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  1. Have a picture of them inserted in the gun you could put up?
  2. So picking up a 75 compact with rail (manual safety) Want to slap some magazine extensions on a few mags for screwing around. Should I just run some standard cz75b mag springs in them?
  3. Also, I didn't really notice it until yesterday, my racker was off to the right as well, and it really didn't hinder how I was able to manipulate the slide, whenever I have a malfunction I always look at my firearm, and i normally cant the firearm to my weak side, which puts the racker in and easy enough place to manipulate with your pointer or pinky.
  4. I have a Czechmate, although, I'm not sure if I'll have it much longer. (Love the gun, hate to part with it) With the Springer 170mm bases and the follower/spring kit, I would comfortably get 23-24 in. Anymore, no bueno for me. Springs are new too, and could be a case of "Pansy Thumb". Felt like the rounds would rattle with any more loaded. I've seen threads where material was added inside to help with the issue. Sent out to have them tuned. I just said 24 was good enough for me, Don't know if the follower after getting pushed further down got kicked to the side a bit, ended up having a round end up under the follower myself.
  5. My czechmate with stock spring allows me to run factory/minor loads reliably. Yours might just need some break in and a little attention to some contact areas. I believe you'd be able to use a sidewinder slide racker. It's not a horizontal so it'd clear your thumb more.
  6. Very true... I like my Phantom LT, QD devices make swapping to other platforms a breeze, locks up nice and tight with its ratcheting system. I think dogtired is right on, a 45 can and 30cal can. those will get you covering dang near all calibers. Can shoot rimfire through the 45 can. But you'll want a rimfire can after you get a centerfire suppressor. Mack Bros Vapor is a great value too, all titanium, super light, super strong, FA rated and rated up to 5.7
  7. Second the hybrid. Had it been out sooner, where I'd go. Got a 30cal can rated to 300win mag I believe. But really use it for 308, 300blk, 223. The octane 45hd is great, I went with k not hd. Shorter, not much louder. Went with 45 to shoot all common pistol calibers. Even figure and 300blk subs. Stinger by YHM is I think best bang for buck as far as Rimfire. Rated full auto and upto 5.7 Bit more money for the Sparrow ss. I'd get on this before July 13!
  8. What type of gun are you running? Where does it hang up? Yes, what atlas said, plunk test. If OAL isn't it, might try: Is your sizing die in proper placement? What are you crimping to? Mag springs
  9. The racker on my Czechmate is loose fitting. Drifts right in no problem. I'm wondering if they did this because the ability to change from open to limited. Not needing a punch everytime is nice. It does have a set screw that with a tiny bit of locktite will keep from backing out. Now I just wish there was an index point to line up the rear sight with when putting it to limited.
  10. norbyam22

    New TS owner

    Welcome! Good choice on the TS, I'm a 1911 fan boy, but love my CZ guns too. As it seems most of your questions are already answered by the more than knowledgeable kneelingatlas, I'll just say, shoot and have fun!
  11. Although my czechmate is like butter and I am able to run minor and major with stock spring, you might need a slight break in before running factory minor consistently. The comp doesn't work that much with minor, but the extra weight out front might help you. I like the recoil impulse of my 10lb for minor loads, so I'd also prefer two guide rod assemblies to make swapping back and forth easier.
  12. Got rid of it. Guga ribas all the way. Better adjustability. Trigger guard isn't square on the cz like most STI. Easier to adjust for that on the GR. Just an overall better fit, retention, draw.
  13. Was in the hunt yesterday for a 9mm major load out of the czechmate. Had the chrono 7 feet from the bench. Using win brass, win spm primers at 7.3gr hs6 under 124xtp was getting 1355fps so around 168pf COL was at 1.13" After testing, the brass was fine, and so were the primers.
  14. I was playing with some HS6 yesterday, looking for major 9. Chrono was about 7ft away. at 6.3gr under 124gr xtp COL: 1.13" was getting 1210ft/s giving me 150ish pf. Granted, I'm using a XTP not a Blue. Shot through a Czechmate in open config. I'm not suggesting any load, just sharing some information I got yesterday.
  15. I see a lot of 320, now I'm curious to try. I've run Bullseye and Unique for my 9mm minor (115,124gr) and 45acp (160, 200, 230gr) Bullseye meters better, feels similar to wst or sr7625 when shooting. Fast burner, soft recoil. Bit dirty as some have mentioned, but not bad. Tried some slower powders, Power pistol, HS6 etc but don't like them as much for minor.
  16. norbyam22


    I recently picked up my czechmate, and have been able to run 124fmj and 115fmj factory through it set up for open with no spring change. I also run my 124tmj 9mm handload I use in most of my 9mm pistols at about 1250fps. Loaded some 9mm major loads with hs6 and 124xtps, and runs fine all around the board. For a few bucks, can't hurt to get recoil spring calibration pack. I have other springs but haven't tried them yet. However, changing the springs can change the recoil impulse and how it feels for you. Although I'm able to run my Czechmate stock sprung, I might be able to recover for a follow up quicker with a spring change. It might get my dot back quicker, or keep it from bouncing as much.
  17. I saw one in classifieds for sale and gone. Do you have to "request" one from their site?
  18. Well, I ordered a 014, Got some Ghost 360 pouches, might get some racemasters. Also some 170mm basepads and spring/follower kits then a bunch of hs6, case of montana gold 124cmj a thumrest... we'll see what happens. Hoping to have fun shooting open/limited minor, maybe try out major. (Hence the HS6) Shoot some steel challenge with it, maybe 3 gun.
  19. jdd817: How do you like yours setup with the smaller cmore? Weight wise, speed of shifting on to targets, recoil
  20. Do you have a picture of that racker on your cz?
  21. norbyam22

    Czechmate questions

    Wondering if they have any single port comps. Also looking for angled slide rackers. Seems like the stock slide racker gets a little close to the thumb. Any other mods people can think of? I've seen the thumb rests, so might try it. https://cpwsa.com/products/cz-czechmate-and-ts-thumb-rest Might just try and make one...
  22. Would it be the CZ SP-01 insert? Do you use the muzzle support accessory with it? I'll be running open to start, so will have that extra length of the comp.
  23. I would really prefer to not have to alter the holster in any way.
  24. Good to know, I'll check out that racemaster. How have your mags been modified? I see dawson has 140/170 with grams guts for 60. Doesn't sounds bad at all
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