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  1. 4.8 Gr N320 180 Gr Bayou 1.19 to 1.2 OAL Mixed Brass Winchester Primer Sig Max 167 Average PF.
  2. Has anyone had any experience with Freedom Munitions 40 Cal ammo in a 1911. Just picked up a Sig Max in 40 and was looking for to pick up some reliable factory ammo until I can get set up to load 40.
  3. I have been in a league for nine years where we get to keep eight players the first couple of years it is people hanging on to their best players without much movement. As teams draft young players with long term potential you will see more trade activity especially for draft picks in the offseason. If you are in a league with good players who stick around for a while it is more fun than having to draft a whole new team each year and the drafts don't take all day since it is only eight rounds.
  4. I cut off one loop and it stopped the problem for me.
  5. Stage 8 was the classifier. The usually don't post them till the 16th every month.
  6. Went and bought a rain suit today just in case. At least with all classifiers we wont have to run through the mud all that much.
  7. I use the following pattern 12 o clock then 3 o clock 3 o clock 5 o clock and 5 o clock works very well.
  8. I use a XDM 9 5.25 and have the same slide lock issue if I don't pay attention to my grip and ride the release other than that I have never had a malfunction or any problems.
  9. The last bulk purchase I made was from luckygunner.com you have to check their site regularly as they only post what they have in stock, when they do have 1000 round 9MM deals in stock the price has gone up about $400 from the last order I received from them a couple of months ago. Good luck hopefully things will go back to normal soon.
  10. I shot my W German P226 in production it is the same dimensionally as all the current models and fits in the box, I only quit using it because mine has a brushed nickel finish and I was beating it up using it in matches.
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