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  1. Trent1k1

    Micro debris found in chamber area

    If he doesn't tumble the bullets in corn cob media, how could he have corn cob media in the JHP?
  2. Trent1k1

    1911 weaknesses

    Magazines dont always drop free from my 1911. Thats my biggest worry. I honestly cant remember the last malfunction with my 1911. I know i have over 15k rounds through it and all of that was USPSA or practice for USPSA.
  3. I have one that does the same thing. No problem with the slide on.
  4. Trent1k1

    USPSA number change when renewed

    For USPSA, you need to use the new one with the FY. Im sure Steel challenge will get updated on the web after the next update. Mine did when i changed from Annual to 3 year.
  5. i'm not sure my bullet will drop "that much" in 60 yards.
  6. My PCC is zero'd at 35 yards. at 60 yards, i need to hold low, like the bottom of the plate to hit it. It sounds like i'll need to continue to hold low instead of high in your example Don_B.
  7. Trent1k1

    Getting DQed. A lot.

    Here is a picture of my last DQ. 2016 Nationals, 18 stages in. Only had 8 more rounds to go on the stage. Notice the brass in the air, the mag falling and my finger on the trigger? Borrowed gun, blah, blah. I started to train with that routine of only touching the trigger AFTER the reload in dryfire after this stage. The video is even more awesome. Smoke in the air, bullet travelling to the Orange fields, the RM, the DNROI all watching and yelling stop.....
  8. Trent1k1

    Getting DQed. A lot.

    When you dryfire a magazine change, do NOT pull the trigger on the draw. Keep the gun "hot" and only pull the trigger after the magazine change. I DQ'd on the 18th stage of Nationals a few years ago with a borrowed gun. The only excuse was, my finger was not OFF the trigger during the magazine change, so an AD (probably still up in the air). On th mental game, if you aren't driving at 150% at a local, when you get all amped up at Nationals, you will be messed up. If you are beating the next guys at your club by 15%, ask yourself why you aren't beating them by 25%. Dig deep and up your game to really attack every time you pick up the gun during a match. Then, back off about 1% for Nationals.
  9. Trent1k1

    New USPSA Classifiers

    Jake Marten posted on FaceBook under the USPSA banner. Email your designs to Jake and Troy for consideration.
  10. biggest things to watch for are 180 and finger on the trigger while reloading. The finger thing usually becomes apparent on the "BANG", but some ROs will call you if the finger is not straight along the frame when doing anything other than shooting. Sort of how it is supposed to be.
  11. Trent1k1

    Rules Question

    If the wsb at a level 1 didn't prohibit it, then it is an MD failure. Not a shooter problem. In fact, the shooter may have known the rules better than the MD.
  12. All the cables have a small loop at the end (usually 1 inch or so). and use quick links/small caribiners to connect to the activators or props. We even use those links to add the different lines together to get longer runs. The 5, 10, 15, or 7, 14, 21 sort of distances allows you to easily identify the length and replace it quickly.
  13. Trent1k1

    How many stages is your local?

    6 for our every other Sunday match. 4 every Tuesday and Friday night
  14. Our club has 5, 10, and 15 foot cables. We even color coat them with paint. They are easy to replace during a match if one breaks as it can only be one of 3 length. We have a piece of 90 degree conduit mounted to a small piece of plywood. We use these to not only change the direction needed to activate the prop, but once the activator and prop are nailed in, these are very easy to move to tighten ir loosen the cables before nailing them in. Someone can literally stand on them and activate the prop over and iver until we are sure everything is the right distance. Works well for us and we have a ton of props so we deal with setting up and repairing cables a lot.