told me about it and said the members seemed to like it. What It seems like to me is that there's now somewhere between 2-4 shooting positions. Kinda like if you combined 2-3 Steel Challenge stages. I have heard from other people the reason for shooting the same plates is so people get to shoot a decent amount of rounds as the match is usually 4-5 stages. Plus lugging those plates around gets old. I get that, yet I've shot stages at CFRP and VCGHC that were 20-25 rounds and a lot of fun. It seems to me it's become Stand and Shoot steel instead of Action Steel. Granted, it's easy for me to question it because I"m not able to help setup matches, only some practices. I know it's tough work and I can see some reasons why a match director might want to do it. I'm just curious how you and other competitors feel about it since I'm the only one I've ever heard say they didn't care for it.
  14. I'll take a stab at something. It might be something simple, although I think I see a couple of things. If I'm wrong hopefully someone will correct me. You are still being pushed back by the gun. Look at this vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cKDQRa1LUg&t= It might help. Rob Leatham also has a vid I can't seem to find about how you should actually almost move forward when you stop shooting. I believe he described the stance as like leaning against a wall. If it were me I would be thinking that there's not much chance of me having a solid grip and being able to control the gun if I am off balance and because I'm moving backwards I have to keep realigning the vertical point of aim. If you hold the gun out and point it at a target and then rock your upper body backwards you'll notice the gun is now aimed higher than it was. If that makes any sense. So to get the gun back on target you are having to re-position yourself. As an experiment you might try moving your right foot back a little and see if that helps. But mainly I think you just need to lean into it a little more, with some minor effort. The second thing I'm wondering is if your recoil spring is too stiff. That will make the gun bounce. Aha, found the vids: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HW6dKcW6qmY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnYjzEpFTEU
  15. Your head is forward, I'm not experienced enough to comment on that being good or bad. I hinge at the hips and bend my knees a little. Not a lot, just enough to keep me stable. It's not as far as some would call an "athletic stance", I'm just not standing completely upright. Again, my technique isn't one you should necessarily aspire to emulate. I have not taken any instruction and while I shoot well enough, I think I suck at a lot of things. I just noticed what I pointed out and I'm pretty sure that's not what you want to have happen.
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