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  1. Started with Mec 600 jrs. went to used Hornady 366 in 12 and 28 gauges. found a NIB hornady 366 in 20ga. couldn't find one in 410. Dillon doesn't make one. Bought new P/W in .410. all wrk great. P/W is a marvle but not at 4 times the price of used 366.
  2. the lee fcd die you use? is it a 9mm or 38.

  3. Need 38 short colt load for uspsa and Big Dawg plates. I have 160 & 135 Bayou and Blue 147 all 38 caliber. Dillon 550 with .38 sizing die, 9mm bell & 9mm seater die. My concern is the crimping. I have a 9mm lee U die and std. 9mm crimp die. shooting 627 pc (357/38) . which crimp die is preferred and how much crimp .
  4. fenwick

    Shotgun for wife

    the A400 with the blue receiver is nice. Around $1600 new. I have it in 12ga. handled one in 20ga. nice & light . points nice . don't notice the recoil in my 12ga. 1 1/8 oz clays loads.
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