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  1. The IPSC Model will be released soon
  2. Most barrels last more rounds than the average shooter will ever put through it. Not saying it can’t or hasn’t been done, just that it is not common.
  3. There was a 10 frame minimum for a period of time a while back. You can get them one at a time now.
  4. PD .40 Long ammo is what you’re looking for. The “MatchPacks” are pretty beat because the mini ammo cans are super handy. They’ve been making bullets and ammo for competitors for over 30 years. They’ve got you covered. https://www.precisiondelta.com/products/ammunition/performance-standard/40s-w-180gr-fmj-long-remanufactured-match-pack/
  5. Since the Honcho does not have a link or forward lugs there really isn’t any wear spots from the barrel. The slide to frame would get use regardless of caliber so that would be the only part. The good news is that we manufacture all of the parts and are able to keep close tolerances and parallel rails so that the frame and slide fit off of the machine.
  6. Which parts are you concerned about wear? The barrels themselves or the slide to frame?
  7. Honcho barrels are made to fit and can be installed in about 5 minutes. Slides are different than traditional.
  8. The tapped holes in the Race Ready utilize the Honcho tech in the female end. This allows a mount and thumb rest if desired (thumb rest not included with the gun) to be installed using normal screws of the appropriate size, without loctite or worry of them coming loose.
  9. I see an email from March 19th which I responded to on the 20th. I went ahead and forwarded it to you today just Incase you did not receive it. If you sent another email, I’m sorry, I didn’t receive it. I don’t show any IG messages on our PT page either. We are making some updates to the website. The 3Gun Model does come with an optic plate and optic. We are updating the Optic Plate to work with as many optics as possible. We could potentially tap holes in the Tac Frame versus offering the Tac Frame on the Race Ready. Feel free to give us a call or email if you have more questions. Tiffany
  10. You should give PT a call. We can answer all of your questions and give you the best info. Like how both models come with two 9mm barrels. One with a comp for open and the other with a sight block for limited. Both will handle major ammo. We can also direct you to Honcho owners (besides our team shooters) who would be happy to share their thoughts and how the gun shoots. And if there are any in your area you can try out in person - Tiffany
  11. I don’t believe I ever called you stupid. But I am checking out of your drama. Have a good day ✌
  12. The only “issue” our magwell corrects is having to do extra work to fit to our grip. I’m not sure why you’re so bent out of shape about this. I do stand by my opinion that an incorrect reload causes mags to jam, not the grip. You obviously disagree. That’s ok. People are allowed to disagree. It’s free will. If you feel so strongly about it I encourage you to develop a metal grip and magwell that you feel does a better job.
  13. There have not been any changes to the EVO design. Internally or externally. We did notice a while back that Dawson made some changes to their magwells that caused interference when fitting. We were using them on Honchos up until this change. So we developed our own to save time on builds. Our grips and magwells are not and never will be proprietary. We prefer to give our customers options. As there are a few available from other manufacturers. Our magwells will be available for individual sale in the near future. - Tiffany (the supposed trasher)
  14. Try asking them for the specific deminsion you are concerned about.
  15. That design is quite different
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