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  1. This is what I use on my 3 gun rig. It is a modified Safariland belt with ELS's https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/Invictus-Practical-Holster-Hanger-Kit-Long-P3520.aspx
  2. Swampfox is coming out with a 1-10 scope with locking turrets, should be interesting for 3 gun.
  3. THIS!!! The Pocket Pro is old tech. If you are using Practiscore on tablet the AMG timer is real cool.
  4. If you want an STI look at one of the tuned STI pistols from Brazos. The devil is in the details.
  5. Sport Pistol is clean shooting, next to no smoke, and no residue. I had some pin tumbled 40 brass I loaded with 4.8 grs. Sport Pistol with 180 Blue Bullets. Took my first 100 to the range see how they ran and to chrono. I laid a tarp out to catch the brass and it was just about as clean after as before I loaded it. I switched my 9mm load to Sport Pistol from Titigroup (which I had used since the late 90's), the brass was a lot cleaner and it shot just as accurate as my old load.
  6. How much of each ammo are you loading? If like most people it is 9mm, .40 and .223 then buy a 750 or 1050 for those three. Use a good turret for everything else, for me that is .308, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 Grendel and 6.8. I still have my old 550 for 45 ACP and charging, seating bullets on the 6.8. I keep the 550 set up for large primers, my 650 for small primers.
  7. Out of coated bullets, Blue Bullets with Titegroup does not smoke very much. Other coated bullets smoke pretty bad with Titegroup. I have a couple thousand other coated 9mm bullets so I changed my powder from Titegroup to Sport Pistol. Sport Pistol in my 40's with Blue Bullets is very clean, even the brass looks like it was just tumbled!
  8. They are designed to hold snow boards on snow boarder's feet. Velco won't do that.
  9. I have my ratchet on a Safariland belt, just trimmed till it has an inch gap wrapped around me.
  10. I wet tumble with Brass Juice, no pins. Run my FART 30-40 minutes and brass comes out pretty clean. After resizing I clean off lube in my FART with Blue Coral car wash soap and no pins. Really looks nice after and all the lube is gone.
  11. I start the tab into the ratchet then wrap the belt around me starting at the holster, since it is the most important thing on the belt. When the holster is perfect, I start tightening the ratchet, and yes over the inner Velco belt.
  12. Did you get the thigh pad to go with it?
  13. Good chance Jerry may have made it. He is a pretty good machinist/gunsmith in his own right and has a nice shop at home.
  14. How does the Everglades work for a 2011 Edge with the STI plastic grip?
  15. We took some MGM plate racks and made an axle on one end using wheel borrow wheels (was maybe a foot wider total than the plate rack) and then put a piece of tubing and hitch on the other end. I have seen plate racks mounted on good size solid rubber casters.
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