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  1. Any new information on production status for the RX if the optic is removed? I bought one thinking I could pull it and shoot it in production, or leave it on and shoot it as a CO with the larger mags. I guess I was too excited when I got it. I didn't even think about the RX not being production legal.
  2. So I should have noted I'm using small winchester magnum primers, I've always heard that's maybe 15fps, but I haven't ever actually checked that. I chronoed about 6 different loads, and found that 4.15g and 3.92g were the closest. The FPS for 4.15g was avg 942, with a good spread of 959-931. 3.92g yielded an average of 916fps, pretty big spread on just two shots from 951-896. Through some intense calculations, I fond that 4.05g should give me pretty close to 930fps average, so keeping even the lower shots right at the min point. I'll be loading that up this week. Anywhere between 4.05g and 4.1g should be fine if I get lazy. Chrono was done at 10 feet, STI 5" factory barrel, 180g blue bullets, 1.183 OAL, and Alliant E3 powder. Thanks everyone for your help!
  3. I am loading at 1.183 for my OAL. 1.185 is what was recommended to my by my STI's prior owner. All bullets I weighed were over 180g, most 180.5/181, so I guess I need 916fps for 165PF, and 935fps to be comfy. I've got ranges from 3.5g to 4.7g, with the loads I made for the match at 4.15g. While they could end up being plus or minus .2g for ideal, I would venture they should be safe enough to shoot a match with. Once done I'll chrono and post up what I ended up with. Thanks all for your help!
  4. Bought a bunch of moly coated blue bullets in 180gr rnfp. There is a match coming up Sunday I want to shoot, and I can chrono some loads after match, but not before. Thinking of making match ammo at 4.1g, and then ten each of 3.7, 3.9, 4.3, 4.5 to chrono for speed. Is 4.1 safe for starting? Goal is 168/170pf. I don't care if I don't make major for match, just want them to be safe in gun, which is a STI Edge, 5". Thanks in advance!
  5. At those prices you would have your inexpensive 9mm reloading set up paid for in no time. Plus, you could custom tailor every load to the gun you shoot it out of.
  6. I try to, but I generally count the rounds before starting the stage, so I know where I'm going to reload. During the match I just shoot, and then when I hit the area I set for a reload, I complete it and keep going.
  7. carlspeed

    P320 X5 Thread

    Any news on when this pistol will be released in .40? I have a FS 9mm for work and I really like it, but don't want to be shooting it all the time potentially causing damage. I figure if I'm getting another one, may as well be a different model.
  8. That sounds like a freaking blast. I wish we had something like this in FL.
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