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  1. Thanks, Good to know. Never shot any match where it had to be pre-paid so I wasn't aware of the normal protocol.
  2. What was the plan had you been told you couldn't safely hold the match?
  3. PMRPC? (I see on the website just now that they changed the wording to "strongly recommend that you wear a mask".) So in Orange County Florida there is a mandatory mask policy when entering businesses. Some restaurants are open to operate at 25% capacity. You have to wear a mask. How does that work, how do you wear a mask and eat? Well this is what I was told, you wear it to enter, take it off to eat and then put it back on when done.
  4. lol, those are perfect!!!
  5. One of our local clubs is opening up matches this weekend, so far 77 people signed up for a Steel Challenge match. They put out a statement with two main protocols, stay 6 feet away from each other and wear a mask. If not you may be asked to leave. I can't even imagine wearing a mask and being able to adhere to mask protocols (not touching, adjusting, etc) for 4 hours outside in Florida. Never mind that unless it's an N95 it's basically useless against this virus. Needless to say I will not be attending.
  6. Dawson does make a front sight that is the same height and .020 thinner than the one I have. Thanks for the suggestions.
  7. I have come to the determination that I need a wider, and also a little deeper, rear notch on my Pro Customs. The front sight is .110 wide and the rear notch is only .113 wide. I got to shoot a gun with about the same width front but a .130 (he thinks) rear notch width and I was much more accurate at speed. So does anyone know of a place that makes an LPA type rear sight with notch width options? Should I think about filing it myself? I couldn't find just a replacement blade to use as a guinea pig. Maybe take it to a machine shop? Atlas has options but their sights are Bomar, not LPA.
  8. I bought the one from Dawson. Works in my Pro Custom P16.40, just be aware it doesn't come with a spring.
  9. Just saw on Practiscore that the Action Steel Match at Port Malabar on 03/21 is cancelled. Stuff was all setup today when I went out. No communication from the club about any of the other matches though.
  10. Mine hasn't yet that I know of. Had a USPSA and a 2-Gun match this past weekend. The USPSA was lighter than usual (46 people), the 2-Gun a little more people (41) I think. We have an Action Steel scheduled for Saturday and there are 90 people signed. No mention anywhere about it being cancelled. We have 5_Stand, Sporting Clays and Skeet during the week as well as the Orange Blossom Regionals that are supposed to be going on. No news of anything being cancelled. Then again our club sucks when it comes to communication. Haven't been there this week yet, I'm headed down Thursday so maybe that info will change. I heard that Volusia County cancelled their matches. Not 100% sure though.
  11. I've bought some on Gunbroker. Seems in short supply right now though.
  12. The reading lens is putting your focus too close, as you've found out and others have mentioned. Typically what you'd want for the right eye is half a diopter less than what you normally wear. As an example my prescription is -2.00 in both eyes. For shooting I wear a -1.50 in my right eye. When my right eye was -2.50 I wore a -2.00 in it. If your eyes are very different or your prescription is really strong then that may not work all that well for you. You have to find a compromise. The vision training helps no matter what issue you are having.
  13. Pretty sure the G2 is Bluetooth only. The Caldwell Precision Chrono uses a 3.5 mm audio jack on both ends.
  14. Something I noticed about this. If I use this link to the forum: http://www.brianenos.com/forums then I have to sign in and get the error you are referencing. If I use this link: https://forums.brianenos.com/ everything is fine.
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