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  1. Try CZ Custom for a recurve trigger. Sorry couldn't get the picture to paste across on my phone but looked like it had way more hook / curve to it. (Part No 5A)CZ 75B Style Re curve Trigger
  2. Hi, I have been using SPO1 Shadows in Production for several years and have experienced the usual and IMO acceptable failures of slide stops and TRS's at around 132 PF and 7K rounds / yr. I am thinking of moving to Open and would like to try a Czechmate as it is a simular platform. My concern is I hear the occasional story of this gun type shearing off or cracking locking lugs, frames and slides at relatively low round counts at major PF. I have not seen this myself or been told what PF or round count this happens at when I've asked. Before I commit can any CZ Open Shooters out there advise me if this is actually a problem, PF used, round counts, or any other quirks or issues with this gun would be appreciated. Thanks, PC.
  3. Do you mean sharpen it to point or still leave a flat on the tip of the pin?Thanks, PC. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
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