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  1. Got the e mail and ordered one, hope it works!
  2. I will take the other 2 toolheads, send me you P/P info





  3. I have a Faxon barrel you described, they are have 25% this weekend, should get you to the $200 price point.
  4. How much in dollars and will they ship it to the U.S.?
  5. Most shotguns have a 'plug' limiting you to two rounds in the mag tube + one in the chamber. It is a hunting thing. Without the plug you should hold 5 rounds + 1.
  6. Not to be that guy, but Remington shotguns have issues. I would buy either a Benelli M2 or a new Beretta 1301 Comp. I have one of the 1301's shot thousands of rounds though it. It runs every time with minimal cleaning and hits POA at 100 yds with slugs. I do have XS sights on it.
  7. Thanks, I'm going to find one to look at!
  8. Are you red color blind? A friend mine is so he bought a green 510C, I have a red one. To me it doesn't matter, (I have shot his gun) to him it does matter.
  9. I bought 2 and shot a Steel Challenge match with them, ran perfectly.
  10. When locked does it hold the gun securely? Also how secure with the lock off?
  11. This is what I use on my 3 gun rig. It is a modified Safariland belt with ELS's https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/Invictus-Practical-Holster-Hanger-Kit-Long-P3520.aspx
  12. Swampfox is coming out with a 1-10 scope with locking turrets, should be interesting for 3 gun.
  13. THIS!!! The Pocket Pro is old tech. If you are using Practiscore on tablet the AMG timer is real cool.
  14. If you want an STI look at one of the tuned STI pistols from Brazos. The devil is in the details.
  15. Sport Pistol is clean shooting, next to no smoke, and no residue. I had some pin tumbled 40 brass I loaded with 4.8 grs. Sport Pistol with 180 Blue Bullets. Took my first 100 to the range see how they ran and to chrono. I laid a tarp out to catch the brass and it was just about as clean after as before I loaded it. I switched my 9mm load to Sport Pistol from Titigroup (which I had used since the late 90's), the brass was a lot cleaner and it shot just as accurate as my old load.
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