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  1. FN fan

    Benelli M2 or Super black Eagle 2?

    I just bought the m2, just for the fact that I want to make sure that there is perfect cycling with 2&3/4 shells.
  2. FN fan

    Glock 20 Speed Holster

    Yup the ghost holsters were really nice, I would recommend one of those.
  3. FN fan

    Dawson tuned XD?

    I dont have one but have had the opportunity of shooting one and it was really nice, I am thinking about having mine sent in.
  4. FN fan

    XD or XDM

    I definatly like the xdm better, I am actually just buying one and have tried the xd and xdm, it felt a lot better and has higher mag capacity.
  5. I am not sure aboutpowder river's but I have seen a job by springer precision that I believe was legal.
  6. FN fan

    Oversized extended mag release for XD

    I have seen some by springer precision on one of the guys I shoot with.
  7. FN fan

    What kind of trigger job should I do to my xd9?

    I have seen springer precision and their work looks really good.
  8. FN fan

    XDM Sights

    I love the dawson precision fiberoptic tritium sights, they glow in the dark, are highly visible in the day and are finer, so you can shoot more accurately.
  9. FN fan

    Turn and draw

    I think i'll have to give this a try, it sounds like a good idea, thanks for sharing!
  10. Looks like your doing well, all I would do is more practice.
  11. Good info, just have to apply it.
  12. FN fan


    All of the best shooters have flow, no motion without reason - that is flow to me.
  13. FN fan

    How do I Slow Down?

    The sight spedometer is the way to go, its just the same with hunting, think of every shot and make sure you are on target first, not hitting costs more time anyways.
  14. FN fan

    Top 5

    The draw has always been my #1, gotta start right.