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  1. On 9mm you can run it with one head, with the extra money get a Mr. Bulletfeeder deprime/resize swedge prime charge seat bullet crimp
  2. Get a BOSS hanger, most holsters are drilled with the Blade-Tech/Comp-tec pattern
  3. I have a QLS on a couple of BOSS mounts with different holsters. Stays never solid, nice to be able to remove the holster on some non-pistol stages.
  4. I know a couple people with SRO’s in stead of C Mores.
  5. If a pump is rough, imagine what a semi auto would be like.
  6. Even my Razor at 6 has a tighter eye box, as power goes up the eye box gets tighter and tighter. I like my Tomahawk and am glad Swampfox listened to us on the Arrowhead.
  7. The Swampfox Arrowhead has some of the best glass for it’s price range, the reticle is also day light bright which is very rare in it’s price range. One other feature of the Arrowhead is the exposed turrets is they are locking, Swampfox listened to their customers after their first LPVO the Tomahawk didn’t so they would get moved during a match.
  8. The Donald

    X5 Legion

    BSPS has them, plus the advertise here.
  9. 4.8 gr. makes major with a 180 gr Blue Bullet. I think the problem is most people shooting minor are shooting 9mm.
  10. The real BOSS looks nice, not like the knockoffs you see that look like they were hacked out with a chain saw.
  11. Our club bought a bunch of AMG timers. Just the timer alone is tough, never gets us issues, but being able to sync to our I Pads for times makes it even better.
  12. I bought a set of 3 for my 2011's, they fit perfectly. They have a weight that feels like a regular mag half full of ammo.
  13. We have a few shooters that have had their kids around 6-7 shoot Steel Challenge. It is worked out with the R.O. that the parent brings their son/daughter up and uncases the firearm and helps with the reload, etc. We run them at that age more for fun than score. I personally like the idea both for helping new shooters join the sport, but also for dad-daughter/son bonding.
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