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  1. Started with Mec 600 jrs. went to used Hornady 366 in 12 and 28 gauges. found a NIB hornady 366 in 20ga. couldn't find one in 410. Dillon doesn't make one. Bought new P/W in .410. all wrk great. P/W is a marvle but not at 4 times the price of used 366.
  2. I have shot 2 IDPA matches. finally on one stage had all 0's . oops. 2 procedurals. That's how you learn. I really like IDPA. I also like USPSA but have to admit it's a speed and equiptment race. Steel matches are my fave. Love to hear the ring of steel
  3. I have a lee crimp die that is stamped on bottom .. LEE--9MM--J5. Is this a reg crimp die or the FCD.
  4. the lee fcd die you use? is it a 9mm or 38.

  5. Need 38 short colt load for uspsa and Big Dawg plates. I have 160 & 135 Bayou and Blue 147 all 38 caliber. Dillon 550 with .38 sizing die, 9mm bell & 9mm seater die. My concern is the crimping. I have a 9mm lee U die and std. 9mm crimp die. shooting 627 pc (357/38) . which crimp die is preferred and how much crimp .
  6. I wasn't patient enough with my 929. best groups @ 25yds was 5". tried 3 diff pwdrs and multiple bullet weights. Back to the 627 pc. I would consider another 929 but it would have to be used and a proven shooter.
  7. Friend of mine is getting old and fat( like me) and decided to rid himself of some of his S&W Revos, K-22 , 38/357 both 6" blued (Just for lookin at) and a 625 pc stainless 4". Shot 2 IDPA matches and got hooked again. So I bought a 627 pc 8shot. Hope to shoot the Big Dawg this year. Bought all the trimmins I could think of to shoot .38 short colt. Got all that info off this site. My thanks goes out to all of you. Happy Trails. P.S. What weight bullet and power factor would be recommended in short colt for the Big Dawg match.
  8. Maybe it was still under warranty?
  9. want to shoot my 625 pc in IDPA. 4" barrel with removeable end cap comp. need gear recommendations.
  10. shot white box and few other factory loads with very poor accuracy. tried diff 9mm bullets , 4 pwders and other combos.5 inch groups off rest @ 25yds many times with a flier on top of that. this was the norm. Got rid of it. I would buy one that has had all the kinks worked out. too bad it cant shoot good right out of the box. its a cool gun.
  11. anyone have any experience with the S&W 7 shot 9mm (model 686 maybe). I sold my 9mm 929 after so much frustration trying to find an accurate load.
  12. My shooting pard's 627 shoots .38 white box lights out.. my 929 is all over the place, tried 4 diff bullets and 3 diff pwdrs. It wnt down the road. sure there is some good load for it but i got tired of chasing it. all my shooting is local fun stuff. Get a used 929 that you know shoots good would be the tkt.
  13. Just got new Dawson precision front sights in the mail to replace the ones on my new 617 and 929. I dont have a drill press anymore and really dont wish to buy equipt. to drill 2 holes in these sights. Can someone recomend a good smith here in central Iowa to install these sights. Sheels in west des moines is 10 weeks out and Joel has closed his shop in Nevada.
  14. front blade sight height is .150-.160..with rear sight adj. all the way down it still shoots 4-5" high will all ammo. want to order a Dawson FO front but not sure how tall i should go. all thoughts appreciated.thanks
  15. fenwick

    Shotgun Choice

    I recommend you let your brother have both of them. Don't ever shoot clays , trap or skeet. Once you start down this dark road you will quickly start to accumulate more stuff than you could imagine. that being said. I have owned both. pic the browning. you can trade up later. Pretty hard to beat , hanging out with friends breaking clay targets.
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