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  1. The Legions made after March of this year were also drilled to fit RMR patterned RDS.
  2. Looks like they are starting to get a bit caught up, my order was supposed to ship 9/30, but shipped yesterday and will be here Friday.
  3. The Donald

    Mag Pouches

    What part number are you using? Mags falling out are no fun, especially when you need a fresh mag for a last little array and find that last mag isn’t there.
  4. Well hurry up! Sale ends tonite
  5. Go to Springer Precision, they say which base makes 140mm with which tube 17 or 21/22. Might check Taran Tactical too. TT has a sale through tonight, so go burn up those credit cards!
  6. I placed an order for 125's around 7/15, said should ship 9/30
  7. If you move to the east side of Round Rock or Hutto ARC is closer to there. Might see if that works out for you. Copperhead and Reville Peak are more 3 gun friendly as far as guns you can use and targets you can set up.
  8. If you have any questions about the Round Rock, Cedar Park, Leander area let me know I live where the three touch together.
  9. Copperhead rents bays to non-members for $15 an hour, $5 for members. They also have a steel range with quite a bit of MGM steel set up like plate rack, Texas Star etc. Copperhead also has a long range to 600 yds. Reville Ranch is now open to the public, they have a bunch of bays plus a 800 yds. long range. TSA charges per month, and currently has rifle to 100 yds. Many of the bays have steel targets set up in them, so you don’t need to haul your own.
  10. Legion's are cut for the Romeo 1 Pro and also for the RMR mount for later. The non-Legion X-5 was cut for the Romeo 1 only. If ordering an adapter it is best to contact the seller if unsure. A quick pic on an e mail saves a lot of heartburn.
  11. No, it depends when the gun was made, the earlier X-5's were cut for the Romeo 1, not the Romeo 1 Pro. If unsure call Springer with the slide in your hand, or email them a good pic of the slide.
  12. I bought a Springer adapter for my X-5, it was a slightly tight fit, so it did need some slight fitting.
  13. Ordered a large case of 9mm Blue Bullets last month, sent an email today, should be shipping 9/30
  14. Holosun should have come up with a new set of numbers for the 407k/507k. Especially since Holosun just released their 407C/507C which is an upgrade of their current ‘full-size’ sights. Made it a bit confusing.
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