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  1. I recently picked up a smooth SS grip from PT for my 2011. Does anyone have a printable template for cutting grip tape to wrap the grip with? Thanks.
  2. How's the weight compared to the RTS2 or RMR?
  3. My coated bullets have been working fine, close to 2k through with only minor cleaning of the comp if I remember to spray it with Dillon case lube before the range. They are a bit smoky but I only really notice if I'm at the indoor range.
  4. I'm a fan of the PT grip, and correct me if I'm wrong but the CK grip uses a proprietary magwell. I'm using the aluminum with aggressive texture on my standard guns.
  5. Today I did 9 runs with and average of 5.42 most of the time I'd have 2 out of the A raw time average was 4.63. At the end of the session I went full out and got a 3.96 all alpha, now I need to pull that every time.
  6. I'm about to try tonight with poppel holes. I'll see how it works.
  7. I'm using a 15lbs spring running at 175 PF
  8. "The problem with quotes found on the internet is that they're not always accurate ." Abraham Lincoln.
  9. A club just got the ability to run sanctioned matches here in Alberta, not hugely popular but it's growing.
  10. I'm using AutoComp and Bayou 124gr. No leading in the comp and I don't notice the smoke when shooting, when watching a video of it there is some more smoke than usual an ROs tend to ask what the funky smell is.
  11. I've seen 3 of them crack the locking lug in the last 2 seasons shooting major, only 2 people have them up here in Alberta. Personally I wouldn't drop the coin on one.
  12. Rock star energy drink, white can with no sugar and a light breakfast. Granola bars and water on the range, sometimes a couple Gatorade depending on how hot it is.
  13. First part to fail for me were the springs loosing tension in a Aftec extractor in the middle of a match. Now they get changed couple times a year.
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