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  1. The two stock mags I have don't have spacers in them.
  2. I emailed back and forth with a rep from Boombah a few months back and was told that they are designing a new trail shoe. Obviously that hasn't happened, I'll email them next week to see. They have a training store about 4 miles from me. The new Turf's look like they would work for most surfaces. They are actually pretty similar to the Trails on the inside portion of the sole. They look like they don't have the same drop as the Trail/Hellcats. Also seems like the bottom is more flat.
  3. I have a MKIV 22/45 Lite with the VQ accurizing kit and the TK flat trigger. Love it. Installed it in a friends gun as well. The TK trigger has pre-travel and over travel adjustments. The plastic on the over travel screw doesn't like brake cleaner. I shoot double stack Para 1911's with 2.5lb triggers and the break on the VQ/TK combo is more crisp than my 1911's.
  4. I do as well, that's why I was asking. I do it initially seated with my arms supported but not the gun. Then I stand and do something like the doubles drill to see where I'm hitting. Although I've been setting mine up to shoot a tick low at 15 yds because I can't seem to put together really good groups at 20.
  5. When you guys zero are you standing, seated, supported, unsupported?
  6. Ha, shot this today as our range had it set up for an all classifier match this weekend. Shooting Limited Major my times looked more like the hit factors I'm seeing here.
  7. It does seem the rear sight options for any model 22/45 are limited. I bought a MKIV 22/45 Lite in January and I'm looking at taking an extra rear sight I bought from Volquartsen's eBay store to a machine shop and have them cut it to .125 width and also cut it deeper. Right now it's .110 wide and it's the new style. I've got a Dawson .100 wide front sight on it. The old style MKIV rear sight was supposedly .125 wide. I don't think it will fit the MKIII. I was shooting a Beretta Neos with a .125 wide front sight. The rear sight blade is plastic so I filed it and ended up at .155 wide and also ended up filing it deeper as well. I compared both guns recently shooting a plate rack and I'm more consistently accurate with the Neos sight setup. Hopefully getting more air gap around the front sight will help. The Ruger rear sight notches are just too narrow and short. Volquartsen lists their rear sight as .110 wide. I'm going to try and get it done next week so I'll post my thoughts on it when I get a chance to shoot it.
  8. I have several of the MidwayUSA tactical bags, in different colors so I know what pistol is in the bag. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/939160870?pid=648356 I also like that the mag pouches are on the outside and the gun can just slide inside with the zipper open. No need to fold or unfold anything to insert the pistol. You can also carry spare parts, specific tools, etc in the other pockets. For Rimfire Steel Challenge I can keep the gun and mags together, load the mags while the pistol is still completely enclosed and take the bag to the table. Take the pistol out and fold the front flap open and get to my mags. For USPSA it just becomes my mag pouch that also has spare parts and tools for that specific pistol. Those things never leave that bag. So If I remember to bring the bag, I have everything I need for that pistol. I carry ammo, eyes and ears and anything else in my main range bag.
  9. That would be somewhat interesting. Probably depends on the discount, sponsorship, etc. I'd bet eyes top three would be Oakley, Rudy Project and Hunters. Ears I'd bet some form of in ear electronic. E.A.R, Soundgear, ESP, etc.
  10. Thanks, Good to know. Never shot any match where it had to be pre-paid so I wasn't aware of the normal protocol.
  11. What was the plan had you been told you couldn't safely hold the match?
  12. PMRPC? (I see on the website just now that they changed the wording to "strongly recommend that you wear a mask".) So in Orange County Florida there is a mandatory mask policy when entering businesses. Some restaurants are open to operate at 25% capacity. You have to wear a mask. How does that work, how do you wear a mask and eat? Well this is what I was told, you wear it to enter, take it off to eat and then put it back on when done.
  13. lol, those are perfect!!!
  14. One of our local clubs is opening up matches this weekend, so far 77 people signed up for a Steel Challenge match. They put out a statement with two main protocols, stay 6 feet away from each other and wear a mask. If not you may be asked to leave. I can't even imagine wearing a mask and being able to adhere to mask protocols (not touching, adjusting, etc) for 4 hours outside in Florida. Never mind that unless it's an N95 it's basically useless against this virus. Needless to say I will not be attending.
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