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  1. Trent1k1

    Rules Question

    If the wsb at a level 1 didn't prohibit it, then it is an MD failure. Not a shooter problem. In fact, the shooter may have known the rules better than the MD.
  2. All the cables have a small loop at the end (usually 1 inch or so). and use quick links/small caribiners to connect to the activators or props. We even use those links to add the different lines together to get longer runs. The 5, 10, 15, or 7, 14, 21 sort of distances allows you to easily identify the length and replace it quickly.
  3. Trent1k1

    How many stages is your local?

    6 for our every other Sunday match. 4 every Tuesday and Friday night
  4. Our club has 5, 10, and 15 foot cables. We even color coat them with paint. They are easy to replace during a match if one breaks as it can only be one of 3 length. We have a piece of 90 degree conduit mounted to a small piece of plywood. We use these to not only change the direction needed to activate the prop, but once the activator and prop are nailed in, these are very easy to move to tighten ir loosen the cables before nailing them in. Someone can literally stand on them and activate the prop over and iver until we are sure everything is the right distance. Works well for us and we have a ton of props so we deal with setting up and repairing cables a lot.
  5. Trent1k1

    Help a 2011 newbie.. Open gun on the way.

    Mbx mags. Alpha X holster. I had the usa holster and older AA. I really like the Alpha X. Mag pouches. Cr speed are fine. AA mag pouches are nicer looking.pouch, but i dont think much better. A buddy just bought the Alpha X mag pouches. May actually be too adjustable for Open. Dont necessarily need everything they offer in Open as you might want for Production where every little bit of space counts. Have fun
  6. Trent1k1

    Advantages and disadvantages of 155mm mags

    I like the 155s to reload yo from the big stick. Definately easier to load than 170s, but slightly more so than the 140s. There are stages where it makes sense to have 25 or 26 rounds after the reload than 22 or 23. You don't need a bunch of them, but beimg comfortable with 1 may come in handy every now and then.
  7. Trent1k1

    Magazine Issue

    I'll give you $100 for it! I had a mag spring get stuck on a stage. Replaced the spring, but didn't let it seat and had a single-shot Open gun during yesterday's match. It's always something.
  8. Trent1k1

    Magazine Issue

    1.165 is what i have in mine as well. You are starting to run out of things to change. It is strange.
  9. Trent1k1

    Magazine Issue

    I just loaded up an MBX with 4 rounds, and it is still parallel with the feedlips. Have you tried changing the follower? If the spring didn't make a difference, that's about the only other thing to change. If the rest of the rounds are parallel, it probably isn't the feed lips. Just a random thought, are any rounds too long and hitting the magazine catch hole?
  10. Trent1k1

    Trubor Replacement

    You may want to start your search by checking out what barrels are even available. That may help narrow the search.
  11. Trent1k1

    Magazine Issue

    I'm NO MBX Expert, but on every other mag i have, the bullet is way closer to parallel with the angle of the feed lips than what you have in the pictures.
  12. Trent1k1

    Chrono stage info in PractiScore

    I've used it a couple of times for major matches. I like the fact that it is easy to see if anyone has not gone to chrono from the Master tablet.
  13. Even multiple Mikes. If you are a safe shooter, as a test, shoot fast enough to make sure you have 2 hits on each target. You cannot have any misses, but just think about seeing 'brown' for anything less than 10 yards by shooting as safely as possible. You can only learn to shoot faster, by, shooting faster. It takes time, and will not happen on your 2nd match, but eventually your eyes and scores will start to find more Alphas. Once you are up to that speed setting, try to go faster but do NOT allow any Deltas. It's a process to learn how fast you can go to be accurate enough to get the Alpha percentages listed above.
  14. Trent1k1

    If I want to be classified...

    When you sign up online, you get your number. No reason not to do it.
  15. Trent1k1

    AZ Shooters website????

    not for the android app.