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  1. thats actually a great idea. i'm still on the fence about ordering one. I've narrowed it down to KI or KKM though
  2. J-Rob

    Stiletto trigger

    Came across this on IG. Wondering if I could get some opinions on their trigger design. https://www.empirepbf.com/product-page/the-stiletto?utm_campaign=d9cdc572-4d79-467d-9514-fcfb92be41c3&utm_source=so&utm_medium=mail&cid=35b9e2c3-3507-473a-9568-939d28e0a1d8
  3. Those are gonna sell like hotcakes!!!
  4. I call it 1600 rounds Winchester white box and no cleaning
  5. https://statementdefense.com/combat-precision-compact-fiber-optic-iron-sights/
  6. Mine will only load to the “edge of the precious” too
  7. Gen3 Glock 19 RTF2, hands down the most favorite Glock I own
  8. J-Rob

    Red dot for G17

    Trijicon RMR Type 2 is an excellent choice
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