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  1. I have a LNL and a 650. Saying that "anything is better than the Hornady" is just fanboy nonsense. I have loaded multiple thousand of rounds on the LNL without problem. Their customer service has been pleasant and responsive. So has Dillons. The biggest problem to me is how much the case feeder cost for the LNL.
  2. I shoot in esp so wanted to keep the magwell. Reducing the grip weight size was easy.
  3. I cut the grip weight just below the rubber retainer and beveled the edges. The gun is now at 42.99 oz with a 43 oz limit. Probably too close for a sanctioned match so I will either bevel some more or drill a hole or two. The metal is very soft so easy to cut. I think it is important to bevel the edges so there is no interference with the mag going in.
  4. Ok I’ll let you know how it goes.
  5. Same weight as regular x5 weight. Thanks for the reply.
  6. I was able to get a 320 x5 legion. So far so good shoots flat like a 1911. Good trigger about 3 1/4 lbs with a pretty clean break. I primarily shoot idpa esp so the stock gun is a little over the 43 oz limit. I took out the grip weight and now it’s under now problem. It occurred to me if I could neatly trim some of the grip weight off I could get it right at or a little under 43 oz. it feels a little nose heavy without the grip weight but still balances nicely. So good or bad idea to neatly trim the weight?
  7. It’s the bullets....I had some .452 lead bullets so I loaded a few. They are right on the money. The xtreme .452 bullets are actually .451 perhaps because they are double struck. I got in the neighborhood of 900 FPS with the lead with 6.0 gns of 231...right in line with the loading manual. It is possible the xtremes are not sealing properly. They are supposed to interact like lead bullets so that’s my best guess.
  8. Yea...I don't get it. I'm going to get some factory rounds and put them over the chrono. I really like WST but it's not working for me. I have checked all my reloading parameters and everything is within spec.
  9. I have chased this rabbit round the hole. I bought a stainless range officer. I put on a smith and Alexander mag well, bulletproof extractor and cylinder and slide trigger although the factory trigger was pretty good. The problem was the gun wouldn’t group very well by my standard. Horrible actually. Springfield’s accepted accuracy translates into you better be a steady shot if you want to be zero down at 20 yards. Some people report great accuracy others not so.much. So I had a kart barrel installed. It has always been very reliable. If I had to do it again...dw pointman or valor and Ed Brown
  10. Looks like 6gns of 231 to get it done. My plated bullets are giving jacketed ballistics according to the hornady reloading manual
  11. I tried it again at about 60 degrees. A little better but still not there. Some other guys shot different rounds (.45 and 10mm) and they thought the results were right so I think the Chrono is ok. I tried just a lead round nose thinking that the plated xtremes where doing it but it was the same. It looks like I can push 231 a little over 6 grains so I will give that a try. I am shooting a stock les Baer custom carry so I would think the barrel is good.
  12. shooting 200 gn I need at least 825 FPS. I'd like a little margin so my goal is 850 FPS. I don't want to load 230 gn just because I have a lot of 200 gn.
  13. I am reloading .45 acp with the intent to shoot CDP in IDPA. I need to make major power factor. I am trying 231 and WST but am having a hard time getting the velocity I need. I tried 5.5 grains of 231 with a 200 gn xtreme round nose at 1.250, Sellier and Belliot primers. My 5 shot string was: 620 730 768 668 697 Pretty pathetic. I then tried 4.8 grains of WST, same parameters and got: 741 755 748 775 765 Better but still no cigar. I shot this with a Les Baer 5" and a Wilson CQB 5" with similar results. I then upped the WST to 5.0 grains, almost max according to Hodg
  14. Did it come with 2 or 3 mags? I have a 9mm and really like it. A .40 is on the way. My 9 came with 3 mags but the description of the .40 indicated 2. The 9 is very accurate and the trigger is perfect.
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