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  1. Agree Dawson’s calulator and get a new front sight from them, good to go
  2. A cheaper backup gun that fits the same holster is what I have done so far. Certainly identical backup would be nice but don’t want to spend the money. Any backup at all is vastly better than none!
  3. That is for sure! I love my P4Xi for woods deer hunting and would like a 6X model for more open terrain on my other deer gun. (note this is in Illinois so long range deer shot is still just 150- 200 yds and under with shotgun slug)
  4. Might be easier to just shoot it the way you always do, hammer down, double action first shot , simpler to not add anything to your regimen
  5. That range does an excellent job for sure
  6. Yep , probably they made that change so we could avoid all those complaints from those using guns a little too heavy for prior rules. So what will people complain about now???
  7. eric4069

    DPP Screws

    ACE Hardware for me too. depending on the mount you might also be able to use the next longer screw for improved strength and less likely to loosen.
  8. For somebody like my wife who doesn’t shoot much and is cross-dominent, we have found that a carry optics gun (mini-red dot sight) works very well. (held in dominent hand grip in front of dominent eye)
  9. Me too- I use mine for deer hunting in the woods, perfect for that, 1-4X is plenty for my purpose and dot and glass are very nice. Not as long physically as most 1-6X either
  10. Any back up is way better than none! certainly an identical back up would be perfect but I went a different route which is to use a less expensive model from the same manufacturer which takes the same mags and works in the same holster. Main gun: CZC shadow custom (S1) , full custom job by CZC. Slide milled by CZC for carry optics. back up: CZ 85C bought used, with a few after market parts installed by myself. Slide still milled by CZC. Way less expensive and still shoots extremely well. I agree with Chuck that it is very n
  11. Remember the initial weight limit was just 35 oz , limit was increased to 45 oz partly so we wouldn’t all have to worry so much about making weight. Only a very few gun models have to worry about weight now, much easier than before.
  12. eric4069


    According to the rules only one so no big deal now. Used to be legal to reshoot over and over if approved by the Match Director but now only once. FYI in my seven or so years shooting USPSA I have never seen anyone do more than one reshoot on a classifier.
  13. I got to watch Bob Vogel win Limited Division at Area 5 with a Glock 24 in 2012 (was on the same squad as he was)
  14. You can test the waters in limited fairly well with just two extended mags supplemented by your 17 round mags as needed. Usually only one mag change per stage, sometimes two. Just try it a few matches and see what you think. For extensive discussion of different mag extensions and springs look at carry optics threads or just follow rowdyb’s advice, thats what I do.
  15. Yep, on my squad we also had two shooters with 6 shots on one middle target and 2 shots on the other. trickier than is seems.
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