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  1. What mounts will work for multiple brands of Reflex Sights. For example Are Doctor and J-point interchangeable ect . Will the mount work with an adapter from __________ manufacturer . The sights that I am wondering about are listed below. RTS2 STS RMR Doctor J-point Delta Point SIG Romeo 1 and 2 Vortex Razor and Venom
  2. I am Looking for a recommendation on a gunsmith that knows the way around a HK PSP. I am looking to having the gun gone over and the action smooth out.
  3. Chimo Guns in Wasilla AK has 4 of them and a Flannigan model 907-376-5261 ask for Kelly
  4. Why did the photo I posted end up sideways and how do i fix it. The photo is not sideways on my phone or computer before I posted it.
  5. The score are up on Practiscore.com Under BRSP "Action Target" AK state 3 gun championship.. This is the easiest way to score a match i have ever used thank you MGM, STI and NiftyBytes for making this available free of charge
  6. Thank you Renee you did the stats, helped scored a squad, helped me with all of the little details of the match: all while she was training for trooper class.Renee I could not run this match without you. Just don't tell her we don't shoot trooper class here.
  7. c works and my self just used them at the AK state 3 gun and they ran. i used both chris's and.
  8. Well day one is done, I will post some video and scores tonight
  9. Chris a good frangible shotgun target is charcoal suspended by 550 cord. The down side is you need 1 per shot for each shooter. The good thing is it can be shot close with buck shot and be very safe.
  10. I am working up a load for a M1A to shoot in a outlaw 3 gun match. I plan on shooting irons but need to mount a scope to work up loads. If anyone has a mount that do not need and would like to sell cheep please let me know.Tthank you
  11. I just traveled on Amtrak with firearms. The only weird thing is you need a reservations for each piece of luggage that has either firearms or ammo in it. They did not charge anything extra it just needed the reservation.
  12. What can I say Jim but you are a mad genius. I received my 1919 the day before yesterday and got to spend 10 minutes with on the range. It was -3 deg F and I ran 20 rounds by the headlights of my truck. Talk about neat flash from the comp, I may have to get that on video. Well yesterday it warmed up to 15 deg F so I went back to the range. I ran a box each of Federal pink 2 3/4 dram 1 1/8 oz 8 shot, Winchester 3 1/4 1 oz 8 shot, Estate 1 1/8 oz 1200FPS, , 10 Remington 00 managed recoil buck shot, 10 Remington managed recoil slugs, and 5 Brenneke THD slugs. I had no failures, it just ran. It was soft shooting and even patterned good. It was even surprised that both types of slugs had the same point of impact. I cant wait to try a slide fire stock on it. That ought to be a cool video. What else can I say but thanks Jim and Nancy.
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