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  1. You could always drive up to the Austin area and have Virgil Tripp or Aaron/Ben Hayes go though the pistol.
  2. Could you tell us more about the gun? Parts used, how much work you did yourself, sent out?
  3. Magnums are fine, all I use are Remington 7 1/2 on rifle and 5 1/2 on pistol. They work great.
  4. I have one on my PCC, works great, shake awake, clear. Read the instructions to set up, the reticile can be set constant, or automatic. Use constant for competition.
  5. I have ordered Taran's base pads, springs, followers. They get out orders in a few days, but the post office where they are is pretty poor and loses stuff right and left. However when they do TT stands up big time. The post office there lost my order, and TT called me back that afternoon because the tracking number was issued but never moved. TT because of the hassle sent me a couple extra packages of mag springs and followers for the hassle. One problem with the shotguns, pistols is the time custom building them, plus if one of the gunsmiths get sick, goes on vacation stuff gets behind. Now they should let you know and give you some idea on delivery.
  6. One thing most important NEVER, NEVER, touch your press or handle primers without safety glasses on!!!!! That way if something goes wrong your eyes are protected!
  7. Use the large, the small bar does less that perfect drops getting close to 20 gr's. Now the small bar works great in the 3-10 grain range.
  8. Look at 'the most frequently purchased together' you know who is buying the most..
  9. I've thought of going up to the Tulsa match. I regularly shoot 3 gun out to 500 yds. How many stages was it? Reseting go real well?
  10. Was hoping one of you guys would tell us how the match was, maybe post some youtube links.
  11. I have a 1" ratcheting buckle on my 3 gun belt, I love that I can get it tight. When I ordered it I ordered a few extra. Think I'll do my USPSA belt next.
  12. I do the exact same thing, you would be suprised how accurate your eyeballs are when you get used to your charge. I also don't try to run my press at maximum speed I just cruise at a comfortable speed not to miss anything going wrong.
  13. One thing that makes importing anything kind hard to pin point a date something to get in the U.S. distribution pipeline is customs. Stuff has been known to sit in customs especially if in shipping containers for a week or two.
  14. Fastnal has grade 8 Carriage bolts, not cheap, but with take a rifle hit. Use them double nutted to hold the back bracket.
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