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  1. Excellent deal! Thanks for keeping this up! This is a valuable service for MD's to be made aware of deals out there!
  2. If you're running Wiin7, you're now 3 full versions behind, 4 after Win10 Anniversary comes out. Microsoft will begin to lose interest in you, as they did with XP. In that sense, if it ain't broke don't fix it doesn't fly anymore. (Nothing personal there, by the way!) I just did the upgrade from Win7 Pro to Win10 Pro. Went VERY smoothly, no issues at all. And just like Win7 is what Vista SHOULD have been, Win10 is what Wiin8 & 8.1 should have been. And it runs ezwinscore. Plus, since this was up under VMWare Fusion, I made a backup of my Win7 guest machine ahead of time. Now I have both
  3. Yeah, for $50 how bad can it be? At worst, you could use it for indoor clubs.
  4. Huh! Looks like you can do something with it. At 1024x600 resolution, will PS deal with that screen size okay? (I'm guessing "yes", aren't the nooks 800x600?)
  5. I heard that too about a $50 6" amazon something-or-other. Didn't know if it was another of their non-rootable dedicated readers or if it were an actual android-based device. 32gb on a microsd card is kind of overkill for practiscore considerations, but for $11, overkill works very well! Oh! And not just 32gb, but 32gb Class(10)! VERY fast, and a deal even at the regular price of $14.95!
  6. Scott Gilbertson around here still shoots the occasional USPSA match. He was CL37 as I recall.
  7. There's a really great one that ended up on the cutting room floor of Jurassic Park 2, very early where we're introduced to the big game hunter character. He observes a rowdy group at a restaurant harassing a waitress and walks up to the table, looks directly at the main instigator and declares "You, sir, are no gentleman!" The guy guffaws and says is that the best insult you can come up with? The hunter replies stolidly "I can think of none worse."
  8. "When Mozart was my age.... he had been dead for 18 years." - Tom Lehrer (with my age applied to the saying) And for the procrastinators, of which I'm one: If something must be done eventually, it should be done immediately.
  9. Doesn't anybody listen to classical?
  10. I don't know what to say. I'm so sorry.
  11. Oh..... you would think of that! Set it up twice and move the shooter from one box to the other between strings. Put up a vision barrier between the two so there's no possibility of the shooter getting confused as to which array to engage. Or...... ....just don't set this one up? I dunno...
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