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  1. eric4069

    Red dots in the rain

    raindrops on the lens can make the dot look irregular in shape, just put that irregular shaped dot in the middle of the A zone and shoot! Eric
  2. eric4069

    Thin safety

    20018 rules state you can replace safeties with OEM or aftermarket safeties. The rules do NOT say you can grind or modify the safety into a different shape. In my opinion this alteration is not permitted by the current 2018 rules. Looks like different people have different opinions regarding this topic so a risky modification to make. Eric
  3. eric4069

    Shadow 2 owners do you shoot 147 during competitions?

    in my SP01 Shadow i mostly shoot 124s as they are a little more accurate than 147s in my gun. However I am happy to use whatever is available. Eric
  4. Yep, this is how Ben Stoeger taught me when I took his class. Eric
  5. eric4069

    Carry Optics forum

    Me Too
  6. eric4069

    Moving to Carry Optic

    Yep. How many Open shooters do you see using back up iron sights? None at all. Take your example from them. Eric
  7. eric4069

    Glock 34 Gen 4 problem

    I am left handed as well and I find it helps to switch my wedding ring to my right hand for the match. Eric
  8. eric4069

    Competition in the pouring rain.

    I have used my ankle high gore-tex hiking boots while shooting in the rain/mud and found them quite comfortable and with good traction in that environment. Eric
  9. eric4069

    Assymmetrical grips?

    I tried out assymetrical grips with LOK palmswell strong hand side, flatter VZ grip weakhand side. Seemed like it would have been nice for bullseye shooting but for our quick shooting sport i find symetrical grips index in a more intuitive way. ericg
  10. this is what I have done with my MP9 Carry Optics back up gun, works great. No safety to engage, accuracy and speed fine for 3Gun, don't have to worry about the gun if I go prone. What do I care if the top Open shooters beat me? They would no matter what division I shoot. Actually it is surprising how many Open shooters I can beat this way considering that I am really a Tac-Optics shooter using Tac-Optics equipement except for the Carry Optics dot. Eric
  11. eric4069

    Daughter moving to Phoenix

    My advice for Phoenix: when you go to visit your daughter make sure you visit at a time when Rio Salado has a match and go up there and shoot the match. That's what I did when I was there for a business trip. Eric
  12. eric4069

    Trigger control with a light trigger

    Yep, you have an advantage over many shooters being used to the DA first shot which intimidates others. Keep that advantage, practice up the SA and the transition from DA to SA and all will be good. Eric
  13. eric4069

    CZC Mulit Optic Sight cut, issues?

    Absolutely agree!!
  14. eric4069

    SP01 Phantom VS P-09 for Carry Optics?

    in order to have mag and holster compatibility with my SP01 Shadow Custom I ended up going with a CZ85C. Will be working gradually on action work then figuring out what I want to do for red dot mounting for Carry Optics. eric
  15. eric4069

    Sp01 easy/first mods

    Looks good, glad you like the grips. Eric