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  1. I've been using a dsg belt for 3gn and uspsa for 3 years now. it's not as stiff as as credit speed but I like the fact that there is a buckle so there's no way it's coming off.
  2. A lot of people mount els clips on a daa style belt. Just use a soldering iron to melt holes in the belt and screw the els clips straight to it.
  3. Oh and I'm running Winchester primers. So I don't think that's the problem.
  4. Thanks for the info, I was assuming they were the same internally and therefore the stick would have been more reliable. I will definitely get that changed out asap and get a new striker assembly.
  5. Yeah, I know the fss kit has its own striker block that different from the USB. AMD they mention that's so it deactivated earlier in the trigger travel than the USB. I just wonder if it deactivates earlier than the factory block.
  6. Yeah, honestly I've been so busy this week I haven't had a chance to mess with it at all. I'm probably going to order some new springs and give apex a call next week.
  7. looks interesting, he mentioned quad load caddies. has anyone seen them?
  8. yeah ive played with it a little and the block is partially up when the sear would drop the firing pin, im just not sure if its enough to clear or not. from looking at the striker i can definitely tell the two have been making contact, but i dont know how long its been happening or if its the cause of the problem.
  9. so I haven't changed anything on the gun recently its a 9mm pro that has... an apex FSS trigger in it the striker and striker spring are factory (i didnt want to run a lightened striker spring) the striker block and its spring are factory (i didnt have the tools on hand to drift the rear sight out and i was happy with the resulting trigger so it never got changed out) it has a custom over travel stop that limits the trigger travel when it was all installed over a year ago the hoop on the trigger bar and the over travel stop were tuned so it would all work since then it has had around 5000+ r
  10. yeah ive been running this load for about 6 months and only had problems with 2 poppers that were 25+ yards away and at a bad angle, just made me curious about what others are running. im considering just loading some rounds with a 130+ PF only for use if i come across some more hard targets.
  11. So at the last major 3 gun match I had some trouble knocking down poppers at 25 yds with my pistol, this have caused me to reconsider the load im shooting. So i ran my current loads over the chrono and they are quit a bit slower than expected, currently im shooting X-treme 147s at about 800 fps, which puts me at a power factor just above 115 anyone here loading for 3 gun? if so what are you shooting? since I dont have to meet an actual PF any recommendations for what I should run to knock everything down? Edit to add: im running a M&P pro with the 5" factory barrel
  12. Has anyone tried these in 3gun? Compared to dueck defense or the Magpul offsets?
  13. I'm considering getting a USO SR-8 to give a little more range and precision for non 3 gun shooting, I would like to use the same optic for 3 gun. The concerns I have heard about it are limited field of view and it being slow at close shooting at 1x as I'm considering getting the shop without the red dot. Does anyone have experience with these scope?
  14. I'm excited to start seeing reviews of the sub$1000 Burris 1-8x, could a good entry into high end scopes
  15. Huh, I'll be interested to see how popular they are, being kinda late to the game.
  16. Anyone see any cool 3 gun stuff at show show this year?
  17. I've seen that before and it looks like great info for the 1911. I'm looking for something similar for glocks/M&Ps
  18. My search ability is failing me, I'm sure this is somewhere but I can find it. I want to build a rig to test spring recoil weights for Glocks and M&P but need to know what lengths they need to be tested at. Thanks in advance for the help y'all.
  19. Close hoser 18gr of H335 behind whatever 55gr bullets are cheapest Anything that has to be accurate gets 22 grains of H4895 behind nosler cc 77gr HPBT I'm not shooting an armalite, but I am shooting a 18inch barrel.
  20. Just exposed not dragging, I was just thinking about some kinda hood. Good idea
  21. Yeah I like it, but I bought it when I was shooting an full size M&P, and now I'm shooting a pro so my front sight sticks out the end. That combined with the fact that Also where are you seeing pistols bouncing out of holsters? I haven't seen a pistol come out of the holster of a competent shooter accidentally in quite a while.
  22. Ive been using the safariland ALS on an invictus practical hanger, but I'm starting to feel that the locking retention isn't needed anymore, and very rarely I am getting hung up on it. I've been considering switching to either the LAG nova, or the nerd coffin. Both of them were influenced by top 3 gun pros. Anyone have some experience with either of these, or have something else they would recommend?
  23. Any holster recommendations for 3 gun?
  24. Do they share parts with gen3 or 4 glocks? Specifically trigger parts and holsters. Did y'all stipple the frame or do anything to add grip?
  25. Has anyone played around with one of these in competition? Or making one competition ready. Either the frame or a gun built from all lone wolf parts.
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