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  1. mhop

    CZ Shadows 2 is coming

    Black Nitride will only be available with Blue grips. Totally incorrect about the numbers a month.
  2. mhop

    Shadow 2 msrp

    I have one (nitride finish) and have over 1500 rounds through it plus dryfire. Those rounds include over 1000 in practice and 500 in USPSA and steel challenge matches. Those concerned with the higher price tag have to look at what you are getting for the upgraded price. This model is sold through CZ-USA there is no exclusive for any shops. The first is Aluminum grips $85, Adjustable rear sight $45, serrated front sight $35, 15lb. main spring $4.50, 14lb recoil spring $7.50, flat safeties and extended left side safety $90, drop in short reset trigger $55. That all adds up to $322 and that doesn't include the functional front a rear strap checkering, better slide serrations, better finish, big magazine catch button, larger grip area front to back, higher beaver tail cut, higher under trigger guard cut. Some big things that people don't know about the internals and things i have found when shooting it and doing a complete disassembly. Most of the internal parts will interchange with the standard 75 series of parts that are on the original Shadow. But the parts on the Shadow 2 are different than the parts that come in the original Shadow, they are better machined on the Shadow 2. The magazine catch is totally different not just on the outside also on the inside, the part that holds the magazine is on the right side so there is no way to pinch the magazines in the gun when doing a magazine change and have to rip them out. The trigger spring is entirely new and only available on the shadow 2 at this time, CZUB says it fixed the breaking issue with this new spring. The hammer is a different shape than the Shadow hammer but the hooks are the same as the original Shadow, the comp hammer will fit into the gun and it will lower the single action trigger pull about a 1/2lb. I think the recoil spring is 14lb. and the main spring is 15lb., both can be changed to the same as original Shadow. The rear and front sight cuts are the same as the original Shadow, the Shadow 2 rear sight will fit the original Shadow. The Shadow 2 uses the standard full size magazines and will be shipping with 3 like the original Shadow. Any other questions post them (no idea about availability or when they will start showing up in the states) and i will find out the answers if I don't know the answer.
  3. Phil took what little feedback the members have discussed on this forum and others and threw it out the window when they created carry optics, none of the members wanted a weight limit. He said in a post on Facebook that "urged the BOD that these manufacturers(S&W, Glock, Springfield) and Sig were very interested in this division, and would continue to sponsor because of it". This looks like pandering to specific manufacturers.
  4. And where is your evidence for this? Here all the evidence you are seeking. https://www.facebook.com/groups/31472669314/permalink/10153148827054315/
  5. I am not sure we actually need a new division unless we got rid of a division first to not dilute the competitiveness of the sport. I purpose we get rid of L10 division because if a state has a restriction on magazine capacity we have a rule that already covers it 3.3.1 it is below. 3.3.1 In states where competitors are restricted by law to maximum magazine capacity, that maximum capacity will be the maximum allowed for all competitors in the contest. Any such limitations must be made known to all competitors by the Match Director/Range Master before the start of the match. My purposed division for replacement of L10 is attached. Below are some reasons for why I think the new division should be. The reason for the name Tactical is it is already setup in EZ winscore and practiscore it would be minimal to add this division as provisional. My idea behind the division is to allow concealed carry people that modify their carry gun outside of the production division rules a place to compete where they aren't going to against full race guns in open division. Keeping the division at 15 minor only allows IPSC competitors to come over and compete in the exact format they use overseas and US competitors can shoot a division to get ready for IPSC matches and not be in Limited division. Same reason for no restriction on holster. Below are some more specifics for each point in the Division restrictions. 1&2. We only have one division that minor is widely used I believe that minor scoring makes USPSA very different compared to major scoring, 6. Not a restricted division let the shooters shoot whatever gun they have without overbearing rules to allow them to compete. 7. Making a gun fit the box with the slide parallel to the long side of the box will not allow angling the gun which was the demise of modified division and out of control cost to be competitive in that division. 8. Same as open or limited it could go either way for me. Just think we should keep a restriction on them so we can use existing measuring devices. 9. 15 round so 9mm and .40 could be competitive without having to buy extended base pads to feel competitive in the division and it is in line with IPSC rules for production. 12. Having no restriction on this rule allows people who want to use there every day carry position (AIWB) to shoot in this division without buying specific equipment to compete. 13. Slide mounted optic only allowed; a new trend is to mount a slide ride optic on people's carry gun. This will allow those people to compete and not be going against full race gun in Open division. 14. If people are going to be shooting there carry gear and that is the reason for the division no need to make someone take there flashlight off just to shoot a USPSA match. 15. I do not think we should allow compensator due to the perceived equipment race it will cause. 16. Same as above 17. Some of the common guns that would be shot in this division are made this way from the factory 18. With all the equipment no way to figure out what the maximum weight would be to allow the guns that aren't in other divisions. 19. Let people shoot what they want. 20. Same as 12 Some issues I see is allowing the optic will make everybody shooting the division to use an optic. Maybe? At the local level it will give people a place to shoot guns that have been modified out of production division. At the national level everybody in the top 16 will have to have an optic to be competitive. Also Full size handguns with the slide mounted optics will not fit into the box this is an unforeseen benefit to the rules because it keeps in line with the concealed carry and guns that do not fit into the other divisions.
  6. mhop

    cz aluminum base pads

    Nothing is wrong with either the base pad or mag below are some pictures showing how to assemble the mag and base pad combo This shows the lip on the base lock that slides into the open space on the bottom of the mag the lip is on the bottom of the pic This shows the space in the bottom of the mag where the lip on the lock slides in to replace the base pad This is what it looks like when assembled correctly then slide on the base pad and it will drop in no problem
  7. I thought 3 gun more fun and didn't have anything to do with the prize tables?
  8. my experience is they never check magazine length just weigh and box production guns
  9. mhop

    Guide rod all chewed up

    mine did that i have since switched to a stock plastic
  10. mhop

    Ordering from CZ-UB?

    What would you guys like us to carry that we aren't already? Link from UB webstore would be very helpful.
  11. None of that says what benifets the pres get which this discussion is on. http://www.uspsa.org/uspsa-announcements-details.php?strong-font-color-red-Announcement-of-Retirement-and-Call-for-Executive-Director-Applicants-font-strong-85 The executive director shall be the chief operating officer of the corporation and shall have general and active supervision over the property, business, day-to-day operations and affairs of the corporation, and oversee production of the corporate newsletter at the national office.[/size] The executive director shall be knowledgeable of practical shooting, shall be selected by the board of directors and may be removed at any time, with or without cause, only by the board of directors.[/size] See Article 7.5 of the bylaws ([/size] http://www.uspsa.org/uspsa-bylaws.php[/size]) for the full job description.[/size] Aside from the job description the following conditions apply:[/size] The executive director is expected to work primarily from the USPSA Headquarters office which will require that he or she to maintain residence in Northwest Washington within reasonable commute distance from the office at 872 North Hill Blvd, Burlington, WA 98233.[/size] To serve, the executive director must be a life member of USPSA and a member of SCSA. Note that membership requirements may be met after being hired but before beginning service.[/size] Minimum starting salary is $75,000/year with performance based increases likely. The starting salary may be adjusted to a higher amount based on an applicant's qualifications.[/size] Major medical insurance supplemented with a company-funded Health Savings Account (HSA).[/size] Matching deposits to retirement account (SIMPLE IRA)[/size] VP/NRIO I believe is $65,000 a year[/size]
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