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  1. The Donald

    Scope mount question

    A 20 MOA scope mount is fine, you will only go in one direction from where you zero your rifle.
  2. The Donald

    Scope mount question

    Depends on your scope and distance you are shooting. After 500-600 yards the 20 MOA mount helps a bit because a bullet will start dropping with distance.
  3. The Donald

    Beginner Reloading Equipment

    The 550 is a good all around workhorse. Can use as a turret type press for precision ammo or can turn out good ammo at a pretty good clip. If someone buys one hates reloading/loses interest you can easily get back 80-90% of buying a new one.
  4. The Donald

    Beginner Reloading Equipment

    Since you are looking for a turret press, I would get the new Lyman Brass Smith All American turret. It will be a good work horse no matter what you reload. If you look you can get them under $200. Even if you buy a Dillon later turrets are a great press to keep around. I have a Redding T-7 had it over 10 years, love the press for all the odd ball and precision calibers I load. I have both a Dillon 550 and 650 with case feeder and would never give up a turret.
  5. The Donald

    450 refurb

    I have heard Dillon does a lot of upgrades to the 450 when they refurbish it. I would call them after Christmas see what they say.
  6. The Donald

    ELS Belt Cut Down / Ratchet Systems?

    I screwed up..here it is...https://www.ratchetingbuckles.com/
  7. The Donald

    ELS Belt Cut Down / Ratchet Systems?

    I cut my ELS belt down and installed a ratcheting buckle from ratchetingbuckle.com
  8. The Donald

    Weight of TF Delrin vs Aluminum basepads

    A lot tougher, I would never worry about Delrin cracking or 'exploding' when dropped.
  9. The Donald

    Portable Steel Targets

    MOA Targets and SITargets both make good targets. SITargets has a 'plate rack' in a bucket too. They also make a hanging 'A' zone target, plus some interesting hangers.
  10. The Donald

    Weight of TF Delrin vs Aluminum basepads

    Delrin is a tough material. It make great bearing material, railroad cars used bronze bushings for the axles for years and they were lucky to get a year out of the bronze bushing. Railroads started using Delrin bushings and the were serviceable after 5 years and did not require as much lube. Delrin is also one of the easiest to machine materials. Even easier than aluminum.
  11. That is funny, I don't care who you are..
  12. Watch 41's funeral the last two days, very impressive. R.I.P. President Bush
  13. Wouldn't a SBR have a stock? I know both mine do..
  14. The Donald

    Extended mag release for forgedPSA 9

    I used this Odin release on my PSA lower https://www.odinworks.com/XMGR1_p/acc-xgmr1.htm
  15. The Donald

    SLR Sentry Gas Block

    I look at gas tubes as a maintenance item, the melonnite tubes clean easier than a stainless tube. I clean my gas tube with a shot or two of brake clean, then a couple blasts of compressed air. Then go through and clean the rest of the upper/barrel.