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  1. Got my 650 in the mail last week from extreme reloading and couldn't be happier, had it set up and 200 rounds of 9mm loaded in less time than it took me to load 50 on my old single stage! Glad I went with the 650 now, thanks for the help all.
  2. How did you go about getting these covered by insurance. I saw a thread where another shooter said the same thing.
  3. How did you make that work? Were you going to buy the electronic plugs regardless and they submitted a claim to you insurance?
  4. At some point I would plan on getting a dillon powder check but until that point I would be diligently checking each case before seating a bullet.
  5. I'll have to see what Christmas brings but I think an XL 650 might be in the works for me. Too many positive reviews for loading higher volume pistol ammo like I need/want. I may just have to start with the base machine and the strong mount and build it up slowly adding accessories later on.
  6. Thanks for the tip I will definitely do that!
  7. I thinks that's where I'm at, I can appreciate the simplicity and versatility of the 550 as well as the rounds/hour production that I will get out of it, which I understand is more limited than a fully loaded 650. I appreciate the guidance, helped to confirm what I was leaning towards. Still going to keep my RCBS rock chucker handy for load testing and such but need to ramp up the speed just a bit.
  8. I'll be weighing the pros and cons of each but I'm leaning towards the 550 due to cost constraints and the fact that I don't plan on shooting >1,000 rounds a month. I also like the ease of use and maintenance on the 550 from what I've read.
  9. I think I'll be pinching my pennies then and seeing what I can save up for/justify.
  10. I was afraid someone would tell me that. I would love to I just don't know if I could pony up the cash to do it at this point. I've been loading on a single stage for 2 years now and I'm just tired of the time it takes to get the ammo to shoot a match or practice. Should I be forgetting about a SDB then?
  11. I'm considering getting a Dillon press for Christmas but I'm torn as to what I want to get. I'm going back and forth between a SDB and a 550B. I shoot 9mm in competition as a production USPSA shooter but have been inconsistent with my shooting as I am in graduate school and finishing up in May. I plan on increasing my shooting to 500-750 rounds/month after May but I am unsure as to if I'll be changing or using multiple calibers soon. Is it worth the jump in price to the 550B and its versatility or does it make more sense to get the SDB since I know I'm likely to stick with 9mm for a while?
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