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  1. If you want to shoot, pick up a Swampfox Justice. It uses the same plate as the Trijicon RMR/SRO and has a clear wide lens. Last weekend they did have them in stock.
  2. Pretty much this, the 1301 will run just about every ammo especially when broken in. I have one of the first ones with ten of thousands of rounds through, never misses a beat. and i barely clean it other than some CLP on the bolt.
  3. What ammo are you using? Not all shotgun ammo like box feed shotguns. Did you break the shotgun in yet?
  4. What kind of mag? Shotgun? Ammo used?
  5. You would also have to move the extractor and possibly the ejector in the slide.
  6. I ordered one on a Sunday from , GoShoot.com, shipped Monday, should have been here Thursday but USPS screwed up and it came Friday.
  7. Won't happen, you would have to redesign the entire press. With the design of the 650/750 you can not hold the brass down to swage it. The add on 'Swage-its' only hold the brass by the rim.
  8. My timer shipped today, should be here Wednesday or Thursday.
  9. Tried yesterday had problems getting the order through on my IPad. They quickly responded and took care of me. Great service.
  10. A lot of us use Safariland GLS holsters, good retention yet fast to draw. I use a BOSS hanger with a quick release so I can bag my pistol and remove my holster easily if not needed and going prone.
  11. I wish they could keep up on the VR80's. Some came into Grab A Gun yesterday, all sold in under an hour.
  12. Got the Holosun mounted this morning on an extra X-5 slide. Did some drive fire drills, mostly strong hand only. Real easy to see the chevron on a draw. At the distance you hold a pistol from your eye the chevron really shows up well. Might run up to the range tomorrow see how it sights in and how fast it shoots.
  13. I have a tungsten guide rod in one of my slides. It normally resides on a tungsten infused grip ‘lower’ it is very stable shooting gun. I also have another slide with a Gray Guns stainless guide rod.
  14. Well my 507C ACSS showed up today, played with it a little bit. I really like a lot so far.
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