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  1. For those of you wanting a 1-32" twist barrel...how many of you have actually tested one vs. a 1-16"? Hint...I have. Also, how many of you have tested the RTS2 for deflection at 25 yards? Again, I have...
  2. Greetings Everyone, I'm about to build another open gun and wanted to ask you a question or three. If you were buying or building a new open gun, what key features would you desire? What caliber would you prefer? What kind of red dot would you run? Thank you.
  3. bkrumme, When I'm testing a gun with my handloads in .45auto I usually run the 185g Zero JHP or LSHP with N310 or CLAYS. Both powders, with my loads (4.3g with JHP and 4.0g with LSHP), will shoot 10 shot groups at 50 yards in under 1.5" with regularity. If you run the JHP with 4.3g of N310 it is not only super soft shooting, but more accurate than most are able to capitalize on at ranges past 25 yards. And since you have 15lbs of the N310 I'd just roll with that as it will work just fine. Besides, that's about 26k rounds of .45.
  4. I've shot a bit of .45auto over the past 15 years. I tried N320. It didn't give me the accuracy I desired. It's been a few years so I don't recall the loads I was trying, suffice it to say, it was so very unmemorable. So I went back to N310 and CLAYS. Both of those shoot wonderful. CLAYS is cheaper than N310 by a wide margin but I like them both.
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