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  1. Come on out to Manor this Saturday. At ARC APSC is putting on a USPSA match, you can find it on Practiscore.
  2. I have a Springer Precision mount for a Vortex Venom on my M&P, so far I like it. I just couldn't commit to milling my slide yet. I picked up a second Venom cheap thinking of trying the EGW on my STI Eagle.
  3. Club I shoot with bought 6 M18 Milwaukee roto hammers and a bunch of batteries. I bought the adapter to drive spikes, it really save time. Our bays are 6" of road base over a high lime content clay.
  4. Ghost rings are real slow on clays, knock over targets etc. A vent rib with a rear site is just about as accurate as a ghost ring for slugs/precise shots, but faster at everything else.
  5. I understand how equipment is made, and needs to be made at a reasonable price. Using the correct plastics to mold a part that is ready to assemble is a very smart move. I wish my collator worked correctly, the ramp problem would be easy to solve, my problem was I could run the collator until it shut off and only get 3-5 primers to get to the ramp. I tried both disks and still no luck.
  6. I normally load Blue Bullet 147 gr. but found a box on over 1,000 Montana Gold 124 JHP. I didn't tweak the collator, maybe 1 out 200 drops upside down. The Blue Bullets drop less than 1 in a 1,000 upside down.
  7. Same here, $19.75 to ship a defective product back. Did not even have it for a week. Just wasted my time fooling with it
  8. Leaving for FedEx in a hour to drop mine off to go back.
  9. I'll call in the morning, I get busy at work and wind up not thinking of calling when at work.
  10. I emailed DAA Monday for a RMA to return the collator, it will not even get primers to the chute. Still have not heard anything, I figured even with SHOT Show there should be people at DAA to send out the email with a RMA. Now getting pretty unhappy.
  11. I installed the V2 plate, cleaned the bowl, had over 200 primers in the bowl. Ran off till the light on the ramp flashed, had only 8 primers in the tube. Reset and ran a second batch, got 9 in the tube. This thing can barely feed anything to the ramp. One thing I am not doing is changing primers I use, so unless anyone here has any ideas what I can not get the primers to ramp, it is going back. Sorry just tired of fooling with this.
  12. If the light sensor is counting primers slipping over it, it should stay running until 99 primers have gone over it.
  13. I just had the same problem. First run loaded '100' no problem, then had ramp issues. Cleaning a lubing did not work, so just cleaned it with alcohol. Then got it to run out a '100' thought I had it fixed, added another 100 primers so have at least 200 in it. Now the collator is not picking up the primers. Is the light/sensor on the ramp what counts the primers?
  14. I use Remington 5 1/2 primers, first 50 or so ran OK, then started jamming up. Going to clean the ramp and hole to the tube with alcohol, then a light coat of silicon spray lube, see if that helps. Cleaned the ramp down to the 'hammer' this morning, both just cleaned and lubed with some silicone causes it to feed worse. I shouldn't have to clean primer to use the machine, if I need to do that I'd rather just use my primer tray.
  15. No, you need to help the blood move out of your feet, problem is gravity.
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