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  1. The magwell is as far back as it will go with the bolt in. I think I'll work on grinding the hole towards the back of the gun. Then I'll only need to do minor work to the frame opening. Thanks for the input guys.
  2. I just installed my Henning magwell. It doesn't line up exactly with the well on the gun. Is this normal? If so, do i adjust the bolt hole in the frame or the magwell of the frame? My 2 new 170mm mags don't drop free when empty.
  3. Ok. Now to get a magwell and grips. What base pads do you suggest? I'd prefer to not replace the springs or followers.
  4. I just bought a used stock 3 that's already slicked up and that came with lots of extra parts. I won't be competing with it. Just enjoying it at the range. I love the look and functionality of a magwell, but I'm wondering if it's going to work with my really big hands. I took a couple photos of me holding the pistol. Am i worried about nothing? Or should i be looking at a different magwell? My mags all have aftermarket base plates. Will they work with a magwell? Or do i need different ones?
  5. I got my new to me Stock 3 Large frame 9mm today, here it is next to my elite match.
  6. Thanks for the info, it's a definite pass for me. It's listed for $529 as a 1911 witness on gunbroker. I'm in the market for a second large frame Tanfo, but with a competition frame this time.
  7. I found this for sale and I'm wondering if you guys can give me some info. Is it small frame or large frame? early competition frame? Will later slides and parts still fit this frame?
  8. I have a Witness Elite Match 9mm that I bought from KneelingAtlas a few years ago. I love it and have been thinking about upgrading to a limited ever since. That gun is so smooth and the crisp 2lb SA trigger is awesome. I finally have the extra cash and I see a new gun in the catalog called the Witness limited Custom(the blue tanfo). Their inconsistency with names across different markets makes searching for info difficult. I will be using this as a range toy and have no plans for formal competition. I'll want it in 9mm, and will use my 22lr upper on it as well. Are they all blue? Because it looks black or dark grey in the catalog photo. Is it worth the $100 difference over the Limited? Besides the lightened slide, larger magwell, and color am I missing any other differences? How many mags do they come with? Any other guns I should consider under $1250?
  9. Looking for large frame mag carriers and a Canyon Creek Magwell for my Elite match.
  10. I'm loving my magnum stealth side zip boots. With a size 16 4E my options are limited. My favorite part is the slip resistant sole. I work in a bar with pergo floors. In sneakers they are like an ice rink when wet. With these boots I have no issues slipping. And the side zip is awesome. I don't remember the last time I tied my shoes.
  11. http://www.armslist.com/posts/4009922/phoenix-arizona-handguns-for-sale--eaa-witness-elite-limited-40---blade-tech-holster Elite Limited 40 with extras for $900 on armslist. Looks like a good deal for someone.
  12. My only double action revolver is a 329pd, which is a lot of fun to shoot. I thought it might be fun to try idpa or something similar with it, just to get some trigger time. I'd be shooting 240 grain plated bullets at around 950 fps. I have a few questions. 1. Is it legal for idpa or ipsc? If so which class? 2. Suggestions for holster and speed loaders? Speed loader carriers? 3. Is the hogue X frame grip legal? 4. Any suggestions on lightening the da trigger pull without inducing light strikes(it may get carried in the woods, so it needs to go bang every time)?
  13. You should try the lube,it's like putting your Mach.on ball bearings.. My Rock Chucker doesn't have any issue with 9mm or 44 mag with carbide dies and no lube. If I had a progressive press I might use lube.
  14. I wash and tumble my brass with stainless steel media. But a standard vibratory tumbler is sufficient. I skip the lube and use carbide dies for all my pistol cartridges.
  15. I just got a tanfoglio witness elite match. It's really accurate and I'm loving the single action trigger. You can swap slides and have 22lr, 9mm, 40s&w, 45acp, 10mm, and 38 super on the same frame. It's a cz clone. So if you like the ergos on them it's a good way to go. That also make them in DA/SA.
  16. Post a WTB add in the classifieds. I bet you'll get a set for the cost of shipping.
  17. Lately I've been using Superlube. But I can't say it works better than anything else.
  18. Here's a pic of the 22 mag next to a large frame k9 mag. With and without the metal clip. Without the clip they lock in like they should. Unfortunately only one of the three mags I have is reliable. This is a large frame conversion on my witness elite match. The other two mags FTE 1-3 rounds per mag. And the slide gets stuck back like slide lock but further forward 1-3 round per mag.
  19. Isn't the cz slide lighter than most 1911 slides? So if they are similar in overall weight, both tuned with the proper recoil spring, and shooting the same ammo. Wouldn't the lighter slide feel like less recoil(assuming bore height is the same). Is bore height the same?
  20. I shot my large frame 22 conversion today. 2 of the 3 mags I have don't engage the mag catch. Friction makes them seem like they are in. But after a round or two they move down and the slide doesn't strip the next round out of the mag. I tried seating them with some force and they just pull right out. The notch in the mag appears to be in the same place in each mag. So I'm not sure what the deal is.
  21. I have two tumblers, each will hold about 600 9mm cases. About 5lbs of brass. They clean a lot faster than my vibratory setup. And the brass looks awesome. I searched craigslist until I found a good deal on a rock tumbler. Mine pair came with extra drums as well.
  22. I'm still using the midway bag they put on sale for $40 all the time. It's been good for me for the last five years. But I only shoot twice a month. So maybe it'll wear out in another 5 years.
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