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  1. I start the tab into the ratchet then wrap the belt around me starting at the holster, since it is the most important thing on the belt. When the holster is perfect, I start tightening the ratchet, and yes over the inner Velco belt.
  2. Good chance Jerry may have made it. He is a pretty good machinist/gunsmith in his own right and has a nice shop at home.
  3. How does the Everglades work for a 2011 Edge with the STI plastic grip?
  4. We took some MGM plate racks and made an axle on one end using wheel borrow wheels (was maybe a foot wider total than the plate rack) and then put a piece of tubing and hitch on the other end. I have seen plate racks mounted on good size solid rubber casters.
  5. More likely a comp you don't need to remove to change chokes.
  6. Check out M2 Inc, only thing limiting you is your imagination. They ship super fast, my order went out 3 hours after I placed it!
  7. CDI and Precision Instruments made torque wrenchs for Snap-On until about 10 years ago. The Snap-On made their own the electronic torque wrenches. The CDI and Precision Instruments are a lot better. I have both including some that are 40 years old. The CDI/Precision are much better than the in house Snap-On wrenches and are a lot cheaper.
  8. To Dallas area, either one. The range is west of Fort Worth, just south of Weatherford
  9. What are you going to use your shotgun for?
  10. You could always drive up to the Austin area and have Virgil Tripp or Aaron/Ben Hayes go though the pistol.
  11. Could you tell us more about the gun? Parts used, how much work you did yourself, sent out?
  12. Magnums are fine, all I use are Remington 7 1/2 on rifle and 5 1/2 on pistol. They work great.
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