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  1. Trent1k1

    If I want to be classified...

    When you sign up online, you get your number. No reason not to do it.
  2. Trent1k1

    AZ Shooters website????

    not for the android app.
  3. Trent1k1

    PCC Handling Question

  4. Trent1k1

    PCC Handling Question

    It is possible to have a chamber flag in and NOT have the chamber cleared.
  5. Trent1k1

    PCC Handling Question

    The rules say that all other center-fired weapons need to have the trigger pulled. PCC's are not rimfire.
  6. Trent1k1

    Kimber Stainless II grip problems?

    I have the same problem on all 1911 platforms. For my competition 1911/2011 guns, i just disable the grip safety so i can get my hand as high as possible on the grip and keep my thumb on the safety. For a carry gun, i wouldnt disable any safeties.
  7. Trent1k1

    New shooter

    If you don't already own a gun and want to purchase one, a Glock 34 or 17 is a good choice. If you already own a 19, you can certainly start with that. DONT SPEND A TON OF MONEY until you have shot 1-2 matches to make sure you still want to compete. If you decide to stay in the sport, you will find plenty of ways to spend money, don't worry about that. The important thing is to find a range close to you and see if they have a New Shooter Class, or any sort of classes or requirements at the range prior to shooting the match. Contact the Match Director for more information. Practice and dryfire are WAY more important than buying a new gun or gear. Here is a link to dryfire from Max MIchel. Any YouTube videos from Max Michel are a great place to get started on the gun-handling skills you need to have. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=uspsa+youtube+dryfire&&view=detail&mid=90BA232326E344C20FA890BA232326E344C20FA8&&FORM=VRDGAR Good luck!
  8. Trent1k1


    Actually, with a dot you need to see what happens when you do press the trigger to make sure it is exactly where you thought was and not bouncing left and right. Any movement in dryfire will also be there in live fire. I practice draws and transitions with my real gun fully loaded with dummy ammo. I even fill up 170 and 140 mags and practice draws and transitions with them half full. You dont need to always press the trigger off you draw, or even on the firat transition. Sometimes i draw, finger in the trigger pressing, but not letting it activate. I transition to a second target and back to the first and only break the trigger on the last target. Focus on snapping your eyes to the next target and making the gun stop EXACTLY where you are looking at. Then do it again and break the shot on the 2nd target if, and only if the gun stopped exactly where you were looking. You may do that again and again until you are starting to break the shot when in yiur peripheral vision the dot is just passing the D zone and finally breaking at exactly where you are looking as the gun stops. I think you will find that getting the gun to stop and breaking the shot on the next target will help you become more efficient, which is the end goal. If you want to see your last shot on a target because you are always missing the last shot on an array, you need to fix that in live fire. Good luck
  9. Trent1k1


    I used one with iron sights for a few months when I was getting started. No BBs, but it helped me start to track the front sight. or, maybe just the dryfire and putting rounds downrange helped me start to track the front site. I don't see that it would be as helpful to me for dryfire now that I am in open. Spend the money on batteries for your Red Dot and get some dummy ammo so the weight of your real gun is true and practice draws and transitions using that. I think that will help more in the long run. Just dryfiring will help in the long run. Every day....
  10. Trent1k1

    Open gun help

    OAL 1.165? That's where I run my 9 Major at.
  11. Trent1k1

    Open gun help

    "Most" comps work best between 170-175 PF. Unless you are using enough gas, the comp is just a weight hanging off the front of the gun. I use a grain more powder of AutoComp (actually more than 1 grain) and load longer for my Open guns. I'm about 170PF as that is where I feel the comp is working the best for me. You just need to decide if you want to use the comp to help with recoil by routing the gas appropriately, or as a weight forward on the gun to offset the recoil.
  12. Trent1k1

    PCC Handling Question

    https://uspsa.org/viewer/PCC_Addendum.pdf has the rules. What i have seen is at many ranges, the rifles are in cases until just before being used. Most shooters aim thier carts ir cases towards a side berm. They raise the weapon to muzzle up or down while facing the berm. It wont go horizontal until the RO states Make Ready, and the Muzzle still cant sweep anyone.
  13. Trent1k1

    Practiscore offline?

    Eugene, I did ask them. Last night at 7pm Eastern. Received a response from USPSA at 1040am Eastern this morning that it was back up. My Android version worked the entire time though.
  14. Trent1k1

    Practiscore offline?

    Still cant upload scores from the mobile app.