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  1. The best thing you can do for a flat shooting gun is shoot more ammo, and do some hand strengthening, most noticeable difference there.
  2. Incorrect Awnser... if you are going to accuse information of being incorrect, provide the corrections..
  3. That monster looks gorgeous!!
  4. The thickness of the metal in the barrel and the slide is why. I personally run a Glock in open, but after mountains of research have decided to stay away not only the safety/ reliability factor but in the end the lightness of the gun makes the gun recoil more than 200% more than say a heavy gun like a steel framed 2011, ipsc is shooting alphas as fast as you can and personally the benefit of major gets thrown out the window once you figure the recoil going with it in a Glock platform, you will score better and faster with a minor glock. I use auto comp and a ported barrel and the gun is stupid flat, which means you can double tap alphas instead of pulling regaining sight picture then pulling again. Now I still have a slide mounted reddot so my sight disappears every time I pull the trigger, but the gun is so flat it goes right back and I can pull again quickly and it sounds like a double tap. Just my personal opinion.. if you’re interested in seeing this setup run follow quattro_ipsc on Instagram thanks for the listen.
  5. Major belongs in steel guns don’t risk a hand to try and run major, in a Glock. #1glock fanboy ipsc_quattro ( Instagram)
  6. It’s barrel figment obviously, when hand racking you aren’t going to generate the same force as you can while the gun is going its recoil process.
  7. Remington 147grain 9mm will blow you’re mind as it did mine.
  8. This may be a dumb question but running through a top end svi major gun using wac 9mm i can use all range brass I pickup correct? Or do I need new brass to reload 9mm major
  9. Been testing dots and right now the bushnell first strike 2.0 beats the rest and the fact that’s it’s 200$ is awesome!
  10. On my 2.0 the dot is very bright the high setting would it be a problem for anyone even brighter than my vortex venom
  11. You must have gotten something else my 2.0 is super bright
  12. Thank you very much for all you’re input greatly appreciated
  13. You lost me great knowledge would it be greedy to ask a spoon fed question? Lol what temperature would the coating need to be under Temperature wise to run the titanium comp and steel barrel for gold nitride coating
  14. I love when people say or make comments about open gun having no kick lol just goes to show how many people have actually shot an open major gun.
  15. Steel starts annealing around 250*c titanium starts stress release at 538*c and starts annealing at 700*c so you would need to be under these numbers for tin coating safety if you do find a company that does this a good amount under these numbers please let me know lol
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