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  1. Where can you get a DPP? Everywhere I have looked has them out of stock.
  2. The issue was basically that the load that I had been running was too hot for their gun. I had a few case head separations. The SV's chamber is tighter than the other gun, so it experienced more pressure. Case head separations caused the extractor to lose some of it's tension, random ejection patterns. Ejecting into the bottom of the cmore mount and bouncing back into the chamber. 9mm major issues more than anything.
  3. I met Casey and Brandon recently and I can tell you that I am even more convinced that my decision to go all SV was the right one. My experience has not been without issues, but instead of the normal "It's your ammo" answer, what I got was, "It is this very particular aspect of your ammo, and here is why that is bad in my gun where it may work in other guns" They explained in detail, with calipers, how they do things differently and why that was the better way to go. I felt like I had received a free education instead of an excuse. Lots of builders can build guns that run, few builders can built guns that suit your particular tastes. I know that you have already bought the SV, (congrats on a good choice) but the best advice that I can give is to buy the one that you will be the happiest to shoot, and shoot the piss out of it. I am in LA, and I have, among my stable of SV's, a 5.4" limited gun. PM me and I'll meet up with you at a match and you can finger it.
  4. This always looked like very fun match and I would love to attend this year. To be honest, I would love to know who is running it and the fact that that info is being withheld is a little disconcerting. If I shoot it, I would do the limited and open (and pcc if three guns are even an option). That appears to be just under $500 before travel and arrangements. I would love to know that the person behind it is an industry person withe the connections to put together an awesome prize table that would be worthy of the investment to make the trip. I understand that very few people make their entry fee back at the prize tables unless you are at the very top of the game, but leaving with a cleaning kit just sucks and to be honest, walking a prize table and getting the feeling that the MD didn't put in the effort to try to get a nice table together is even worse.
  5. Why don't you give them a call and ask? I have heard plenty of stories about them taking care of stuff like this free of charge as long as some other smith hasn't buggered something up.
  6. Bobby has been banned from this forum and Snipers Hide back when he tried to build rifles. I had a few interactions with him, and I would rather flush my money than give it to him. I have seen more of his gun go down in matches than any other and I have watched him watch his guns go down and do absolutely nothing but blame the ammo. I will keep my opinions out of this post and keep it to the facts. I know more people who have bought guns from Bobby who now hate him and his guns than any other builder out there. Now to my opinion - Buy from anybody BUT Bobby.
  7. I don't think so. The 617 is so heavy already. My 4" doesn't move when I shoot it at all, but if it makes you happy then go for it.
  8. My electronic custom molded plugs from sport ear are the best money I have ever spent in the shooting games. I agree that those plugs are best augmented by over the ear muffs when shooting rifle, but if they get knocked off, you are still protected. The custom molded ones are so comfortable, you really do forget they are there.
  9. I load quads strong hand, but from what i have seen, the ones who load the fastest do it weak hand.
  10. I agree. I haven't seen one run consistently ever. I would hate to have three that crapped out.
  11. Dont freak out about it. W231 and HP-38 are exactly the same thing, both are good powders for 9mm and for 45. They just arent the same as N320. I find the recoil impluse of N320 to be way softer than 231/hp-38. It is a little more poppy imo. Not bad, just not as good as N320.
  12. I'll give you that it is relatively close to n320 on the burn rate chart, but as far as feel and cleanliness, these two are very far apart.
  13. Surely there is supposed to be a decimal in there somewhere.
  14. Good luck, man! I'm pretty pissed to say the least. I called and of course they emailed a new tracking label and said they would expedite it to the front of the warranty line...but man this is flat out unacceptable. I'm probably just going to sell the gun and optic once I get it back. Partially because I'm just over it and because I have other obligations I should put the money to. NOPE - Same as you - got it back, still in the exact same condition I sent it to them in. In hold with them now, getting ready to ream them out.
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