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  1. The Donald

    Mashing trigger problems

    I think it is more mental when you can do a good press, but then it all falls apart. Last weekend at a match we had a stage with targets with a lot of hard cover and it was Virginia count. I mentally got myself ready with 'sights, press sights, press' over and over mentally until i could close my eyes and see myself doing it. Got all 'A' zones on the stage and turned a decent time. Then did a classifer with all head shots, but did not mentally prepare. Was not pretty..
  2. Strong probably, they are talking with Copperhead Creek where the match was at originally. The only thing I didn't/don't care for at Reville Ranch where is was this year is how dusty the ground is, but it is so big you can build some very interesting stages.
  3. The Donald

    Texas star

    Red Stitch beats everyone elses using magnets to secure the paddle retainers. MGM's springs that hold the paddles wear out real easily and you have to buy the spring from MGM and they are expensive. Other option MOA Targets good quality and reasonable priced. MOA offers Texas Star kits too.
  4. The Donald

    FN SLP 18" Failure To Cycle Jamming

    FLP's hate cheap ammo, Winchester AA, Remington Nitro 27 Golds will work. Buy a couple boxes of each.
  5. The Donald

    New Magnum PI

    Why on all these show everyone is a Navy Seal? I guess with gun shows getting scarce every Seals has to do something else. On the original show Thomas Magnum had been in Navel Intelligence, fits a lot better.
  6. The Donald

    Rachet for ELS Belt?

    I bought a pack of 8-32 'Chicago Nuts' and button head socket head cap screws. For belts other than ELS, just drill a small hole, then push a soldering iron through the hole. For Velcro it pulls the outer nice and tight to the inner belt, I know guys that still have their belts lap over. I trim mine off so the have a 3-4" gap at about 4:30.
  7. The Donald

    Rachet for ELS Belt?

    I bought 1" extended release buckle and tab, really love it the bigger buckle is a lot easier to tighten and release over the smaller one Carbon Arms sells.
  8. The Donald

    Sti company

    Slides can be a bit of a wait from STI
  9. A couple guys that shoot OPEN around here have built a 2011 'carry optics' type pistol. Use a sight tracker with ports in the barrel and slide mounted optics. Much easier to carry in a normal retention holster and they are 9mm, since 3 gun has no power factor.
  10. The Donald

    Rachet for ELS Belt?

    Thanks for the tip on ratchetingbuckles.com, ordered a couple Friday had them Monday. Very good prices too.
  11. The Donald

    Spotting Scope

    Cabela's/Vortex scopes are a real good scope and many times are on sale. I bought a 20-60 angle Razor HD for $600 on sale.
  12. The Donald

    Best bullet and recipe for 1/7 twist, long range

    400 yds isn't that far, but try 77 gr Noslers or Sierras. Both can be loaded mag length
  13. The Donald

    Noob seeking help for 3-gun

    ELS belt with a Carbon Fiber ratchet is the way to go. Just be sure to Locktite all the screws as you put stuff together.
  14. The Donald

    switching ammo in shotgun stage

    I have a separate caddy for slugs and they are different color.
  15. The Donald

    One M&P to rule them all

    Do you want to shoot both IDPA and USPSA? If so get a M&P for production, or carry optics. Only difference is you'll need slight different holster set ups. To try to shoot the same gun in production and limited is really self defeating. Concentrate on one class.