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  1. Probably the plastic follower is different and not pushing up the slide stop. As a test, take the spring and followed from one mag and put it in the suspect mag. If it works, that is the problem.
  2. I have over 12k through my 'normal' Trojan 45 with no issues. The bluing wears off from the holster. After a year of shooting Single Stack, I just cerakoted it. From what I remember, the Super Tuned has a nicer trigger pull/feel than the stock version from STI. I just put an EGW drop-in trigger set and run it.
  3. YouTube has many videos on disassembly. It may feel daunting, but if you can get the barrel bushing out, you can take the thing apart and put it back together. Just pay attention, and pause the videos when you need to.
  4. The PCC guys (I have one as well) get all hyped up when they get the HOA. It is very easy to put "hard leans" requiring them to shoot weak hand in any stage, or do huge transitions which will slow them down, or speedshoots with mandatory reloads. Instead, I prefer not to change the stages and kick their butts on the same stages we normally run. I routinely beat 99% of the PCC shooters at my club with an Open gun, other than strong hand/weak hand Classifier stages. (I think the HF should probably change dramatically on those stages). To combat that, we don't do a lot of Uprange
  5. To me, it is more about the "feel". I prefer a little take-up in order to get the trigger to a "wall". At that point 2 lbs, or 1 lbs doesn't really matter to me. The consistency of having some take-u and a wall to pull through is more important than how light the trigger is. I do prefer less than 2 lbs. thoughl.
  6. 1.5 in Open in Limited is NOT unsafe, if you keep your finger off the trigger.
  7. I didn't have any problems with the "shorter" bullets. I use JHPs to get the extra length for all my 9 major loads
  8. I'll take the range bag.

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      If you take PayPal Friends and Family

  9. No 500 dollar gun won Production Nationals. I can design stages that are 8 round friendly and make Production shooters reload just as often as SS. That's not a challenge at all. In fact, I can make those stages Major friendly and force the Minor shooters take more time to be more accurate. Hoser targets at even 15-20 yards can make a Minor shooter drop a ton of points and use up those extra rounds. Of course putting 8 small poppers in a view is going to allow someone with 10 rounds to be much more aggressive. The 2016 World Shoot was won by a gu
  10. I shot 115's last year. Very crisp and predictable. I tried 124's this year, since I shot IPSC Nationals I wouldn't have to change from the 115s for one match, I just shot the 124's all year. 124's feel different, not better or worse, just different to me.
  11. If you are already shooting Alphas, go Open and just start pulling the trigger. Occasional Charlies don't hurt as much in Major, and the comp really tames down the barrel movement. It is harder to pickup the dot in believe in Open than Carry Optics, especially Weak hand, so some practice will be required.
  12. We do it at our bigger matches to get more stages in, and create some white noise for the shooter. We usually have an unloaded start for the 2nd stage as most shooter ULSC as a habit. The make ready is usually quick for the 2nd stage as the gun is unloaded. We just had a match 2 weekends ago, and I got to go first, in staff day. Both stages were timing with maxtraps (3 shots required) and swingers and drop Turner on the 2nd stage. No one knew the timing or order, and after I shot, we all knew that wasn't the timing sequence. Usually they are 8 to 16 round
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