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  1. Precision Delta match packs are the way to go. You can’t beat the price or quality.
  2. You’re definitely confusing what has occurred. You’re friends with them. Speak to Paul if you’d like any more specific details. I’m going to enjoy my weekend and hope you do the same.
  3. I think you may have your wires crossed or received miss information. Paul has never mentioned any issues with the extractor or feeding. We did have his gun in hand this week.He had a different issue which was caused by the outside leg of the sear spring being wedged between the sear and disconnector when he reassembled the gun. We fixed the issue, gave him some tips on how to avoid it in the future, provided him a brand new red magwell since he accidentally scratched up the one that was on it free of charge and sent it back to him. He sent us a very nice bottle of Knob Creek for our time and the new magwell.
  4. Since you know Paul personally, ask him what the issue with his Honcho was.
  5. Charged? Charged for what exactly? No one has mentioned charging you for anything. I get you’re frustrated. But that’s a bit much. We’ve only offered to help and will continue to do so. You have our number as well as my personal cell and are welcome to call us for any assistance you need.
  6. Based on the data you gave us you’re running ammo that’s around 187pf. We believe there are issues outside of the gun. Based on the information you’ve supplied. We have been and will continue to help you any way we can. You always have the option of sending it back with your mag(s) and ammo and we will sort it out for you. Not much else we can do besides that.
  7. Exactly. Just because we aren’t like other companies and will not broadcast when an issue is user error, doesn’t mean it’s an issue with the gun itself.
  8. You should follow the advice you were given by the manufacturer which was to install the 2nd Aftec spring and report back. Changing loads, springs, and other parts all at once makes it difficult to determine the cause of an issue. Im also curious to hear about this “rough fit” issue you reference.
  9. The EVO Grip is the only one that is completely contoured. As in the sides are not flat. Why? Because your hands are not flat and it is more comfortable to hold onto something round versus square. The EVO does not require proprietary magwells or parts to allow for the most options. EVO Grips are fitting very easily to newer STI Frames and are of course drop on to PT Frames. Plus, it’s made by PT. Which means it’s a quality product and backed 100%. The Aggressive texture is by far the most popular. When switching from plastic to metal there is some adjustment needed to get used to the rigidity of the metal versus the “give” of plastic. Then there is the texture. For most they notice the “sharpness” in the front strap. Some have taken files or sandpaper to the front strap when they receive the grip. Within a couple of months they call to purchase another grip because it is now not aggressive enough. Best advice is to use electrical tape or similar in any areas that are bothersome until you get used to it. Then remove and try it without. If it’s still a problem, then take some light sandpaper to it or put the tape back on. Ps. You’ll love the Honcho!
  10. MBX magazines are running 100% in Honchos without the added expense of paying for a company to “tune” them. Which actually makes them cheaper than the budget options currently offered. We have not tuned any of our test magazines and have not heard from a single Honcho owner about MBX’s not working. Because of this we are able to offer our customers the flexibility to use the mags they already have. They can also order the configurations they want directly from MBX including base pad colors and options. My best advice: Price out a Honcho in the race shop to match the set up of the other builder. You should quickly notice that there is more than enough savings to buy yourself an entire new set of magazines and maybe even a nice steak dinner as well.
  11. Give us a call or shoot us an email and we will answer all of your questions. Info@ptrinity.com 352-667-4932
  12. X-Line triggers. Default trigger shoe is short flat. You can request other lengths and shapes. We do our best to accommodate all requests. Triggers run right around 2lbs.
  13. Maybe starting a DWX post would suit your needs better?
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