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  1. Who is the manufacturer of the Blue Magwell?
  2. I did a search for milled Stock II slides and was surprised at the lack of slide lightening posts. Lots of talk about optics mounts but not a lot of discussion about cuts for reducing weight. I’d love to see pics from anyone that has done this. I’ve always liked the feel of the Stock II and Stock III over any of the CZ offerings. There are a few companies out there offering slide lightening cuts for the Shadow 2, but I haven’t really seen anything for the Tanfoglios. Am I missing something, or am I just not using the correct search terms? If I were to build a CO gun, it seems to me a milled Stock II would be the ideal pistol.
  3. Have you by chance run 3N38? Just curious how it would compare to AA#7.
  4. Of the three pistols listed, I would go with the Chaos. I just got one and I really like it. Full disclosure: I don't have more than a couple practice sessions with it, but I spent three years behind an Eddie Garcia pistol, so I have a pretty good idea what I like.
  5. I've been considering a switch to AA#7. Been running CFE pistol, but I am looking for something a little slower burning. Anyone else made the same switch and if so, what are your thoughts? Looking for something to drive the comp a little more.
  6. They will suspend your account and keep your money if they find out you are buying firearms or certain gun parts. You can try to get it back, but it may take a while. They kept $1800 of my money for six months because I was selling 25 round Ruger 10/22 Mags. They suck. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I was definitely faster on the draw with the plastic grip and on the few runs that I had to compare with, it was a fairly even split with respect to times. I'm not contemplating a switch back to plastic at this point, but I certainly liked the lighter weight of the plastic grip.
  8. I made the switch to a steel grip a few years back. No regrets. Last week however, I was at the range with a buddy that has a similar Open Gun to mine, only his has a plastic grip compared to my steel grip. I ran his pistol for a few practice runs and I was surprised and how much quicker the gun seemed to transition and how much faster the draw seemed. The weight seemed much more noticeable than I had realized previously. I really like the balance and perceived recoil management of my gun, but I'm pretty sure if I had to make the switch back to a plastic frame I could get used to it plenty fast. This got me thinking... Have any of you made the switch back to plastic, or at least considered it?
  9. What tape did you use? Is anyone other than Springer making tape for them?
  10. As the title suggests, I am looking for feedback on the CK Grip, Smooth Version. I have the textured version and I love it, but I am considering trying a Smooth Version with textured tape. I would love to get some feedback from someone that has used one, good or bad. My biggest concern is how well the tape will adhere.
  11. They came out great. Excellent for both dual and quad loads. I should have taken some pics, but I just barely had time to rough them out before the match. After the match, a buddy took it home with him for a couple weeks to polish everything up for me. I'll post pics when I get it back.
  12. Thanks for the help and suggestions. Shot IronMan this last week and although I didn't do as well as I had hoped I would, I had a great time and my shotgun ran like a champ. I really like the 1301. I appreciate the tips.
  13. Did I read correctly that you guys are cutting a couple coils off the lifter return spring?
  14. Question for quad loaders.... I will be loading weak hand. I have taken the Serial Number side down as far as I can go and the opposite side has be taken down to the same point. Is there any benefit to taking that side down any further? Now is the time to do it if I am going to, I just don't see any real benefit at this point. Thoughts?
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