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  1. Got the Holosun mounted this morning on an extra X-5 slide. Did some drive fire drills, mostly strong hand only. Real easy to see the chevron on a draw. At the distance you hold a pistol from your eye the chevron really shows up well. Might run up to the range tomorrow see how it sights in and how fast it shoots.
  2. I have a tungsten guide rod in one of my slides. It normally resides on a tungsten infused grip ‘lower’ it is very stable shooting gun. I also have another slide with a Gray Guns stainless guide rod.
  3. Well my 507C ACSS showed up today, played with it a little bit. I really like a lot so far.
  4. I have never used a Swage It, but a couple guys on ARFcom use it. One guy says he has excellent results by lubing the primer pockets alone with the rest of the brass when prepping brass.
  5. It was an old Shooting USA I saw it on. I thought it was at Federal. No big deal but was interesting how they made and loaded the priming compound.
  6. I guess the whole Amazon thing did not work out, so use the Swampfox website and the new code is KICKOFF2021
  7. I have one coming hopefully this week. Should be interesting.
  8. This is on their Amazon storefront!
  9. If you are interested in a Swampfox Liberty or Justice, they are ON SALE TODAY (1/1/21) ONLY!!!
  10. The 365XL uses a Sentinal, no adapter needed, just remove the rear sight. Legions and X-5’s use slightly different adapters, the Springer website is pretty good on the difference.
  11. On a Mr. Bulletfeeder there are the droppers that you adjust or use different ones, like 9mm, 40, 45 each require different droppers. Now the collator needs to be tweaked for each bullet weight/profile. I had mine adjusted for 9mm 147 gr. RN bullets, had to tweak it a bit for 124 JHP and then again for 124 RN.
  12. I never thought of it, until a mutual friend of ours sent me an e mail about John. John sold a lot of ammo at the gun shows in Northern California, including some hard to find old military calibers. He actually lost his eye and had glass eye put in.
  13. I used a Spring Precision mount. They tap in like tapping in a sight. The Swampfox red dots have a RMR pattern like the Holosun and Trijicon red dots.
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